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The much-anticipated, thrilling conclusion to Moira Young's Dust Lands trilogy.      When the star reader, Auriel Tai, challenged Saba to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo and the Tonton, Saba was confident in her purpose. Then she met DeMalo and he confounded all expectations with his seductive vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo and Saba had an intense and pasThe much-anticipated, thrilling conclusion to Moira Young's Dust Lands trilogy.      When the star reader, Auriel Tai, challenged Saba to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo and the Tonton, Saba was confident in her purpose. Then she met DeMalo and he confounded all expectations with his seductive vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo and Saba had an intense and passionate encounter - physical, emotional and psychic - that changed her life, and now he wants Saba to join him, in life and work, to create and build a healthy, stable, sustainable world...for the chosen few.      Jack's choice is clear: to fight DeMalo and try to stop his dangerous New Eden project. Still uncertain, her connection with DeMalo a secret, Saba commits herself to the fight. Joined by her brother Lugh, anxious for the land in New Eden, Saba leads an inexperienced guerilla band against the powerfully charismatic DeMalo, in command of his settlers and the Tonton militia.      What chance do they have? Saba must act. And be willing to pay the price.From the Hardcover edition....

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  • Nisat
    2019-03-30 21:40

    Ok i'ma rant right now. I just finished Rebel Heart and i'm unsatisfied. 1st: How the hell is Saba just gonna leave without finishing that vudo magic trick with Ewdice, or whatever her name is. Like bitch, you could already tell dark foreshadowing, you need to haul your ass back to Ewdice and finish your spell cast!! 2nd: Jack's just annoying the shit outa me. Saba goes through all that trouble tracking his ass and he's all chill like, i'm trying to do the right things Saba and i'm sorry I made you go through all that but I can't go with you anymore. Like BiiiiiiHiitchI am this close to pushing you off that tower. This might be wrong but when Saba first saw him, she head over heels and staring at him in wonder. What the hell was he doing? Focusing on other shit like helping Emmi and getting all of them outa there. I mean that's great and all, good for you Jack! But don't you think he woulda had even a little reaction to Saba. It doesn't even have to be all that time consuming- just give her a heart-felt glance. I'm just so pissed right now. 3rd: He comes back to her in the end just to go again. So i'm assuming they sleep together (someone correct me) but that doesn't exclude the fact that HOW THE HELL DOES SHE GO BACK TO HER OLD FEELINGS SO FUCKING SUDDENLY AFTER HATING HIM. IT'S LIKE FREAKING DYING WITH NO CLUE!!Oh, sweet BUDDHA- someone help this poor soul.Jack could treat her better. Just coming back to her, then leaving again.(Also, what a scumbag having a kid at 14). Telling her he's not good for her. Telling her that he's keeping the big water safe for her. No bitch, you're not only doing it for her, you're mostly doing it to take down the government using the confusing good of your heart (which can't be much). 4th: Saba goes through a lot of emotions and sleeps with Seth (otherwise known as sheila-the-great-- no i'm just kidding. Otherwise known as DeMalo). All right, that's chill. Not really, but whatever.PREDICTIONS: In the end, I first thought that the italics pov was DeMalo but it was actually Tommo. I think that he'll play a big role in the future. Maybe he turns his back against Saba and the rest of them. Sabotages them? Also, Lugh annoys the shit outa me but enough of that. He's not worth my word count space.But there's one good thing about the ending. The drama. I can't wait to see what happens next. Is Saba pregnant? (I hope she is) I feel like she still has a chance with DeMalo. But then again DeMalo is kinda confused (loony). They said he got headaches, maybe someone's messing with his head, making him rule the country a certain way, putting their ideas into his head. Either way, I still don't see why she jumps at the chance to get with Jack. I mean, the heart stone don't lie.In the end I was just waiting for Saba to tell Jack that she might be pregnant, was anybody else? OMG SO MUCH DRAMA!! I CAN'T WAIT!Also, I don't understand how she goes around kissing girls. I mean, that's a minor issue, but still; I never pictured her doing that. What else? This better not be a trilogy. I just checked, it's a trilogy. I don't think that Maev's dead. If she is, I will remain uncaring. I hope Jack gets a slap in the face when he realizes that Saba's having a baby. I also hope that Saba has trouble choosing between DeMalo and Jack. I hope if she has to choose, she'll choose DeMalo. I mean, it's kind of his kid too and Jack can just screw himself. He just CANNOT make up his mind and keeps playing with Saba, whether he meant to do that or not. He's like a much crappier version of Jace Herondale.Ok. I'm done. Give your ops. I'm out.EDIT JAN 8 2013Last thing, i'm not sure of this but I think that Saba will be pregnant but then have a miscarriage. I mean you mostly read about teens having a dark past by having a miscarriage but then it works out for them when they find "the one" because they now don't have a child with a different dad in their way. Who knows, either way Saba will choose Jack. I mean, you don't make the first book revolve around the guy just to have him go in the end. No. It doesn't make any sense. Either someone dies or they get together. (I'm hoping someone dies. Much more interesting ending).UpdateFinally got around to reading it. Jack is still a jackass and it was meh. I give it 2 stars.

  • Kyle
    2019-04-04 00:43

    10/17/13: It's an ok cover. I really did prefer the original style of the first book though and wish they had kept up with that.4/14/13:I LOVE THIS TITLE SO MUCH. 2014.Wow.I just -I can't.

  • Lisa RC
    2019-04-14 04:42

    SPOILER ALERT. OKAY. Just finished Rebel Heart. Let's just say it's done a good job. Now we all have to wait a year or two for the final book to come out.What I hope will happenSaba doesn't get pregnant and Jack never knows of Saba's betrayal. Lugh dies. Hopefully it's on his way to that utopia of his so the readers will laugh at the irony. Or the ugly Tontons get him again. If not dead, Lugh realizes how awesome Jack is and apologizes. Meav comes back to life (but doesn't choose Lugh). Saba kills DeMalo because I think he drugged her into...yeah. Oh and she rips up all of DeMalo's dresses. That'd be nice too. 'Cause the dresses are just plain creepy. Or maybe Saba pretends to be pregnant and goes ninja undercover so she and Jack will work together against DeMalo's people. Saba doesn't think DeMalo doesn't know about her and Jack, and he pretends to not. And this leads to some epic finale.What I need to knowWhat happened to Lugh when the Tonton took him?What will happen to Saba now that her mind is "open"? Why didn't Saba just kill DeMalo when he was unconscious? Does DeMalo actually like Saba? Who's going to be on book three's cover? DEMALO? [Oct Update: both Saba and Jack (at least I think it's him. Maybe it's DEMALO) are on the cover). Why the heck is DeMalo the only guy in the book who can speak perfect English?What will probably happenLugh ends up betraying Saba 'cause he's some undercover agent working for the Tontons. This gives Saba the right to kill him (yay!). Saba is pregnant, which is the only reason why the author talks about Molly and Jack's Gracie in the first place. She'll have a daughter and they'll name her Gracie after his previous daughter. Or maybe a combination of Gracie and Seth (I don't know how that will work). She'll fight with a million and one guns and kill all the Tontons. But Jack will be taken hostage and she has to make "the ultimate sacrifice". Probably has to choose between her baby and Jack [Oct Update: Synopsis says she will have to make a choice, so I think I'm getting close!], and miraculously, she gets both. APRIL 2013 EDIT So the title will be "Raging Star". ...sounds angry. OCT 2013 UPDATETHAT COVER. Anyone else thought the cover would be blue? Just so we can cover all three primary colours. The cover style reminds me of Veronica Rossi's Under the Never Sky series: first book cover is the girl, second is the guy and third is the two of them. FEBRUARY 2014 UPDATEBook's going to be released on my birthday? Awesome.

  • Cindy
    2019-03-28 02:26

    AT THE RISK OF SOUNDING DESPERATE, SETH DEMALO, IF SABA DOESN'T WANT TO JOIN YOU, I'M AVAILABLE. I WILL GLADLY AND WILLINGLY FIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. EVEN IF YOU TURN OUT TO BE A HEARTLESS BASTARD.(apparently I have a thing for creepy and/or awkward fictional guys. And DeMalo certainly fits that category.)Jack, please don't make me choose between you and DeMalo. Because at this point I'm pretty sure I will pick DeMalo.And by the way, I still hope you die, Lugh :)____________________________________________2014?!This is ridiculous! There are just way too many terrible things that can happen from now until 2014. Why torture us like this?!Here is what I think is gonna happen in this book:EITHER (view spoiler)[ Saba is pregnant with DeMalo's baby but he somehow ends up dying (maybe Jack kills him after he finds out everything) then Jack realizes he loves Saba so much that he can overlook the fact that the baby is Seth Demalo's and he will raise it as his own, then everyone will live hapily ever after. Except me because I love DeMalo :( (hide spoiler)]Hurry up 2014!OR (view spoiler)[we find out that DeMalo and Jack are the same person. Yeah, I know that sounds impossible but crazier things have happened... (hide spoiler)]Here's what I HOPE happens: (view spoiler)[Lugh dies a slow, painful death at the very beginning of the book and we don't have to be annoyed by him any longer :D(hide spoiler)] Here's hoping!

  • Madeleine
    2019-03-30 01:22

    Mother. Fucking. Dustlands. Every book I finish of this series, I snap shut with the same reaction. I...I have very mixed feelings on this series' end.Why is it I walk away from these books with nothing but positive recommendations, yet as I read, I skim, drag, and look ahead, every sign of a bad book? I am not in the moment during these books. I am anxiously waiting for them to get better. These books have been an emotional struggle for me. I love them in theory, and sometimes in practice. Jack and Saba have enough potential to last for several seasons of television for me, I could never get enough of them, and there never was enough. Ever. Every book had a painful lack of Jack and Saba. The tone is dark, gritty, and so readable when it's done well. The side characters have such a strong presence. The world building is so cool. And don;t get me started on the motherfucking Free Hawks. Best. Idea. Ever. I want a Free Hawks spin-off.Yet I have to force my way through the plot of every book, painfully so. Young has always been unsentimental, killing characters before their time, lingering on plot instead of people, which I'd rather have time to care about these people, and to see them live past twenty. (Maev, what the fuck Moira?).Notice how the Free Hawks are gone after book 1? It's Like Moira Young hates what makes her readers happy. Here's what I hate, plot, side characters (there are too fucking many to keep track of and many lump together to serve the same purpose), Lugh, Red Herrings, "dramatic" reveals. Here are the dramatic reveals:1. Lugh (view spoiler)[ sells out his sister to DeMalo to kill Jack and have a life with her and Emmi. There's a really weird underlying theme of their connection, that may supposed to be played as familial love but does not come across that way at all. It's incestuous longing not even disguised as a healthy relationship. Tommo is a red herring, since the epilogue of Rebel Heart, because the poor deaf kid can't take rejection. It's pretty obvious because every time it's hinted Tommo is the unnamed second narrator, he is using information Lugh was also present to know about.(hide spoiler)]2. DeMalo (view spoiler)[ Is Tommo's father, with which is forced enough, and then when you thing about it, Saba fucked a guy old enough to have a fifteen year old son. That's, if generous, at least thirty. Yes Jack had a kid, but his daughter wasn't a teenager. Also DeMalo is a liar and not magic and a dick, but when you name a character "Of Evil", it kinda goes with the territory.(hide spoiler)]3. Molly (view spoiler)[ fucks Lugh, even though it's red herringed to be Tommo, and is pregnant with his baby. We don't get to find out if it survives infancy this time, my headcanon is no.(hide spoiler)]4. Saba (view spoiler)[ miscarries DeMalo's baby. The one she didn't know she was having. After losing both siblings. It's like a cherry on top of a grief sundae, and honestly, motherhood is such a heavy and hammered in theme (and the pregnancy is so clunkily handled, it's hinted at constantly and supposed to be a surprise), it was obvious there was going to be a baby, dead or otherwise. While I'm glad Saba isn't saddled with an unplanned baby, is this at all what I wanted to see? Saba barely even reacts to it either, so more time had to be spent reflecting on it or it just should have been cut. I know we had to get Mercy wedged in there somewhere, but really? That's how you do it? By knocking Saba down once again?(hide spoiler)]5. Emmi (view spoiler)[ is a shaman. Who dies at the end. Before she does anything Saba wasn't already going to accomplish.(hide spoiler)]6. Big Bad Ending (view spoiler)[ Lugh and Emmi bite it. Why is it every book I want a sibling to just shut up and die, and this book, just when I don't want it anymore, it happens? Holy shit. It's such a Mockingjay twist, the people Saba fought for the entire time end up dying anyway, and for what? What have we accomplished?(hide spoiler)]I just...too much was lost for the ending to feel rewarding. Saba had too many demons. There was no triumph, and for a character put through so many trials, riding off into the sunset with a love interest, with no finite reward, isn't enough. Saba loses everything except one guy. One fucking guy. I...maybe I'll be able to formulate new opinions once the shock fades, but honestly, I read ahead for all these books just to motivate myself to the "happy ending" and this one was no exception. So I was numb to the twists, trails, and pains. It was predictable and unsentimental, I didn't feel the author cared about the characters so neither did I.

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-04-22 00:41

    Raging Star? More like RAGING CAIT right now. Insert gross sobbing here. Also feels of bewilderment and mild psychotic bouts of howling. What even do I THINK of this book?! ERGH. MERP. AREKERRRRK. <-- That's the best I can do, okay?HAHA JUST KIDDING. Omg, you peoples, I'm addicted to writing reviews (and flooding you all with my fabulous opinions) so heck yes you're going to get the full unfurling of my brain on this book.FIRST WE'LL TALK ABOUT WHY I FRIKKIN' LOVE THIS SERIES. Because I do. I am 10000% sure that Blood Red Road is the strongest book, and also the most amazing and heartfelt and incredible of the universe. But I felt like the series got progressively weaker?! But, pfft, okay let's focus on the good things firstly. For instance:• It's about FAMILY. <3 And I love love love books about family. Especially how much they've all grown and developed! Except...almost mixed feelings on that too?• But I love the style, the grittiness, how it just sucks you right in and your'e THERE in the book.• The writing, humans. The. W.R.I.T.I.N.G. I love it so much I wish to make into a hat and wear it to proclaim my devotion.• I really love Saba. She's gritty and realistic and has strengths and weaknesses, and I looove how she's not infallible. She feels REAL. And her wit. I AM A FAN.• It's really really HEART WRENCHING. Like it has one of those endings that has you hyperventilating on the SECOND TO LAST PAGE. SQUAWK. Talk about keeping readers in misery. I am in misery. Like seriously my heart is still a convoluted mess. • It doesn't have the perfect happy put-a-ribbon-on-it-and-name-it-fluffy ending. HECK NO. The ending is as gritty and realistic as the rest of the series. I like that? I mean, my heart is BLEEDING HERE. But I love author's who take risks, stick to realism, and mash their readers' feels in a pot of tea and drink it for breakfast. ...but you know what? I'm disappointed. I am. I can't...I can't even right now. Like part of it was PERFECT and I'm really proud of the characters and the story but...other parts? I'm just sitting here like WUT. THINGS I RATHER HATED:• Okay so I say the characters "developed" a lot...but some of them developed to the point that they weren't even the same character at all. I'm not a fan of that.• Lugh. Like, dude. He spent all of Rebel Heart being a jerk and then suddenly he's all spineless around Saba? You the boss, Saba, you call all the shots. It was just...not really like Lugh.• THE PLOT MADE ZERO SENSE. Like a) they think up a violent solution, then b) they discard solution in favour of something else, then b) when the something else FAILS, they go back to solution #1. So...what was the point?! Irony? I felt the book...lied to me, nearly? And failed me? Because we spend all this time reading a book that could've been solved in the first 50-pages. Hmmm. I just...I don't know, dude. I'm not settled with that.• Speaking of which, the ending. Like, I say I like it? And my brain is like "yes you like this" but my brain (which is apparently Jekyll and Hyde) is also saying "but it seems like such a pointless series now". AND IT DOES. Because basically (view spoiler)[when Lugh and Emmi died...I mean, what's the point now? Saba spent the first 2 books keeping them alive and now -- poof -- they're dead. So the first two books were useless?? (hide spoiler)]I'm so unsatisfied with this. • Also I don't get Saba's attraction to DeMalo. I JUST DON'T. Zlich. Nada. I mean, what was the attraction? That he had a plan to rule the world evilly? I mean, wut even.• Also -- I WISH IT'D EXPLAINED THE WORLD. Is it a dystopia? Is it a completely different fantays world? Like: WHERE ARE MY ANSWERS????? I still have zero ideas about why the world is how it is. And if most people don't plant/settle where the HECK does the food come from?• Jack just...didn't even act like the sassy cocky Jack of the first books.• Lugh just made me go "UGH" when I loved him for so long.• Like seriously I feel like tossing my hands in the air and going "SO DONE WITH THIS" and trying to pretend that this series ended before this book.• I DON'T WANNA FEEL THAT WAY.• BUT I DO.• BE RIGHT BACK. CRYING.ALL IN ALL: Look, I liked it. I did. But the feelings of a) disappointment, b) unsatisfaction, and c) kind of "what was the point" aren't really grand feelings to finish an epic trilogy on. I want to finish a series and be wailing and shrieking from the rooftops. But instead I feel like blinking rapidly and just quietly stowing this book away so I can't look at it. I'm not angry. I'm not ripped in two. I'm just confused at the direction the story went in. I wanted more. I love these characters so so so sooooo much and this wasn't how I thought I'd say goodbye.BUT THE LAST PAGE IS NICE. <3I LIKE THAT LAST PAGE. I'M JUST GONNA FRAME IT. SO GOODBYE FOR NOW.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-29 01:45

    Alright Blood Red Road was definatly a promising book that got me hooked right away. Rebel Heart like oh hot damnn. But honestly I hated Lugh. Is it bad to say I hope he dies in the third book. Seriously the kid is all oh I love you sis and then like two pages later he goes all phsyco on her. And whenever she left to go do what she does rescuing people and saving the day he always stopped her or tagged along slowing her down. Like dude back off.Let's talk about DeMalo. Okay that guy is insane. like mentally insane. I never trusted him a second and I swear he drugged her and that is why she was with him. Wine does voodoo to the mind so why not. Oh and she can't be pregnant. I really hope Moors is just trying to freak us out because I hare how Saba now has ties to Demalo. I want him to just disappear or something. I have to admit though it would be awesome seeing Jack and Demalo in some kind of fight over Saba in the next book. DRAMA!Oh Jack. How you disappointed me. I thought he was the most amazing guy in Blood Red Road but no. Their little reunion turned me off. It's like oh hey Saba you have a knife in your hand and I'm just going to stand here and complain about your sister that everyone knew about other than you at that point. I felt like screaming half the time. Like really you cant put any worry in there like she was going to kill you. And that crape about not being good enough for her. Seriously? I wanted to punch him and slap him. She went through all of that just to help you know your pushing her away like NO.Now Tommo is that kid no one pays attention to but I feel like he is going to play a HUGE role in the third book. Like that last part in the book is either Tommo or Lugh and I'm leaning more towards Tommo because of their conversation. Lugh is totally pushing her out of the way. Tommo is definalty someone to look at now. Anyway the whole book awkwardly fell into place in the end. Everything that confused me sort of found a place for itself in the end. Not clearly but it did fit into the seams. I loved Saba's adventure and delemas. They are so interesting and easy to get caught up in. Brilliant story from one book to the next. I just wish it will turn out to NOT be a dissapointment like so many other trilogies.AFTERThis book left me in tears at the end. I did not enjoy the first half but after getting over that rather large speed bump, it turned into something strangely amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. p.s. it left me in tears, like ugly crying. Never saw that one coming but the last section got me big time. :) happy readings everyone. One story down, another one awaits.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-19 05:29

    I waited about a week to write this review...mostly because I didn't think it deserved one. I've seen some of the reviews other people have written and most of them are in the 4-5 star range. To those people I can only say that I'm glad you didn't feel that you wasted your time reading this, because I sure as hell did.This book is hands down the worst book I've read all year. Granted, it's only May, but I will bet anyone who reads this review that it will remain the worst for the next half of the year too. There was so much I hated about this book that I could go on for hours.The biggest problem I had with it is that it was so freaking boring. The only thing that got me through to the end was the idea that I'd finally be finished with this shitty series. Don't get me wrong, I loved Blood Red Road, but Rebel Heart left me feeling so unsatisfied with Saba's character and everything that happened in the book. I got over it and attributed it to the fact that it was a second book in a trilogy and those rarely go well, but I can't give that same excuse to Raging Star. The plot is meaningless and was so dull, not to mention totally stupid and Saba and Jack's relationship went to shit all the way through it. And Saba was just annoying and made dumb decisions more than half of the time. Most of all, I miss the fast-paced action and stirring banter between Jack and Saba from the first book. This was not the ending I was hoping for. It was almost like the author just tried to copy Suzanne Collins' ending (those of you who have read both Mockingjay and Raging Star will understand that comparison) but it just didn't work here. One of those deaths was unnecessary and the whole ending, in fact, was rushed. The whole book moved along at a snail's pace and then all of a sudden you're thrown into an action packed scene that not only makes no sense but lacks any sort of direction. The only good thing I can say about this book is that it's done. For those of you who haven't read this series yet, do yourselves a favour and only read Blood Red Road and treat it like a single book. You can make up a better ending in five minutes than what you get by reading the rest of the series.

  • Genocide criminal genius & master of all villainy Unknown
    2019-04-07 05:30

    WHAT?!?!?!2014?????????????Well now I'm depressed......ARGH!

  • Saru (Queen of Bookland)
    2019-04-24 05:20

    Edit: 9/2/13-WAIT. IS THAT THE COVER. WHAT.Well, to be honest, I'm not a big fan of these covers. But whatever. It's what's inside that counts.Well... The very last paragraph of Rebel Heart was just like...

  • Natasa
    2019-04-24 04:30

    Came on to Goodreads today to see when this book comes out, because I thought it was soon. My reaction when I saw I saw 2014:Which was immediately followed by this:TRILOGIES (especially this one): Yup, I need to know how a story ends. This is probably some messed up way of teaching us how to be patient.

  • Kit Kat
    2019-04-01 00:38

    I have to wait till May!! for this book???? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Mrs. Young you are making me suffer!!!!!!!!!!=(

  • Maureen
    2019-04-16 04:22

    4.5/5 starsI definitely liked this one the best of the 3 but I don’t know that I can give it 5 stars. I really like that it actually preached nonviolence while NOT BEING violent. I felt like the ending was a little rushed but besides that I really enjoyed the conclusion of this trilogy and also I’m very emotional.ALSO I CALLED A FEW OF THE TWISTS I DID.

  • Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    2019-04-09 02:45

    A finished unsolicited copy was provided by the publisher for review.I was highly anticipating the release of Raging Star but I also wanted to make sure I was ready for the conclusion. I avoided reading this for a couple of months only because I didn't want it to end. You can say I wanted to keep myself immersed in Saba's story. In that case, I got my wish because this was all about Saba taking down DeMelo. His tyranny had to end and what better way then infiltrate his mission in life? I found the beginning to be very slow and boring. The only parts driving me go keep going was the parts where the traitor was talking about Jack. The middle finally picked up and the ending was just intense. I didn't know what to feel to be honest. I'm still upset about it. The traitor is finally revealed and even though I guessed right, I still didn't want it to be that person. I mean it tore me apart..AHHHOverall, it was a great ending to the trilogy, even if there were some twists and turns coming at you from every corner. I will miss Saba and the gang, though they'll always be in the books so we can re-read them over again.

  • Lucia
    2019-04-24 21:49

    SERIES RATING AND SPOILER-FREE REVIEW:Book 1: Blood Red Road- 4 STARSBook 2: Rebel Heart - 2 STARSBook 3: Raging Star - 2.5 STARS This is the most conflicted I have ever felt about book series. I adored some parts of this trilogy and hated the others. Let's see what are pluses and minuses of Dust Lands trilogy.(+) REALISTIC NARRATORSaba, the narrator and heroine of this trilogy, is bold, rude, vicious and very determined. On the top of that she is selfish and stubborn. Surprisingly, instead of being annoyed with Saba, these character traits made her look more human in my eyes (not some idealized unrealistic saint). (+) SIBLING RELATIONSHIPSSibling relationships play a big role in this series and author introduced very interesting take on it. Either it is between Saba and her twin brother or between Saba and her younger sister, author masterfully shows us how shaky such relationships can be and how much they change over the time. (+) HUMANITY VS. SURVIVALDo you know what I like the most about dystopian genre? I love how it focuses on humanity, on its worst and best parts, showing the depths to which people would go to survive. The constant struggle, the constant fight between morals and selfish will to survive in wicked world so different from ours, that is what I like the most about dystopian novels. And Dust Lands series is full of it. You can feel it from every page (especially in Blood Red Road). I love this kind of intensity because it gives me big feels. And emotional reads always stay with me for the longest.(+) CHEMISTRY IN THE FIRST BOOKThere was so much chemistry between Saba and Jack in Blood Red Road. Just the two of them talking together was sparkling. What a shame it doesn't reach next books in trilogy.(-) PARTICULAR WRITING STYLEMade up slang, no proper grammar, no quotation marks, etc. I admit that I found it interesting and unique at the beginning. But later on it was very distracting and discouraging.(-) SEQUEL FIASCOSurely, you are wondering what possessed me to rate sequels so poorly after liking first book in series so much. Answer is simple. Everything that I liked about characters and storyline in Blood Red Road was missing in sequel. Thrilling fights for survival - gone. Smart heroine - gone. Potent chemistry - gone. Addictive plot - gone. I was so disappointed that I even contemplated to forget that I ever read sequel and to pretend that Blood Red Road was a standalone. Rebel Heart turned into something I hate - almost every important male character had romantic feelings for Saba. I hate this trope in all kinds of genres. It's huge pet peeve of mine and if it wasn't for great first and last chapter, I would give Rebel Heart only one star. But curious creature that I am, I had to pick the third book up as well. Even though Raging Star was slightly better than Rebel Heart, it still didn't live up to my expectations I had after falling in love with first book.(-) THE DARKLING SYNDROMEI am not fan of The Darkling Syndrome and unfortunately, this series suffers from it. (Those of you who are not familiar with Grisha Trilogy, The Darkling Syndrome is what I call a situation in books when heroine develops some kind of feelings/connection to villain and this connection disables her to fight villain properly.) It drove me crazy. So even though storytelling in this series is great, I didn't like at all how story developed. It had negative effect on my emotional investment in the story and sadly, I wasn't rooting for the heroine in books #2 and #3. But it is only my personal feeling. I do think that first book is worth reading. And who knows, maybe you would feel differently about the story development that I did.MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing

  • OhWell
    2019-04-09 22:19

    Impressions right after Rebel Heart:Too bad Jack didn't manage to kill himself while blowing up the Tonton ammo storage. Let's hope he makes a quick exit in book 3... Update after reading Raging Star... It wasn’t as terrible as I had expected, as the plot had some direction this time, but it’s hard to like a book when you don’t feel an emotional connection to any of the characters. Moira Young finally managed to portray DeMalo as the villain, but there were a couple of points that made me uncomfortable.The relationships were downright creepy. A woman in her thirties with a 18 year old boy (view spoiler)[ I’m referring to Molly and Lugh here - Molly, who’s older than Jack, had a child with him, then was Ike’s girlfriend for a long time, etc. A very experienced woman who clearly deserves the “W” on her forehead.(hide spoiler)]. A man in his thirties with an 18 year old girl (view spoiler)[ DeMalo and Saba, obviously – DeMalo being Tommo’s father, so he could have very well have been Saba’s father’s age.(hide spoiler)]. They’re cradle robbers if not pedophiles... I had issues with the promiscuity of the characters overall.The tone was dark all the way, with nothing to balance it. The killing spree at the end didn’t make much sense (view spoiler)[ Emmi, Lugh and DeMalo, all dead.(hide spoiler)]. Some of the secondary characters felt like fillers (view spoiler)[ Emmi, in particular, was a lot of wasted potential.(hide spoiler)], and I would be hard pressed to qualify the ending as hopeful. (view spoiler)[ I could not manage to care for Jack one way or another, and Saba, with her guilt and regrets, seemed destined to be unbalanced for the rest of her life.(hide spoiler)]Last but not least, no explanation was given for why the heartstone heated up for both DeMalo and Jack. A polyandry topic is hardly appropriate for a YA book...

  • Wea
    2019-04-05 01:47

    why would it take soooooooo long? 2014 are you fu**ing kidding me?!

  •  ⇝LEAH⇜
    2019-04-19 05:49

    Book Title: Raging StarAuthor: Moira YoungNarration: Heather LindSeries: Dust Lands #3Genre: Dystopian, Love & Stuff, YASource: Audiobook (Library)OVERALL RATING: 2.5/5 STARSSERIES RATING: 3.5/5 STARS(Blood Red Road -4.7 Rebel Heart -3.5 Raging Star -2.5)Find my full review with video included for book song at Leah's Bookish Obsession♪♫My Pick For Book Theme Song♫♪Flares by The Script --The words are for Saba…Did you regret nothing???♫Did you lose what won't return?Did you love but never learn?The fire's out but still it burnsAnd no one cares, there's no one thereDid you find it hard to breathe?Did you cry so much that you could barely see?You're in the darkness all aloneAnd no one cares, there's no one there♫⇝Ratings Breakdown⇜Plot: 2.5/5Characters: 3/5The Feels: 2/5Addictiveness: 3/5Theme: 1/5Flow: 2/5Backdrop (World Building): 2/5Originality: 4/5Book Cover: 4/5Narration: 4/5Ending: 2.5/5 Cliffhanger: noWill I read more from this Author? Idk????⇝My Thoughts⇜This series has ultimately disappointed me…I've tried to figure out if I regret reading it at all, and to tell the truth…I'm just not sure…a part of me is, though. I have loved the narration on this series by Heather Lind, but even that got on my nerves towards the end of this book. Maybe, that's Saba's fault too. I'm just not happy with the decisions that Saba, Jack and Tommo have been making. I was also seriously disappointed in the heart stone, (really, it is sort of a character) how could it light up for both of them? I didn't like that at all. After the debacle that was Rebel Heart, where everyone made some rash decisions, it was clear that Raging Heart had to have something epic happen to put it back on the 'loving this' train. Clearly, that didn't happen for me.⇝Sex Factor⇜ Yes, there is sex but not explicit. It's not a clean read, for sure.

  • Bonnie
    2019-04-16 05:20

    My rating: 2 of 5 starsI received this book free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Good grief, what happened to this series? Upon finishing Blood Red Road my response was something along the lines of “OMG ALL THE STARS. YOU GET ALL THE STARS YOU AMAZING BOOK.” There may have also been some arm flailing. And then came the interminable wait for the next installment, Rebel Heart, but as soon as it had released I begin hearing the most disappointing things about it, most especially those dreaded words: “Middle Book Syndrome.” I decided I’m going to binge read the last two when the last one comes out so that I don’t have to deal with that disappointment. Well, let me tell you what. Binge reading (or listening if you want to be specific) Rebel Heart and Raging Star back to back is not the way to go because it was 22 hours of mind-numbingly boring storytelling. For a series to have such an amazing start, it’s really disappointing for the rest of the story to have caused nothing short of narcolepsy.Me. While Reading.Blood Red Road was constant intensity and that action was sorely lacking in the final two installments. What happened to girl cage-fighting or the hellwurms or Saba just being a total badass? None of these things happened following book one. The plot ended up shifting focus to lesser important (or interesting) aspects of this world with more focus on the drama and I disliked it greatly. Saba’s character transformation in Rebel Heart continued into Raging Star and we have our ongoing soap opera episode between her and Jack and DeMalo, oh and I suppose Tommo can be included too.Raging Star is a slow meandering end to the trilogy with a sudden burst of activity at the very end that felt disjointed and unexpected. The action came far too late for me to be emotionally invested in anything that happened at that point. Very disappointing end to a series that started off with major potential.

  • Estelle (E)
    2019-03-31 03:44

    *heavy sigh*Just finished and I feel very disappointted..Firstly, I didn't remember the narration was with slang all the way and that there were no speech marks at all.. I'm not sure why I didn't remember that, I read the other 2 books. But that required heavy concentration...which made me fall asleep every time I picked up the book! (I swear I fell asleep at least 4 times while reading it).Secondly, (which may be another reason), I waited (not too patiently) for the book to start.. and that happened at 85%. So yeah, stuff happens from 85% !!(view spoiler)[ the main characters get killed for no reason! (hide spoiler)]There were long talks about Saba's character changing from book 1 to 2. Well, after that one, I would say that: it isn't Saba that's changed, it's the whole storyline. The whole Angel of Death concept was good but turned out to be non existant after book 1.I really think this was a 1 book deal, not 3. I'm giving 2 stars because I originally loved BRR so much, I feel I owe it to Saba, but really, I didn't like this one.

  • Erin Bowman
    2019-03-31 22:25

    07/01/13:Simply put, I am obsessed with this series. The dialect, the world, the characters… I love it all.In this final installment, a threat from DeMalo leaves Saba with seven days to either surrender her fight or find a way to defeat him and his plans for New Eden. This ticking-clock element keeps the pacing tight and tensions high. A few masterfully crafted scenes written in third person reveal a traitor within Saba’s group, though the details are vague. I was constantly torn between who I thought the traitor might be and only figured it out pages before the actual reveal. Kudos to Young for that. The ending is not an easy one, perhaps even closer to heartbreaking than bittersweet, but Saba’s story is one that will sit with me for years. And I know, without a doubt, that this will be one of the rare series I revisit again and again.Originally reviewed here.11/14/13: Ugh, and now it's pushed back another month. *cries* Seriously, this wait is killing me. I do not have a more highly anticipated book for 2014.7/2/13: And now I share a release date with this book. EEEE! I know how I'll be celebrating FROZEN's launch next April...6/17/13: AHHH it has a name! Pardon my intense fangirling!!!11/18/12: I might die from the wait for this book. That's not even an exaggeration. (Okay, maybe a little.)

  • Sarah
    2019-04-26 03:45

    A four-sentence review: I think Blood Red Road could've worked better as a standalone, as the last two books didn't add anything besides predictable character development. The plot thickens, but it is nowhere near as intense and fast-paced as before - in fact, Raging Star moves slow as a snail and the story loses steam. The very end is acceptable, but so similar to others in the genre. I highly recommend the first book, but you could skip the next two unless you want to be underwhelmed.

  • Jasmine
    2019-04-07 23:48

    So... that's the cover?

  • Aurora Lector (reading in twilight)
    2019-04-07 22:34

    You just take your time, Moira. I can wait. :)

  • Rose
    2019-04-10 21:24

    Quick review for a quick read. "Raging Star" is the final book in the Dust Lands Trilogy by Moira Young. I've taken my time with this series, reading it over the course of several years, and for what its worth, I'm glad that I was able to finish it. Yet, I'm of two minds upon the conclusion of this book - like "Rebel Heart" there were parts of this book that I really liked and others that I just...didn't.This book picks up where the last left off, with Saba carrying the weight of several secrets and encounters that she knows will drive a wedge between the people she trusts the most and the causes she wants to work towards. Granted, the goal is to take DeMalo down, and she has to work with her family, and with Jack, though he's mostly at a distance in this novel given the events of "Rebel Heart." The rolling action and peril in this book reflect shades of "Blood Red Road" and puts Saba in prime fighting mode for some scenes, but this book still reflects flaws that I found to slow the book down in "Rebel Heart". The character I felt showed the most growth throughout the series was Emmi, and she stepped up in some big ways through the course of this novel that I felt were satisfying for her character. Jack's role is more supportive in this novel, and I liked some of the moments that he and Saba shared, but it's not a prominent focus given the larger events that occur. Saba, Tammo, Lugh, and Emmi (among others) find themselves in an ongoing fight with the Tonton, though Saba comes up with the idea of warring with De Malo without resorting to violence, which is the opposite of what he would expect them to do (and counter to Saba's role as an angel of death. What follows are some emotional twists and turns (including a reveal of a traitor and several emotional character demises that I'll admit did catch me through the course of the story) that build to a dramatic conclusion.In reflection of all this, I'll admit I'm still disappointed in the route Saba's character went in comparison with her strong establishment in "Blood Red Road". She felt more reactive than proactive as the series went onward, and there were places I felt her character could have had better representation for her stresses and roles that the series' conflict presented. I knew where it wanted to go and why, but I just felt Saba's character was more frustrating than well-rounded. A key frustrating aspect to this is that a good portion of the conflict in this novel (as well as "Rebel Heart") is driven by the secrets that Saba keeps from her loved ones in order to "protect" them, but such actions end up having dire consequences despite her best intentions and fatigue with the purported role she's said to fulfill.I'd honestly like to read more of Moira Young's books in the future based on this overarching series. The Dust Lands Trilogy had moments that thrilled and surprised me, despite frustrating moments of uneven presentation. I enjoyed the journey overall, though I wish the series had as much momentum as it'd begun.Overall score: 3/5 stars.

  • ஐ฿υκєτஐ
    2019-03-26 00:43

    Son kitaba kadar gelip de en sonda karakterleri öldürmek nedir ya.Hadi biri neyse de diğeri ölmemeliydi.Sonu da güzeldi.

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2019-04-14 00:28

    What a read! Raging Star is a surprisingly different read from what I anticipated but it was still go good that I couldn’t put it down, and it’s definitely an unforgettable finale! Moira Young is back with the long awaited finale in her Dustlands series, and this time we see Saba, Jack and the guerilla band trying to take down DeMalo and his Tonton militia in a number of different ways. Saba’s hiding many secrets – especially her connection with DeMalo and that one weak moment where Saba gives into him, that moment where Jack can never find out about. But now she knows that DeMalo is evil, his visions are lies and she is more determined than ever to try and win this war the right way. Can Saba do the impossible and save New Eden from DeMalo? But most importantly can she keep all her loves ones safe?Raging Star is every bit enjoyable as Blood Red Road and Rebel Heart, and it’s one that’s left me emotionally drained because there’s just so much going on that your emotions are tugged all over the place – but in a such a good way. I am completely fascinated with Moira Young’s writing and her unique story telling about these amazing characters and their journey for survival. It was one heck of a journey and I still can’t believe it’s over! I’ve always been a fan of Saba’s. I love that she isn’t perfect and makes mistakes like any normal person. I like that she’s hard-headed and stands up for what she believes in, but mostly I love her love for her family, friends and of course Jack. Without her lover for them, she would be a completely different person. Their love is what makes her stronger, makes her work harder at achieving the life they all want. Even when people do wrong by her, she still continues to love them. I admire her for that. She’s strong and brave and even when she doesn’t know the right direction to go in, she tries and tries until she find a solution. It’s her relationship with Jack that I love the most though. These two are perfect together – sure they fight but they love too and that’s what is most important. Saba does a lot of thinking about Jack in Raging Star, she never wants him to find out about DeMalo and it plays on her mind, she can’t risk losing him. I was expecting a little more time in their relationship during this book, but if you read the story, you will see why their time was very limited. But I definitely think the hardships that they’ve gone through definitely makes them stronger in the end. And the story wouldn’t have been the same without Molly, Emmi, Slim, Tommo and Lugh. One of these characters I really came to dislike by the end of the book, no matter their good intentions, I found myself quiet relieved with that particular characters ending, and I just couldn’t feel sorry for them. The plot of the story was exciting and all though it’s not as action driven as the first two books, it’s still a very driven story. It’s unpredictable and nerve-racking, full of suspense and more importantly, has a great ending. In all, Saba and Jack are going to be very hard characters to leave behind. Their journey was hard and tough but it was definitely unforgettable, and it’s one that I’ll hold close to my heart for a long time! Favourite Quote: "When did you git so gawdamn virtuous? He swipes a gentle finger down my cheek. I dunno, he says. The moment I seen yer face?" Saba & JackThank you to Scholastic for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review!

  • Elena
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  • Şeyma
    2019-04-21 05:38

    Kitabın neredeyse tamamı çok durgundu son kısım biraz hareketliydi ama tatmin etmedi bütün tahmin ettiklerim yalan oldu kendimi aldatılmış gibi hissediyorum. Yazar ablamız ne de olsa sona geldik artık her şeyi batırabilirim yaşasın kötülük nihahah! nidalarıyla her şeyi batırmış bu beni bir miktar üzdü gidip bir köşede acı çekeceğim umutluydum oysa ki..

  • lilithstealsyou
    2019-04-16 03:27

    I just finished this book and absolutely loved it. The final installation in the Dust Lands trilogy did not disappoint. Despite all the 'If you liked Hunger Games you'll love this' comments, I actually preferred this trilogy. I felt it was more consistent in terms of pacing, and the ending in 'Raging Star' was much more satisfying and well-planned (and less rushed!) than 'Mockingjay'. Also, the author's world-building was amazing. I couldn't put it down. What am I going to read now? (view spoiler)[Initially, I thought what happened to Emmi to be unnecessary - but I think that was just because it made me so sad. Thinking about it afterwards, it had to happen in order for the chain of events following it to occur. Perhaps more could have been made of Emmi, Auriel Tai could have said something a bit more in depth about her part in the rebellion - and Saba could have reflected more on what she'd contributed. I guess she was always more in tune with Lugh though, she loved Emmi but too late.Also, totally did not think it was Lugh who betrayed Saba. Ever since Saba and Jack were reunited after the explosion at Resurrection, outside the old Wrecker place, I'd thought it was Tommo. The revelation about Tommo's father was not a surprise, but I liked the way it was used in terms of story development. (hide spoiler)]