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This is book one of three. All books are full-length novels and must be read in order. All books are available now. The My Brother's Keeper Trilogy The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground. Infecting those it touches. Exploiting their darkness. Consuming their souls. It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil. And it wants out. Book One: The First ThreThis is book one of three. All books are full-length novels and must be read in order. All books are available now. The My Brother's Keeper Trilogy The town of Gilford has a Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground. Infecting those it touches. Exploiting their darkness. Consuming their souls. It’s hungry. It’s vile. It’s evil. And it wants out. Book One: The First Three Rules Marshal Jon Foster lost his purpose and his sanity the day he saw the image of his dead brother. The distraction saved Jon’s life but cost the lives of innocent people including his best friend and partner. It was a price for survival Jon couldn’t live with and was sure he’d never understand. Driven by grief and guilt he tried to escape his past by fleeing to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Only instead of peace, the memories festered. Then the offer of a stick of gum from a stranger changes Jon’s life and puts him on a road out of the nightmare he’s trapped in. Ellis Harper has lived the past twenty years isolated from the outside world and sole caretaker for his mentally disabled brother, Rudy. While Ellis loves his brother, he longs for a life he’ll never be able to have. Shut away, his days consist of chores, endless cartoons, and games of Go Fish. A world that seemed to have no end until an innocent misunderstanding turns Ellis and his brother into a target for a town bully. It’s a fight Ellis can never win on his own but thanks to a chance meeting with a stranger, he doesn’t have to. What begins as a new journey in love for both men quickly unfolds into something neither of them could have ever imagined....

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The First Three Rules Reviews

  • Macky
    2019-04-13 05:20

    'One day you will understand' WOW!Just WOW! ... I knew that I was going to love this book when I downloaded the sample to test the waters, and met the three main characters who dominate this intriguing, thought provoking story... (Marshal) Jon Foster, Ellis Harper and his uniquely special and childlike brother Rudy, who had me the moment he sat down next to Jon in the park, at a pivotal moment in his life and offered him a stick of gum. An insignificant offering on the surface but nevertheless an event that stops Jon from doing something terrible, setting up a series of events that will obviously become more clear as the series progresses... I could tell it was going to be good but I didn't realise just how much this was going to get under my skin! The conundrum now is how to tell you about this story without giving too much away? First of all this is the first book of a trilogy and I have to say its quite hard to pigeonhole it into a category as this certainly isn't your common or garden paranormal m/m romance, but one thing it isn't, is a standalone, so when you pick this one up be prepared to be in it for the long haul. I can't call the ending a cliffhanger as such but you will be left with the feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg and NEEDING that next instalment like you need air to breathe! Because this is book one, the supernatural threads may appear to be subtle, but don't be fooled. They're simmering ominously in the background. Scattered moments of "weirdness" that raise their heads every now and again just to remind you that later down the line they're probably going to erupt in some heart stopping way, which makes this a very clever introduction to the three part series. The majority of the story is centred around Jon and Ellis' slow burn relationship and Rudy's influence on it, in fact if it wasn't for the anomalous interludes, you could very well be reading an extremely emotional contemporary romance between two flawed complex men, and it would still be an awesome read... but oh no! This drama ismuchmore than that! Both of them are carrying life changing issues and heavy emotional baggage that's affecting their day to day lives. For Jon its a form of PTSD relating to three significant tragedies in his past. The death of his brother, a horrific traffic accident and a police raid that goes horribly wrong, resulting in the violent deaths of his best friend and partner and a group of very young girls who had been used as hostages in the situation, all fed to us in little teasing bites over the pace of the story but still never fully explained in this book so there's obviously more to be revealed over the next two. Jon is a haunted man...In more ways than one. At each of the last two tragedies he's seen a strange figure he thinks is his dead brother and at each of them, out of all the carnage, he's been the only living survivor. The guilt of this being too much for him to bear and at times a voice in his head goads him about it all. Is it just psychological mind fuckery or is there something preternatural lurking behind the scenes?!? Meeting Ellis seems to be the balm to soothe his soul...'why was he here? The only reason John could think of was because he had to be. He didn't know why, but he wanted this man in his life. There was a strength in his heart Jon needed. "I guess because I need a friend." 'Then you have Ellis and what life has dumped on him.The death of his parents at the age of twelve and subsequently the fall out of having, at that time, to take on the responsibility of his loveable but mentally retarded brother and (with the help of a family friend) find a way to keep them from being separated. A brother thirteen years his senior but a small child at heart. Now in his thirties, gay, lonely and looked down at by most of the townsfolk, Ellis has foregone a normal life for the sibling he loves dearly and because of it is treading water. Seemingly calm enough on the surface but paddling frantically beneath it! Until Jon arrives in his and Rudy's life, bringing a ray of hope that he's frightened of acting upon until the force that is Rudy steps in and a tentative friendship starts, leading to possible love for them both. The last (but far from least) of the trio is Rudy... Adorable, funny, poignant, unique, hard-work Rudy! 45 years old but with the mental age of a five year old he's the heart of the story and the glue that holds it together. Through Rudy we get some of the books lighter moments, he's got the charm, innocence and naivety that as well as bringing the tears, can also make you smile , the way the antics of a small child make you laugh when they're being so spontaneous. He's literal in his observations and guileless in his nature. He hates the colour yellow, doesn't like bananas, won't go out if he's 'wrinkled', can't eat marshmallow cereal because it turns his poop blue, avidly collects baseball cards and loves cartoons and Ice cream. But he's also a handful, can't sit still for long, touches things he shouldn't, unconsciously embarrasses Ellis when they're out shopping, and gets distracted by 'shiny' things. How can you not fall in love with a character like that and Adrienne Wilder writes him so vividly that he comes alive on page. He tests Ellis to the limit and because of it has put them both in the firing line of some of the red neck locals and the local sheriffs department where two of the deputies are less than clean. Rudy has three rules that Ellis drums into him: the first three rules....."Don't Talk. Don't wander off. And don't touch"Simple enough for most of us to follow but for Rudy... not so much! Sometimes the funny feeling inside him tells him things. Sometimes it tells him where to find things that Ellis hides away from him. Sometimes it tells him things about people that they don't tell anybody else. Just... sometimes..... The three of them together blew me away. Watching the relationship between all three of them unfurl was emotional, raw, perplexing, at times heartbreaking and fascinating. Ellis and Jon gravitate together because of, and despite their conflicts and even though there's doubts and fears from both sides, you see this is a relationship that's meant to be.... Rudy knows that... but how, and why? Adding the paranormal rumblings to the mix is just making this even more addictive. If I had to make a comparison, I'd say this is more like the horror stories, without the gore, that I used to read when I was in Stephen King mode ... but of course it's M/M! And yes there is sex, and its sensual, passionate and gratifying but really its the story that drives this book and pulls you in. There's something evil in the woodshed, its not fully emerged yet in this volume but its showing its head and its orchestrating the drama, but what is it? Why is it there? How is it going to affect the budding relationship? Is it's influence showing in the town and on its population? Will we see more of that in book two? Are there going to be allies who help them? What's Rudy's part in all of this? Is he the key to what's happening? What is the significance of Jons sightings? Questions, questions, questions!!! All I know is that I have two more books on my kindle waiting to give me the answers so that's it! I'm off... because seriously... this is REALLY good guys! I'm hooked. Follow Link ~

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-04-11 04:22

    Dear Book:I'm going to read the fuck out of you.Baby has plans.Be prepared.Best,SRAL

  • Vivian
    2019-04-10 22:22

    This book made me a mess. This is funny and interesting and positively engaging. But…it features cruelty and knifed me between the ribs in a couple of my vulnerable spots. This book is not for me, but I read it anyway. I loved it. I hated it, and then I started book #2.My biggest peeve about this book is that it is clearly one story that has been drawn out over three books. If that happened then I'd have to give up some of Rudy or the sex, which I never advocate for, but really, I am not enamored of the stretched story. It made me cry and feel worse. But like ripping off a scab I continued the series--yeah…yeah. Can't be brilliant all of the time. Favorite quote:He promised to be grateful, even though now, he would ache for it again for the rest of his life

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-03-25 22:07

    Kindle freebie AGAIN, 1/31/15!

  • Barbara➰
    2019-04-09 23:59

    This is my second book by this author. Once again, I was immediately sucked into the story from the first few words. There's action and suspense that had me on the edge of my seat. And of course, there are all the other feelings such as love, anger and sadness.Jon is in a bad place. He is fighting many demons.Sitting in the park about to commit suicide, at just the right moment Rudy, a child trapped in a man's body, offers him gum. Jon soon finds another reason to live when Ellis, Rudy's brother approaches. Jon becomes a protector of this little family and helps Ellis with Rudy.For the first time in almost a year, Jon did not want the void of nothing. He wanted this; warmth against his body, the smell of contentment on another person’s skin. The knowledge he was wanted— no, needed. It gave him purpose. It weakened the voice in his head from a booming thunder to a shriveled whine. Jon didn’t have much to offer Ellis, but he would give it to him.Ellis has been taking care of his older brother, Rudy, since he was 12. He has no other life than his brother. Nothing changed for Ellis. Today would be the same as tomorrow, next week, and next year. While he wished for a different life, the concept terrified him. There was one thing that he wasn’t afraid of. The one thing he hungered for every day. Someone to hold him when the frustration crushed the tears from his eyes, someone he could tell his fears, and someone who would listen to his dreams. An end to this loneliness.Ellis' love and devotion to his brother is phenomenal. He has so much patience and understanding. It's easy to see why Jon would be attracted to him.These two heroes need each other...maybe for different reasons but the need is the same. They are each special in their own ways. And they are there to save the other.One thing I found interesting, is we get some insight into Rudy as well. His thoughts and feelings, though simple say a lot.The town is horrid and has a creepy feel to it. There's also a paranormal element to this that I love. I'm looking forward to the continuation of their story.

  • Gina
    2019-03-30 21:14

    Totally loved this book!!I have been in a book funk, or a personal one maybe. But nothing I have picked up to read lately has made me all that happy. Well I knew I needed a special book to get me out of my funk and this story did just that! I am happy happy happy!The story starts with Jon Foster (former U.S. Marshall) barely holding onto his sanity and survival after a couple of horrific events in his life. Just when he has decided he can’t go on, a friendly face (Rudy) sits down next to him and offers him a pack of gum. Rudy is a grown man, but obviously mentally challenged. He friendly face and easy, innocent personality stop Jon from carrying out his plans. Then when Rudy’s brother Ellis catches up to them, Jon feels an urgent need to get to know Ellis. Jon decides he needs a friend, and he wants Ellis to be his friend. Ellis has been taking care of his brother Rudy since their parents died when he was 12. Absolutely determined front he beginning to not let Rudy go to some type of institution or home for mentally challenged people, Ellis gives up his entire life to take care of his brother. Ellis has so many obstacles in his life, a small town with some small minded people who look down their noses at a grown man with a mind of a 5 year old and his gay brother trying to take care of him. Ellis has learned to be invisible and keep themselves apart from everyone as much as possible. Jon Foster, suffers from PTSD, struggling with the horrific events in life and quieting the “voice” in his head that tells him how worthless he is. When he meets Ellis, his mind finally starts to have some peace. And then there is Rudy, OMG I love this character. He is charming and innocent and just the sweetest guy. He doesn’t understand so many things, but at times he knows things that can’t be explained.This is a paranormal story, but in this book it is just at the edges, you get glimpses and hints of it only. My only complaint is both Jon and Ellis seem to struggle so much, both of their lives are so hard and depressing. As much as I loved watching these two come together, it was difficult to see them both get kicked around and beaten down by either life events or people so much. IMO this book does not have a HEA or even HFN, but simply a chance to take a deep breath before the next storm. It ends with more questions and few answers and all 3 books are meant to be read together. This book was riveting and moving and emotional and I simply couldn’t put it down. And as much as I want to read book 2, I may need to read something light and fluffy first.

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-04-17 02:56

    Jon and Ellis are damaged lost souls who found each other because of a lovable 45 year old mentally disabled man named Rudy. Rudy is Ellis's older brother who likes nothing better than ice cream, baseball cards and Ellis smiling. Through all of their internal struggles, fears and the bigotry thrown at them, Jon and Ellis completed one another for a while. This story is Ms Wilder at the top of her game. She dragged emotions out of me just as she did in her Darwin's Theory series. If you pick up this wonderful story, be prepared to invest yourself in books two and three as they are one long story. This story will make you laugh, cry and even break your heart but it's damn well worth it. Rudy is my hero.

  • Jennifer☠Pher☠
    2019-03-26 01:19

    I'm gonna go with the five stars because I couldn't put this down.What is going on?What is happening?My God, poor, poor everyone!Already I feel such an emotional attachment to all the characters of this book and even a paper cut to any of them is just going to have me lose my shit. Two more books to go.On to the next one.My God this is good.

  • DaisyGirl
    2019-03-28 22:16

    4.5 StarsI have the unenviable task of writing this review after having read all three books ... which leads me to my first point: the un-put-downable factor. I couldn't stop reading. This series had me from the get-go and I just had to know ... even when I didn't want to because I knew it would rip my heart out. Truly, it's no surprise to me. Adrienne Wilder's writing is that good. Simply amazing.But back to reviewing this book. My feelings are kinda scattered and, I think, anyone who reads this series can understand why. So, this review will likewise be a melange of feelings this book inspired. First, I fell head over heels in love with Rudy. Head over fucking heels. What a gift. His character made this book so rich. He was perfectly innocent in his imperfection. I ADORED him. Second, Jon and Ellis. At first, I worried because both of them were so broken and came with so much baggage that I was hesitant to engage. But their make-shift family was the stuff of legends. Despite all their set-backs (and there were many) they made things work. Their love and devotion left me speechless.Third, the plot. As always, Adrienne Wilder did a wonderful job of world building. Slow and steady with enough twists and turns to keep me on edge and turning the page. Granted, this was a little dark for my tastes but - once again - she snagged me with her characters. Despite knowing the probable heartache involved, I stuck with this one till the end. And I have no regrets.Bottom line: a wonderful start to a (sorta) dark series, but not horror (as some of the tags suggest) ... not yet, anyway.

  • Susan
    2019-04-16 00:00

    Interesting. Very well written. Made me feel like crap though.I had no idea this took place in 1992. I don't like 1992 or how people treated mentally disabled people, or gay people for that matter. I had a very hard time enjoying this book while reading about Ellis taking care of his brother for the past 20 years (OMG, I would go insane), about dirty cops who try to harm Ellis and kill Jon, just because they can, and about all the nasty town people.I also never thought I would find the lack of cell phones annoying, but I did.The romance was nice, but the rest made me feel super sad. I don't think I have the heart for the other two books, which are supposed to be even more dark and depressing.

  • Trio
    2019-04-11 22:15

    Oh wow, that was incredible! The characters, the plot, the pacing - everything just works, I loved it.

  • Jenna
    2019-04-12 20:54

    This book had potential but I had difficulty enjoying it due to the mediocre writing. The biggest problem I noticed was pronoun confusion - it's the worst case I've ever come across. I also wasn't a fan of the way Jon's internal struggle was presented. Rather than showing dueling thoughts, it was him arguing out loud with internal thoughts. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but in my experience, internal arguments are just that - internal. If someone talks to themselves, I believe they just say what they're thinking rather than voicing half a conversation with their mind. Anyway, that just struck me as unrealistic.The plot itself was somewhat interesting, but was ruined by too many cliché events. It felt very much like typical m/f romances where they keep being brought together by one being injured and the other nursing them back to health, someone needing to be rescued and nursed back to health, lather rinse repeat. There was even a completely inexperienced virgin with an inferiority complex.This is the first in a trilogy, but I can't be arsed to read the rest.

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2019-03-31 01:19


  • Shelley
    2019-04-06 01:55

    Spoiler free series review for the Trilogy After reading Seven by this author I had great expectations for this trilogy. I like her style and I think she is very good at what she does. Wilder delivered so much fast paced excitement in Seven she left me begging for more of the same. Unfortunately, this trilogy does not leave me begging for more …Book one is a slow start and very character driven; it’s a getting to know you, a getting to know past demons and learning of the wonderful caring relationship between Ellis and his mentally handicapped brother Rudy. It’s healing and affection between men who are brought together by fate. Jon and Ellis work as a couple in a yin-yang way but there was nothing in either of these men that separates them from any other good guy/damaged guy pairing I’ve read. Their dialogue bored me and by the end of this series I found that the author’s attempts to make Ellis appear all-good made whatever relationship conflicts they suffered feel terribly contrived and tedious.The timeline is 1992 but this was easily forgotten as no reference (not even a song) to the era is given, a wasted opportunity to lighten the atmosphere I thought. I was also disappointed in yet another stereotypical small town setting with it’s small minds and big bigoted bullies – it gets a bit stale when you read as much as I do. There are some highlights here though: The sex is sweet and sexy and Rudy, well …yeah, Rudy is a scene stealer bringing unintentional humour and divine innocence to balance Jon’s morose guilt and overall lighten the gray mood of this series, up until a point. To me Rudy felt so genuine, I loved every moment we spend with Rudy – so kudo’s to Ms Wilder for his loveable character.Small clues at paranormal elements at play kept me moving on to book 2 where a gray mood becomes so dark and foul that the evil at play is truly stomach churning. It is at this point that I established that this series is more a horror story than a paranormal suspense with romance. Wilder plays out the age old game of good vs evil but the good guys have no hope and all the odds are stacked against them. It’s not fun, not entertaining and if I was remotely invested in Jon and Ellis I might have cared about their salvation but as it was, I cared more about the rest of the innocents who happened to be affected by the horror invading their lives. I wish this aspect had been explored with other POV’s instead, it was all tell, no show and the potential impact and grand finale was lost on me.Overall this was too long, too tedious, desperately needed a proof editor and I suspect it will be too violent for a lot of romance readers. If you can establish an empathy with Jon and Ellis in the first book you will get along with this better than I did. A lot of my issues are personal ones and to expand on the things I found to be silly or manipulative would be spoiling you. This series has been well received and I can understand why, but for this jaded reader it wasn’t ever more than a 3 star read; the final book less but I have to give credit for good writing (ignoring bad proofing) and Rudy…"

  • Melissa
    2019-04-11 05:00

    5-26-17: Currently free on Amazon. You HAVE to read this series, it is AMAZING!!!! I am in love! This book had me from the opening page. Jon is a man on the edge, and through good luck he is brought back from leaping over the edge by Rudy, a mentally challenged man of 45 whose mentally around age eight or so. Jon suffers from PTSD after the death of his Marshall partner in a raid that went bad. Jon has also suffered over the years after the suicide of his brother - something Jon has not gotten over or received any counseling for. Through Rudy, Jon meets Ellis, Rudy's younger brother and caretaker. Ellis has been taking care of Rudy since their parents died and has not lived a life for himself. Everything is about his brother and making sure he is taken care of and not sent to live in a facility. The blurb give you the impression that their are supernatural events taking place and that isn't really apparent in this first book. There are hints they are coming, but that's for a future review. ;)Book 1 is all about learning about Ellis and Rudy's history, how they came to live alone, how Rudy became how he is, to give Jon and Ellis time to trust and then love each other. And we also see the town, which will make you angry and sad. Rudy suffers a lot from some of the towns people because of his mental disability. But it's his heart that keeps you going. I couldn't have stopped reading this book if the world was on fire! If you want to read about two men finding their soul mate, you've got it in this book (trilogy). I think there have been no two men more fated for each other than Jon and Ellis, and the author, Adrienne Wilder, is extremely talented because she made me care about these fictional men. But they aren't fictional; these three men could live in my town, or your town, or any town, which is what hurts the most. Read this book, have the other two in the series ready because you don't get the answers you need in this one book. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger per se, but it's more than obvious the story isn't over and that this is just the beginning. I hope you fall in love with these men like I did. You won't be sorry you gave them a try.

  • ♣️ Lynda ♣️
    2019-04-10 05:12

    This was a great read. I found Rudy to be adorable. "I didn't touch it" being his favorite line...LOLAs I stated in my status update I have never seen this kind of intolerance towards a mentally challanged person. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but it is so sad that there are people out there that would treat someone so sweet and loving so terribly.Jon and Ellis were great together. Two men who needed each other and were lucky to have Rudy "find" Jon just in time.

  • Dreamer
    2019-04-20 22:21

    Yeah, was good. PTSD sufferer Jon hooks up with Ellis who has cared for his mentally disabled brother Rudy since Ellis was twelve. Particularly liked Rudy's inner voice.'If Jon stayed forever, where would he sleep? Last night he'd stayed in Ellis's room. Ellis had the biggest bed so that made sense. Maybe Ellis wouldn't mind letting Jon stay there every night. Rudy bet Jon would even play Go Fish.'

  • Bev
    2019-04-03 00:17

    Excellent start to a very interesting trilogy by Adrienne, although it does need a good editor cos there were some silly mistakes. Can't wait to see how this plays out in the next two books. 4.5 stars rounded up.

  • Наталья
    2019-04-25 00:24

    4.5Предупреждение:Это ужасы. Первая книга самая лёгкая, остальные жуткие и страшные. Можно ограничиться первой, т.к. она заканчивается HFN.Вторая без третьей уже не обойдётся.

  • Lori
    2019-04-20 02:15

    4.5(3.75 hearts rounded up to 4)There was a lot to love about this trilogy - and I will say it is a series where you need to read all of the books and read them in order. Adrienne Wilder's characters are hurt and damaged. Jon, witness to his brother's terrible death as a child has never been able to let it go. As an adult and a US Marshal he has seen more tragedy and evil than any person could hope to deal with. On the precipice of choosing to end his pain it is the chatter of a mentally impaired man, Rudy, that brings him back from the brink. Still not coping with the demons in his head, his life slowly becomes embroiled with that of Rudy's and his brother and carer's, Ellis.Ellis has been caring for Rudy his whole life. Although Rudy was an adult when they lost their parents Ellis was but a teenager and it was only through the help of, now retired officer, George that Rudy and Ellis were able to stay together as a family. Their life consists of routine. Routine is what keeps Rudy calm and is a life he can relate to. He has rules he has to follow to help keep himself safe and life easy. But one day the temptation to touch the silky hair of the girl in front of him at the supermarket becomes too much and an evil enters their lives.Ellis is innocent, his life has been spent looking after and protecting his brother. Jon metaphorically crashes into their family and causes unintended mayhem. The two fall in love but it is not without it's difficulties and Rudy's needs must always be taken into consideration.The My Brother's Keeper Trilogy is a about love and hate. It's about good and bad. It's about trust. The storyline of this book was enthralling, at the end of book two and in the third book it really starts to evolve into the story that's been hinted at all the way through. There is something more in Gilford than meets the eye and Jon and Ellis are tasked with stopping it.I enjoyed the author's voice, she has a great way with words and it is very easy to envisage this small town and it's problems. Her characters were individuals, and old George, the retired officer, was a particular favourite of mine. Though at times I did wonder how he had so much influence with the police force seeing as he was retired.The one niggle I had with the book was the sex. It felt gratuitous to me at times and sometimes just inappropriate. When the characters are angry or upset they have sex. Sometimes this is cool - but a lot of the time it took me out of the story I wanted to know about what was happening with the main storyline not about Ellis and Jon bonking. Maybe it's because I found it hard to relate to - with one particular trauma in book two sex would be the last thing on my mind. That said, it could - and is very likely - just a niggle I had. In fact I can imagine the look of horror on the other unicorns' faces when I say my only complaint was too much nooky.If you like a story with dark undercurrents then this is likely to be a good choice for you.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-16 00:09

    What a beautiful and wonderful book. I'll be honest that I wasn't super impressed with Ellis initially, he just gets so frustrated and short with Rudy over things Rudy can't control. Although after the scene in Walmart, I could understand where a lot of his anxiety comes from. I find it a little hard to believe that people are so awful, especially a town that they grew up in and you would assume people would be familiar with Rudy by now. Although people definitely get a lot less forgiving when it's an adult with a disability, compared to a child I think. Jon was absolutely heart breaking, and it was great to see his transformation. But of course, Rudy stole the show. I loved that we got his perspective as well, it gave a lot of insight. The paranormal-lite elements with both Jon and Ellis's brothers was a nice and interesting touch, although I didn't fully understand the stuff with Lenny (view spoiler)[the grass grabbing Jon's ankles, the creepy dead pecan trees, and the darkness in Lenny's eyes (hide spoiler)], but I assume that may be explained more in the next book. I knew going in that this was a three parter. That being said, when I turned to the last page I was very surprised that it was the last page and thought things were hanging. Well, the last sentence gave some closure, (view spoiler)[Jon saying he loved Ellis (hide spoiler)] although you for sure need to plan on reading all three. Borrowed in the 2015 July Free-For-All in Bookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group

  • DKristin
    2019-04-06 00:08

    I was approached by a fellow blogger about this book series and asked if I wanted to read the series in exchange for an honest review. I didn't know what to expect but when I heard M/M with supernatural elements and all high ratings thus far I figured I'd be crazy not to give it a shot. I really, enjoyed this book. I give it a solid 4.5 Stars. It had some elements that were similar to other books that I have read, but other than that I couldn't find one criticism to give about it. I loved the main characters. We have our rugged and downtrodden Jon who has given up on life. We have the unassuming, self-sacrificing, virginal Ellis. Last, but not least we have Ellis's brother Rudy. I absolutely love him and the way that the author portrayed him. I think that not just having a character who has intellectual deficits is difficult but to have some of the story from his POV must be incredibly difficult without it coming off as stereotypical or offensive. I'm sure it will still feel that way to some people but you can't make everyone happy. The characters were very touching and the story was warm and heartfelt. It also had a nice large dose of smoking hot sex. I cannot wait to continue with this story and learn more about what is going on... especially with the supernatural elements!Copy provided by author for a honest review

  • Eladio
    2019-04-03 23:57

    3.5 starsFormer U.S. Marshal Jon Foster has just moved to the tiny Georgia town of Gilford, a place he picked at random after a disastrous event made him quit his job. Poor Jon hasn’t known much happiness since childhood when his beloved older brother committed suicide due to cruel treatment from their father. But on the day Jon decides to shoot himself, he ends up making friends with Rudy, a mentally disabled man, and meeting Ellis, Rudy’s younger brother and caretaker. Poor Ellis has woes that are the equal of Jon’s: he gave up his life at age twelve to care for Rudy when their parents died and has never really gone to school, had friends, or been able to participate in the outside world. To Rudy’s delight, Jon and Ellis start a romantic relationship. But then a mishap on Rudy’s part brings them to the attention of the vengeful town bully who happens to be completely insane. He begins to harass Jon, Ellis, and Rudy as often as possible while threatening them with torture, rape, and death. Unfortunately, the town’s corrupt police force contains friends of the villain, and everyone else is too afraid to stand up to him anyway. Jon, being a tough former Marshal, gets in a few verbal and physical counterattacks, but mostly the deck seems stacked against our heroes.Because I’d forgotten the book blurb and thought I was reading a contemporary romance (instead of a horror novel which is what it's supposed to be), I initially found the villain to be unrealistically omnipotent. I had to re-read the book blurb for context. Without the blurb, this book feels almost one hundred percent like mainstream realism. The only hints of the supernatural are Jon’s vision of his dead brother, and Rudy’s minor psychic abilities which enabled him to draw a childlike picture of Jon a few weeks before Jon entered their lives. Probably this book (Book 1 in the “My Brother’s Keeper” series) should have included more supernatural scenes to make the “Big and Terrible secret hidden in the ground” thing more obvious so that we readers would realize what is affecting the villain. Otherwise, he just seems weirdly over-the-top and frustratingly all-powerful. On the other hand, the best parts of this book center on the realism of Jon’s initial courtship with Ellis, and especially both men’s relationship with Rudy. Told in third-person viewpoint, the book alternates between Jon and Ellis, with glimpses from Rudy’s perspective. Rudy is a delight. He is realistic, complex, and three-dimensional. His dialog rings true and his childlike logic is fascinating as he asserts his place in the world. He is not sentimentalized. The reader can see how he’s a total handful for poor Ellis, and yet he is endearing and even heroic. Jon is also a strong character and he provides some much-needed traces of humor and sexiness to offset all the suffering and worry. Ellis, while understandably anxious, comes across as the least likable of the three. The book builds to a strong, thriller-type conclusion. Readers who may enjoy this book the most will probably be fans of angst and hurt-comfort themes. There are also many readers who like virginal characters (represented here by Ellis) and scenes of male couples acting as parental figures, and those readers may especially connect with this book as well. I received a free copy of this book from the author via Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an honest review.

  • Katerina
    2019-04-08 23:18

    “One day, you’ll understand.”“What are the rules?” “Don’t talk to anyone.Don’t wander off.Don’t touch.”Another great book by Adrienne Wilder. This author understands to write. Adrienne's books are different, so much more lively, one experiences these stories up close.The series "My Brother's Keeper" has been on my bookshelf for a while. The reason for this is simple. Although I know that Adrienne is at home in every genre, I was restrained by the paranormal aspect. Even though I like reading fantasy books, and there were years I read exclusively fantasy, right now, however, I feel more drawn to contemporary literature. So I knew, I have a treat on my shelf, but I did not dare. Completely exaggerated and unjustified my fear.Rule number one: Adrienne is a safe bet.Rule number two: Sink into it.Rule number three: Enjoy it to the fullest.And in this sense, this book was contemporary, it plays in a hillbilly small town, and the MCs are very sympathetic people with strengths and weaknesses. There were a few paranormal moments. But these moments could just as well have been images of a distorted perception. I'm curious how this is going to develop. And honestly, now there may be something more of the paranormal moments. I hang on the hook!In principle, it is the story of Jon and Ellis. How they got together and realized that the other is exactly the missing part that makes them in a way complete. Both have a lot of ballast to haul. But together it is easier.But life in this small town is not easy. Definitely not. Like everywhere, there are people who make life difficult for you. And in this town, those subjects are not afraid to let fists speak first.I don't want to describe the concrete content of this book. This was done in other reviews very detailed. I just want to mention that the paranormal element should not repel anyone to read this great series. On the contrary, for readers who especially prefer fantasy, this might even be too subtle here.All in all, it's another great book by Adrienne Wilder. And who has withdrawal symptoms after reading "Wild", will certainly like this.“Don’t ever break the rules.”“I like baseball cards, they’re in the best thing to own. Right next to ice cream and Ellis’s smiles.”And I like Rudy. A lot.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-08 21:04

    OMW, Rudy is exhausting just reading about him never mind having to actually live with him and look after him.Jon is sitting in the park contemplating suicide when Rudy goes up to him and starts talking to him. Rudy is mentally disabled and is looked after by his brother Ellis. Together the three of them leave the park and go for something to eat. A relationship develops between Jon and Ellis.Both are assaulted separately. Book 1 of the trilogy ends with Jon in hospital.The book did end on kind of a cliffhanger. I enjoyed reading this book but I am not sure I am going to be rushing to read the other 2 books in the series. I have read the synopsis and I believe it turns into paranormal and that really isn't my thing. There were times in this book where I wondered who Jon was having a conversation with. I prefer my books easy to read and not having to have a lot of thought into the stories to understand them.

  • Kade Boehme
    2019-04-09 03:56

    It's a beautiful day to die.

  • Debra
    2019-04-14 21:20

    Free on Amazon 10/27/2014

  • Natasha
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    Will be reviewing for:*ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Bea
    2019-04-24 01:00

    This is an advance reader copy given to me by the author for an honest review. As with all of my reviews, these are my own opinions.Recently I have been in a slump for reading. Real life has been extremely hectic, so my “reading for fun” has been very limited. When I got the opportunity to read and review Adrienne Wilder’s series, My Brother’s Keeper (three books) I thought the plot line intriguing enough to fit into my life. Basic Plot: John Foster is a retired Marshall, and not by choice. Now he is living with his life decisions and PTSD, wondering if life is even worth it. A happenstance contact with Ellis brings color back into his life. Can it make him yearn for something with this intriguing man?Ellis Harper is a man who had to give his life up when his Mother died and left his mentally challenged brother, Rudy to take care. He has given up on ever having a career or a relationship, after all, it takes all of his being just to keep Rudy out of trouble.Yet, with this meeting comes both strife and a chance for both men to heal. But will the forces around them allow it to happen?John Foster: This is actually one of the view books when I have found both main characters someone in which I could identify. Normally, there is an Alpha character that I really can’t identify with, but find attractive. With John, yes, he is an Alpha warrior, but he is driven down by life experience and is left a hollow shell of himself. We find him in the beginning of the story minutes from ending his life and it sets the tone (at least the beginning of the novel): “Please.” Guilt made the gun in Jon’s pocket heavier. What if Rudy had walked up on him a minute later? What if he’d been the one to discover Jon with the top of his head blown off? Was that why he offered? Was he trying to make amends for possibly scarring Ellis’s brother for life with the image of a dead man? If it was, ice cream was a piss poor way to do it, but it was all Jon had. Which, in John’s situation, you get the impression that his will to live has been trying to counter his need to be punished by death. He is a complex character and by the end of the first book, there are still mysteries of him to be unfolded.Ellis Harper: We can relate to Ellis easily. He has never had a serious relationship, because he has had to take care of his brother, and he has had dreams that will never come true. We can all relate to the yearning for something better, but still driven to do the right thing by his brother. We can also relate to the constant fear he lives with including gay and handicap bashing, threats, and fear that someone will take Rudy away from him. Ellis is barely surviving.He tugged the sheet up and held it to his nose. Rich, almost spicy, Jon’s scent was enough to make Ellis hard.If only. There were always so many ‘if onlys’.Day after day life slipped through his fingers, taking every opportunity with it.Nothing changed for Ellis. Today would be the same as tomorrow, next week, and next year. While he wished for a different life, the concept terrified him. We respect Ellis for his sacrifices and we yearn for him and Jon to make a relationship work. What I love about Ellis’s reactions to Jon’s sexual advances is his own innocence as he lacks experience. It is refreshing to watch the sexual tension unfold, not in the typical romance fashion.Strong Points:There are some very serious topics found within this book: PTSD, attempted suicide, intellectual disability, gay bashing, and violence to name a few. And yet, this book is filled with hope. Hope that even with all of these challenges, there is hope and joy to be found in the living.One point I would like to make is the brilliance of how Wilder writes Rudy’s interactions. We get to see how exhausting it is living with someone who is intellectually disabled, yet joy can be found in the childlike vision that Rudy sees in life.“The buggy is for the microwave and the groceries.”“Don’t forget the oatmeal.”“I won’t.”“Can we get cereal?”“I’ll think about it.”“I like the cereal with the colored marshmallows.”They headed to household goods. “If we get cereal, it won’t be the ones with marshmallows.”“Why not? I’m not allergic.”A lady pushing a buggy frowned at Rudy. Ellis pretended he didn’t notice. “You know why.”Rudy laughed. “I remember now.”“Shhh–lower your–”“We can’t buy cereal with marshmallows because it makes my poop blue.” We can see how tiring it is to have to constantly be vigilant with someone who has the mind of a 6-year-old but the physical body of a 35-year-old. I really felt bad and admired how strong Ellis was. He could still loved and nurtured Rudy even when he was frustrated.What could be better? There were times when the pacing was slow, and the head hopping between Ellis, Jon, and Rudy can be jarring. We are left at the ending with a cliffhanger, so be prepared for that. Another thing that annoyed me, while not the author’s fault, was the misleading length of the book. It is a good percentage of the book at the end that are samples of other books. So you are left thinking that you have more of the book to go than it truly is.Conclusions: Overall, I enjoyed this book. I loved how the author got us into the minds of all three characters and made us feel their challenges, hopes, and fears. We are left wanting more and luckily there are two books after this to complete the story.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-04-10 23:09

    4 1/2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsJon had his life shattered when what should have been an easy pick-up went wrong, he was left the only person alive because a vision of his dead brother had him freezing, and the guilt eats away at him every day. A chance meeting with Rudy and Ellis in the park in Gilford has Jon rethinking the choice he is about to make, but will he be able to overcome the guilt of the past to move forward towards a future? Ellis has spent the last twenty years isolated as he looks after his older mentally disabled brother, shunned by many of the town Ellis spends his days playing games and watching cartoons, until a chance meeting gives Ellis the chance of something more. But, just as Ellis & Jon begin to enjoy their time together, a threat comes from the town bully.This is an incredible story of two men from very different walks of life beginning to find peace in the other. Jon has a shocking amount of guilt over what happened when his best friend and partner was killed, it eats away at him until he can take no more and it is only the bright spark he feels when he meets Rudy and Ellis that has him fighting the darkness that tries to consume him. Ellis is alone; he struggles everyday with looking after Rudy, his older mentally disabled brother, and keeping him out of trouble and with the town looking down on them he has no one to turn to and no friends. The first spark of hope for Ellis comes from Jon, a man Rudy befriends in the park, but there are others in town who want to make sure that Ellis and Rudy never find happiness.I loved this story; it is amazingly written and at times brought tears and smiles. Rudy is brilliantly written, he is brought to life and never ignored, a childlike mind in a man’s body, and his simple thinking and actions has you forgetting just how old he really is. Ellis is an incredible man who gave up any dreams he ever had when he was only twelve, taking care of his brother has left him isolated but he would never dream of putting Rudy in a home, he might be lonely, get stressed and upset but he loves his brother unconditionally. Jon is a wounded soul, he has come to Gilford to hide rather than heal, and he is haunted by failure. These three men are wonderful and you take them all to heart, and there is something about Rudy and Jon that is just extra special.The storyline is brilliant as we fall into something that is just a touch evil; it hovers in the background but you know there is something that is driving some actions. The characters are wonderful even those who aren’t very nice, they add a great dose of realism as the setting is 1992 in a small town and some minds were still closed to those who were gay or mentally disabled. The relationship that develops between Jon and Ellis is extra special; it touches your heart as you see Jon sinking into the comfort of Ellis and as Ellis trusts Jon not just with his brother, but also with his own innocence and heart. Their relationship is sweet and I loved how the sexual aspects were written, Ellis’ fear of sex, of failure and the lack of confidence that a man like Jon could really want him really shines through and makes you realize just how isolated he really was. Ah, while I would like to go on and on about this story I am itching to read Rule Four & Five so I will leave you with these words… GET THIS BOOK!I recommend this to those that love a story that has characters who have a hard road to travel, finding happiness when you never expected it, fighting against bigotry and hatred, who love a story that has a thread of paranormal, and special characters who deserve all the love in the world.