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Clear Coral has been the life-sustaining force behind the ocean since life first existed there. Now she is dying. She has placed the knowledge of how to save her and the oceans in the hands of Dagger, a tiger shark, the king of the ocean. Dagger must now convince Drew, a marine biologist, that she is now the only hope for the creatures she loves. He must convince her thatClear Coral has been the life-sustaining force behind the ocean since life first existed there. Now she is dying. She has placed the knowledge of how to save her and the oceans in the hands of Dagger, a tiger shark, the king of the ocean. Dagger must now convince Drew, a marine biologist, that she is now the only hope for the creatures she loves. He must convince her that love can truly save the world. A scientist must look into the bizarre – consider ideas that that she could only imagine experiencing between the covers of a book. Old-world beliefs clash with the modern woman, and Dagger realizes he is up for more of a challenge than he ever imagined. Twelve days is all the time he has left in order to save Clear Coral. Will Drew be the salvation the world needs, or will time slip away before she can get a grip on her new reality?...

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dagger Reviews

  • KBeautiful1
    2019-03-09 18:45

    I love a good shifter story and this was definitely a great one involving a Tiger Shark.King Dagger Bartholomew is King of the Atlantic Ocean and his has a life mate who is not a fellow shifter but a human. And her name is Drew Hamilton. Drew has always love the ocean, it has brought her significant comfort through her many losses of family and friends and in turn she has befriended several creatures of the sea. Drew Hamilton is a marine biologist and very gifted and knowledgeable especially being a child prodigy. Drew lost her fiance Malcolm to the ocean, she has now started a new relationship with another man but it just never seemed right. Then one day her whole life as she knew it would change forever.King Dagger has now come to shore to claim his life mate, he has watched over her from a child straight through to adulthood and now the time has come. But he knew that she would not come willingly without some convincing from her human friends Jay and Jim. The story they begin to tell her seem so far fetched that she would not have believed them if not for the 7 foot tall blue man who is now alive and in color from her dreams. Together the three of them tell Drew of her ability to save the Oceans and the earth by mating with him, of course she is struggling to make sense of out of this all but it also rings true. She is about to say good bye to her last friends (humans) and agree to live under sea to help save not only ocean life but human life too.King Dagger and Drew embark on an adventure that is truly remarkable, a human and an old world King fighting to understand one another. With many bumps and bruises along they way, King Dagger must also fight challengers for Drew all the while tying to get her to fall in love with him. He is already in love with but realizes he has to be patient with her. Also Drew believes someone of the the marine life killed her fiance and she is determined to find out who did it and wonders if it were Dagger? And if it was him will she take her revenge upon him.Can Drew love a Tiger Shark she has known and has named T-Bone? Can she separate the man from his beast? And if she does mate with him, what does this mean for her? Does she remain human and still become his Queen? Or will she herself have to give up her human side in order to become Queen? What will the other shifters think of a human ruling side by side with their King? You will have to read this book to find out the answers. This is a wonderful start to "The Brothers of Elements" series and I look forward to reading the rest of the books. I don't know if this was author Cora Blu's first foray into paranormal shifters and if so she did an excellent job with this story.Well Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas!

  • Sheenamy
    2019-02-17 01:56

    Maybe it's just me, but this book was even weirder than I expected it to be. Like Drew follows a complete stranger into the ocean because he claims she is his life mate and she'd be in danger (which you obviously believe that strange shape shifter guy you just met, because your friends say so as well). They need to mate asap because some strange ocean-power plant is dying unless they mate (which is why he brought her down now) and I still don't see, why that should be the case. Also there is the weird scene where he fight everyone who's challenging him, while she gets sexually pleasured by his subjects, which makes no sense at all...I mean that tradition is good for what? And to throw in some excitement I guess and plump up the plot from sex scene after sex scene to a novel her parents, she believed to be dead, are found somewhere in the ocean, but don't take any big part in the novel, so why bring them up in the first place? She als has now a relative who is an octopus...for some reason. Also...there is that story that a long time ago the ocean's king had human mate (the strange ocean power plant fed off) he kinda kidnapped from a boat, while sending her child off back to land, where it was found and Drew, our heroine, is now a descendant of said child and that's why she belongs to the ocean. They proved that with comparing DNA samples of that human female and our heroine...and I never got around to get why they did have DNA samples if that has happend so long ago. Also...first the have sex, then they mate, then she rescues the ocean, then she's trying to get pregnant and then they marry. I was a bit confused by it, because I thought mating would equal getting pregnant and that would replace marriage altogether...or so. And she brought back life to the ocean, but still that ocean-power plant is threatend for whatever reasons. And then she needs to shift (which is quite hard if you're not a shape shifter) to rescue some child...for reasons I didn't fully get. Oh...and her shape shifter mate asks her to marry him just moments before an operation where she while she's influenced by anaesthetics, even though he could have done that anytime befor or after, when he could've actually expected a decent answer from her. But he's weird anyway, constantly stating that he knows he's arrogant didn't make him more likeable, making him less arrogant maybe would have...but then again there was a point in the book where I was convinced he'd rape her, which should tell you how much I disliked him.If you find this review confusing...well that because I found the book very confusing. It just kinda went over my head. Weird people do some strange things for reasons I don't understand would sum up that book for me quite well.

  • Ayana - Petra
    2019-03-05 00:52

    Brothers of The Element Cora BlueDrew, Dagger, the blue coral,survival and love are the centerpeices of this story. Dagger possessed an enduring passionate love for Drew. The responsiblity of the worlds oceans and it's inhabitants rested on the love between he and his Queen. That was not the case for Drew. The sassy,independent,brilliant marine biologist still carried the pain of her past. She loved the marine life, the environment but could she reconcile her past and future with the ultimate sacrafice of love for a world and its king.I bought this book out of a deep curiosity. Personally I have always had a fascination for stories about Atlantis and Merman, but this book was so much more. It open my mind to the Oceans of the world and the creatures who live and survive in it daily. I must admit I had to wrap my mind around creatures of the sea shifting to take own a human-like appearance. But Ms George's aquatic kingdom was so beautiful in the telling it eventually pulled me in. It was a somewhat peculiar blend of oldworld aristocracy ,The Young and The Restless with a dash of the MTV generation. The community was made up of sharks, whales, dolphins and various other sea life. Their shifter forms were believable in description and suited who and what they were in relation to their oceanic environment. Their daily life, commerce, modern ammenites, displayed a world that was self-sufficent, enterprising and fully functional..Drama, intrigue, secrets,lies, all have supporting roles in this wonderful story of love. Oh! btw, Dagger may be blue and a shark shifter but he is hot, erotic and the love play between he and Drew is ahhh..well it goes something like this, "She tipped her head back and licked her lips then said, “I whisper dirty human words in your ear, while you do dirty shifter things to me with that tongue of yours." Need I say more! I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful read and recommend it highly, Well done!

  • Ace Kynq
    2019-03-02 22:43

    THE GOOD FAR OUTWEIGHS THE BAD:This is the story of a marine biologist named Drew who draws on Southern metaphors and adds a captivation to a multicultural paranormal romance like never before. Beautiful, sassy, and with tons of sex appeal, it's no wonder she draws the attention of a seven foot, blue, shape-shifting Oceanic King. Cora Blu is a wonderful author who gives in depth details to the world she's creating. She fascinates her readers by combining a riveting new series of paranormal romance and mystery/supsense. All create for nothing less than a great read.There are numerous reasons why you should pick up this title. Although not widely known, Author Cora Blu creates an astounding new series full of flawed and realistic characters while giving you a new, captivating, never before written voyage into the world beyond the surface.THE BAD:Her story Stranded but Not Alone was better than this and even it had mistakes that could have easily been fixed. The story didn't seem consistant as some parts of the story seemed rushed while others where glazed over, that and no conflict between the hero, antagonist, or heroine made me feel as if the story was dragging on. Without number the following book, the story just seemed to drag on and became a tad confusingIN TOTAL:The story wasn't all bad; it was a fair price and had little to no grammatical errors but where the author attempted to make interracial romance a redefined genre, she gave better than we've read before by any other besides Sienna Mynx but she just didn't give enough.

  • Mimi Barbour
    2019-03-18 18:45

    I pride myself on being a fast reader but with this book I had to slow down and take my time because the world that this author has developed was too good to miss by skimming the page. Dagger, a hero from deep (who comes to the surface in the form of a Tiger Shark) is so different than the normal hero that it takes some time to fall in love with him, but I did, and so did our human heroine Drew. She’s asked to be his Queen and help him save Clear Coral which was an element that -by losing power - would be unable to stop the ocean floors from disintegrating into tsunamis and earthquakes. They have twelve days to defeat the enemies like Phe’lan and Azul, enemies who want Drew for themselves. This tale is so full of imaginative sequences, carefully plotted twists, and the characters and their descriptions are amazing. It had everything. Intrigue, a love story, sensuality and the most expressive passages that kept me invested until the end. If you like great fantasy/paranormal tales, then you need to read this story? You won’t be disappointed.

  • Eri Nelson
    2019-02-18 01:54

    The Coral AbyssI love to explore worlds and sometimes those that may exist beneath our oceans within the vision of an author. Cora Blu is said author of Dagger the first book in the Brothers Of Element Series.Two things perked my interest in this book. One being that the characters were more than human and two the cover (wicked grin). What can I say I am a sucker for a manly chest displayed upon any cover.Dagger is a richly laced romance with under water ties and although I describe the book’s title as the above, the character at first is all but. Frankly, I was wishing that Drew our forced into queen and main character would kick Dagger’s behind, for lack of a better word (lol).The tale swims with heat and I found these moments possibly to be the best of the pages. If a true romance is what you are looking for then don’t let the tails of sexy shifters sway you away.

  • Merenda
    2019-03-07 22:00

    I loved this book. It had a few spelling errors and unlike most "abduction" stories, the heroine knew what she was getting into before she dived to the deep with him. I loved how the author built this world filled with amazing water based shape shifters! I've been looking for something involving other forms of shifters for a while and I am NOT disappointed. Rarely does a book makes me sit down and complete it in one sitting. This book did that. I can't wait to read about the other brothers finding love!

  • Camylle
    2019-02-18 01:52

    Sooooo shark shifters huh?! Im torn between 3.5 and 4 stars all-in-all the story was well thought out and it read well and easily but it still seemed just a tad off somehow. I did not like how Dagger was a VERY old school dude who showed his age in very sexist ways. By the end of the novel he was coming around but maybe I have to read the rest of the series to find out.

  • Icy
    2019-02-26 19:42

    I have never had a book were I needed to put it down and come back to it a few days later. It didn't flow well and at times it was hard to follow. I still have no idea what Drew looks like at the end of this book. I read this book twice and took notes just to make sure I didn't miss anything. For the length of this book I thought there would be more. It was just okay for me.

  • Karen
    2019-02-23 20:53

    I loved this book what can you say about a shifter who loves his mate as Dagger does He made start out as an overbearing ass but he soon grows and as he does you will fall under his spell even more If you like shapeshifter stories try this book you won't regret it

  • Caryn Block
    2019-03-04 18:00

    Cora Blu has created an underwater world that is deep (no pun intended). It took me a little while to get into the story, but sticking with it turned into a pleasure. If you love the ocean and the animals that inhabit its waters then you will love this book.

  • Erika
    2019-03-02 21:41

    I purchased the other books in the series. Enough said..

  • Cora
    2019-03-20 01:52