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the fbi nobody knows Reviews

  • Isla McKetta
    2019-02-20 18:31

    I found this book so depressing. Not because it wasn't well written (it was), or because it seemed stilted (it didn't), but because it reminded me that the view I have of my country as a democracy that strives to live up to higher ideals only truly exists in social studies classrooms. I was devastated to read detailed information about the patterns our society goes through of created threats that bolster government institutions and the ways voters willfully repress ourselves in times of great fear. I'd hoped these were momentary failures of a generation, not endemic to the system or the society. But I also think I knew better on some level.It was fascinating to read about the real criminal behind Dillinger's gang and how one man (Hoover) so successfully played innocent while wreaking so much havoc. There's no mention of cross dressing in this book (it was written too early for those revelations), but it's fascinating picture of the man and the agency nonetheless.

  • Ronald Koltnow
    2019-03-23 15:41

    This polemic against the authoritarianism of J. Edgar Hoover is dated. Let's face it, Hoover is gone and he, we hope, took his shenanigans with him. However, in these post-Snowden days, the book could not be more relevant. The crux of Cook's argument is that Hoover repeatedly violated the civil rights of the nation by using the Bureau as a espionage group, gathering info on citizens, rather than as a police force. Instead of solving crimes, Hoover became a broker in hearsay, gossip and innuendo. The "Expectation of Privacy" we have been hearing about in the news today is, and has always been, an impossible dream. There are things that the Bureau does well, Cook asserts. They have great technical facilities and training programs (although part of the training is two days spent on not embarrassing yourself in front of Hoover). However, the FBI's main talent was in securing and exercising absolute power. No one could stand up the The Director, not even the Supreme Court. Cook traces the history of The Bureau, from the original Red Scare and the Palmer Raids through Prohibition, into the Hiss Affair, and McCarthyism. Through it all Hoover bent truth and distorted justice to solidify his position in the hearts and minds of the nation. This book, terrifying on its own, inspired Rex Stout to write his anti-Hoover Nero Wolfe novel THE DOORBELL RANG. Cook may belabor his point (in fact, he bangs the reader over the head with it) but his argument seems to hold water.