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Sometimes the young have no idea how good they have it… and sometimes that realization is acquired gradually along the precarious road to maturity. In a 9,000-word, nostalgia-steeped parable, Frances depicts the adventures that she, her brother Zander and their two cousins experienced years before. The cousins’ world, centered by their Auntie Winifred’s bakery, is a placeSometimes the young have no idea how good they have it… and sometimes that realization is acquired gradually along the precarious road to maturity. In a 9,000-word, nostalgia-steeped parable, Frances depicts the adventures that she, her brother Zander and their two cousins experienced years before. The cousins’ world, centered by their Auntie Winifred’s bakery, is a place of mouthwatering desserts, delicious exploits and enticing pursuits. Enjoy, and bon appétit!...

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  • ↜ƈɦǟռ☂ɛℓℓɛ↝
    2019-02-25 17:24

    ★★★★Cupcakes by Daniel KelleyI won the R2R in exchange for my honest review through LibraryThing Members Giveaway.This a a short story about 4 cousins. One set, a brother and sister, come from a motherless family and a depressed dad. The other brother sister set come from workaholic parents. The four cousins basically grow up under their aunts care. She owns a bakery, and lives above it. She little sayings, that never really make since in the situation, but she continues to use them. She also calls the kids her cupcakes, though know one knows why. This is a touching story about the young children's journey through adulthood. It has high points and low points, and the everyday adventures. All in all it shows the strength of family. Thank you to the author for introducing me to "The Cupcakes."

  • Georgia
    2019-03-20 14:17

    Cupcakes is a short story by Daniel Kelley.First Paragraph:It was, I think, her favorite expression: "You've got the wrong number!" That, along with, "And how!" and "You don't say!" are what I most remember about Auntie Winifred's wide repertoire of crisp, automatic responses. Not that she wasn't truly interested in whatever had been said to prompt such a familiar reaction, but with so many of us constantly bleating for her attention, or asking for her support with some half-baked allegation made against one of the others, a noncommittal platitude probably seemed the best way to agree or disagree with the plaintiff, and yet at the same time do so without causing offense to anyone."PLOTFrances (better known as Froggie) is six when the story begins. She and her brother, Zander, and their two cousins, Billy and Melissa- nicknamed Iggy and Shoeless- spend most of their time playing together in their Auntie Winifred's bakery. She adores the children and is more of a parent to them than their own. She has appointed them official Cupcakes. When they ask why they're Cupcakes, she always has a vague, ambiguous answer. They may not know where the title came from, but they like it nonetheless, and wear it with pride. They are the Cupcakes, and the apartment above the bakery is their clubhouse. Told in a reminiscent way, we watch as the children grow older, grow up and experience all the things that come with it. REVIEWSeeped in nostalgia, like a delightfully moist sticky toffee pudding that Auntie Winifred no doubt served, the sweetness of the haze of childhood, is in perfect balance with the luscious treats they play around.This is a story about being young, along with the inevitable growing up. We all know that growing up is hard to do. The characters slowly realise the facts of real life, and how precious their relationships with each other are. Frances begins to notice their individual roles in the group, and the changing dynamics as they age and become the people they're shaping into.With the hardships and realities of life, the rose-tinted, carefree days of youth cannot last forever, other than in our memories. This is a story that anyone can relate to. We were all young once, we all went though our awkward phases, our in-between years of learning responsibility, to actually accepting it.A great short story. If the nostalgia doesn't get you, the writing will.Disclaimer: I received this book from the author. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own.

  • Ellen Campbell
    2019-02-22 17:39

    This book was really awful I have to say. The only good things I can say about it is that it was free from a Librarything giveaway and it was very short, more like a short story. The main characters (four children, cousins who spend most of their time together, and their loving Aunt) were all "quirky" but their characters were not developed fully so their quirkiness came off as just stupid. One of the children, with the ridiculous name of Shoeless, could not tell if she was wearing shoes or not, in fact insisting that she was wearing them when she was not. Just plain dumb. The aunt was like one of those dolls my niece used to have where you pulled a string and the same phrases came out of her mouth over and over. Her quirkiness was that she answered all questions with the same few phrases.The first 23% of the book consisted of the children and their aunt discussing why she referred to them as her "cupcakes". Nothing else, just that. I am sorry to be negative, and I am trying to think of something redeeming to say but I am coming up with nothing. There were some big words, especially in the beginning but it was almost as though the author had a list of 20 big words that he has to fit in, and somehow he got them all in. Surreptitiously, concurrently, vernacular, platitude, fervidly, sobriquet, proclivity, all used in the first few pages. I do not recommend this book.

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2019-03-09 17:38

    You can always find us at Aunt Winifred's Bakery. Just who, why that's Zander, Frances "Froggy", Billy "Iggy", and Melissa "Shoeless". We each learned important lessons at the Aunt Winifred's Bakery that still hold meaning for us to this day. Zander and Frances are brother and sister but also cousins to Billy and Melissa who happen to be brother and sister too. Aunt Winifred always called us her "cupcakes" but when questioned she never really gave a straight answer to the question. What happens to the "cupcakes" find out in Cupcakes.I found this to be incredibly sweet book about intimate relationship between family such as brothers, sisters, and cousins in this case. Mr. Kelley really understood this interaction because I felt like I was witnessing my childhood all over again. I look forward to reading more of this author's work in the future.

  • Sheila
    2019-02-24 14:35

    Auntie Winifred owned a bakery where her nieces and nephews gathered daily. She called them The Cupcakes. They grew up playing together and watching out for one another. When teenage boys try to take over their woods and swimming hole they band together to defeat them in Daniel Kelley’s CUPCAKES. They continue to watch out for one another into adulthood when life hands them a blow from which they may not recover.I enjoyed the stories told by Frances, nicknamed Froggie, as she and the Cupcakes grew up. I felt like I knew them and was in tears by the end as adulthood comes and they have to question what they did. The memories were done with fondness and when Zander, Froggie’s older brother, asks the hard questions they can answer them with total honesty. Though short, CUPCAKES is powerful.

  • writer...
    2019-02-23 18:23

    A quick peek into the lives of 4 children; cousins who meet daily at their eccentric Auntie's bakery. Instilling a familial bond they don't have at home, that bond is called to bear later in life after they've gone separate ways.Enjoying fun childhood escapades [abundance of bakery treats made my mouth water!], the reader is allowed to see later individual characteristics as they progress to adulthood. Life changes are not always as reflected in childhood. These cousins may not recognize they have a bond of value until the going gets tough...Well written with scintillating word choice, believable characters. A delight to read. Sweet, but not a cookbook!*Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read and review.

  • Nora Wingate
    2019-03-06 14:27

    This is a lovely and well-written story about four kids coming of age together. It’s about love and loyalty and pride in one’s family – although, of course, the Cupcakes weren’t a conventional family – they were their own, unique family unit, and each child was proud to be a Cupcake. Aunt Winifred’s name for them seemed to cement their relationship. I was cheering them on and laughing out loud in the swimming hole scene. I’ve just read this story for the second time, and will certainly read it again at a later date!

  • Raven
    2019-03-07 13:12

    Cupcakes was a short quirky little read about 4 cousins, along with their antics and love of family. The cousins spent their days with their Aunt. The story really showed how tight a family can be.I really liked the story a lot, there where some lessons to learn. I would of rated it more stars but for me there was a throw in of some very large, never heard of words and during one chapter it felt like and English class where someone was trying to impress me with their large word skill. I wish it didn't have all the swearing in it so I could share it with my child.

  • Julie Barrett
    2019-03-23 13:24

    Cupcakes by Daniel KelleyThis story is about Aunt Winfred and she owns and runs the bakery. During the summer months the kids help out.She calls all the 4 kids, cupcakes but the kids think only the food are cupcakes, not people. They have an interesting story on how their nicknames were picked.Thought the sexual comments didn't need to be in one of the chapters, kinda set with me wrong.Like what the phrase means, cupcake and the antics the kids had over the years.

  • Beautifulday4makeup The-book-and-Me
    2019-03-19 21:24

    This is the such a sweet short story. It tells the story of a group of a brother and a sister and there cousins. They are very close when they grow up and the stand big together. It is written in a lovely way.

  • Dillon
    2019-03-01 21:24

    Childhood memories are explored in this story. Sometimes the group of friends you were close to end up on different places than from where you all started. You can almost smell the delights of the bakery in this beautifully written sweet narrative.

  • Adalyn
    2019-03-16 14:19

    This is a really "sweet" short story, and well-written! I smiled the whole time, and it made me wish I had siblings, too. I'll also add that I got this book for free from the LibraryThing Members Giveaway (free book in exchange for an honest review).

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-13 19:23

    Cousins -- a short story about 4 children going through life together. They love each other, get into mischief and are there for each other until the end of time.

  • Pam Warner
    2019-03-17 20:34


  • Amy Bibb
    2019-03-08 16:25

    A nice, engaging short story with characters that I grew to love (a requirement for me to like any story). Heart warming and heart wrenching all in one.

  • Grace J Reviewerlady
    2019-02-23 16:34

    I don't think I have ever struggled to read a short story before, but I did with this one. Didn't grab me at all.

  • Donna Maguire
    2019-03-22 15:39

    This book was ok and I have given it three stars, but its not really my sort of thing to read but it is written well.