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If it’s not broke don’t fix it. That was Cash’s motto in life, and his life was perfect. He was living the life of the lieutenant of The Last Riders, and had women at his beck and call. The only thing he saw himself settling down with in the future was a twelve pack; certainly not Rachel Porter, who was on his short no fuck list. Hell, she wasn’t even his type—her tits werIf it’s not broke don’t fix it. That was Cash’s motto in life, and his life was perfect. He was living the life of the lieutenant of The Last Riders, and had women at his beck and call. The only thing he saw himself settling down with in the future was a twelve pack; certainly not Rachel Porter, who was on his short no fuck list. Hell, she wasn’t even his type—her tits were too small, and her mean mouth could shrivel a man’s dick. How was he supposed to know she was special and worth putting up with those weed-producing hillbillies? Or was she? Rachel had lived her whole life watching Cash break one woman’s heart after another. He was everything she shouldn’t want; a bad boy biker with enough sex appeal to make any woman want a night in his bed. Even her. Heck, he wasn’t even her type—he didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut, and he lived in a sex club. How was she supposed to know that he was special and worth putting up with the biker wars and biker bitches? Or was he? *WARNING* This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older. Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, multiple partners, violence, drugs, domestic discipline, and explicit language offends you. *NOTE TO READERS* This book is a stand alone story. However, to receive the full experience these books are recommended before "Cash's Fight" in the following order: Razer's Ride (The Last Riders, #1) Viper's Run (The Last Riders, #2) Knox's Stand (The Last Riders, #3) Sex Piston (Biker Bitches, #1) Teased (The VIP Room, #1) Tainted (The VIP Room, #2) Shade's Fall (The Last Riders, #4) King (The VIP Room, #3)...

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  • Deborah
    2019-02-27 19:45

    Not the book I wanted or hoped for.I was late to this series, a friend recommended 'Shade's Fall' and I found the reviews while looking around but to fully appreciate it I knew I'd have to read all the previous books, which I did and I'll admit it was a bumpy ride I didn't like 'Razer's Ride' at all it was more like a sex club than an MC and how Beth ever ended up with Razer I'll never know but I stuck with the series because the reviews for 'Shade's' were so good, the series grew on me and 'Shade's' was everything I'd hoped for, I just loved it I went on to read the 'VIP Room Books' and loved 'King' and I literally couldn't wait for Cash's book, but then I started reading.I was so excited I thought maybe it was me who'd expected too much, I kept reading and I was gutted this wasn't the book I wanted this was Rachel and Cash's book, their story and their romance but Cash was screwing every woman in sight, I hated it, this isn't what I wanted at one point I wanted Cash's dick to drop off and Rachel to run away and never come back. I stopped reading and checked the reviews, they were all good I just couldn't understand it, I know people have different views on books but every review was good, was it me? In desperation I emailed my friend who I knew was reading it as well and she was not enjoying either, so at least it wasn't just me, at this point I didn't think I'd even finish it but I did mainly for the other characters, Shade, Lily, King and the rest of the Porters, you've got to love them Porter boys and Mag what can I say about Mag, loved her and I have to admit that there's a good book in there, I enjoyed the second half, not as much as I should have done but better than the first half. I can't begin to describe how disappointed I am in this book, it's the same format as the rest but worse somehow maybe because I expected more after Shades book I don't know.My rating, the first half 0 stars, ok 1 since that's the lowest I can give and 3 stars for the second half so it's coming out at 2 stars and trust me nobody is more disappointed at this rating than me.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-03-11 19:31

    ==>Re-rea July 13 2017==>Re-read in March 2016 26 (I added 1 star with scenes of hunting and fishing - LOL)==>Read in July 2014 02Their relationship with the whores of the Club disgusts me. The Club members can support these women and affirm that they are not whores, but for me that's what they are.And the heroine have to have sex with other members also does not work for me.The plot is getting beaten and always the same.Then everyone lives happily as a big family where everybody fucks everyone or watching others have sex.--------------------SEX W/OW - CheatingBEFORE HEROINE1) Striding to the couch, he leaned over, picking Bliss up and tossing her over his shoulder.“Hey!” Rider complained. “I wasn’t done with her yet.”Cash turned back. “Did I say you couldn’t join us?”2) No, let’s give them something to wake up for,” Cash answered, reaching for Raci.AFTER HEROINE3) Cash was getting out of his truck, holding the door open for a woman to slide out. Rachel’s eyes widened when she saw Cheryl taking her time getting out, bracing her hands on Cash’s chest. Her hair was a tumbled mess and her top was messed up.It didn’t take a second for Rachel to figure out what had happened in his truck. Rachel felt as if a knife had been stuck in her belly.4) He was halfway up the stairs when Raci yelled up at him.“Want some company?” Inside his bedroom, Raci quickly removed her skimpy outfit.“What do you want tonight, Cash?”“Every fucking thing you’ve got.”5) The woman gave another moan. It was only when her voice impatiently said Cash’s name that Rachel recognized her as Bliss.“Cash, quit teasing me!”Cash’s hand was buried in the opened shorts as Bliss’s legs circled his waist.Rachel stood frozen in place as Cash lowered his head, sucking on a bared breast while she saw Bliss’s hands go for his jeans.“You need something bigger than my finger for that pussy?”“God, yes!”UPDATE: JULY 2017------------------“You might not act like a girl, but you have all the responses.”“Do you want me to stop? This is going to hurt for a few minutes, but then it’s going to feel a hell of a lot better than my fingers.”“Rachel, I did you a favor and everything else kinda got out of hand.”"He hadn’t even glanced back as he left.""Rachel lay back against the bed, ashamed and angry at herself."FUCK FEST!"Cheryl give him the blowjob she had promised,"Inside his bedroom, Raci quickly removed her skimpy outfit. “What do you want tonight, Cash?” “Every fucking thing you’ve got.”“I’ve never made promises to any of my clients, and no one has ever been left unsatisfied.” “I can vouch for that,” Cash said crudely. Rachel’s face blanched. “Move.”Cash grinned. “I fucked her under your own roof,” Cash bragged.“Just like the rest of his bitches. Mom and Dad would be ashamed at what happened tonight. You’ve shamed our whole family. You could have done anyone in town, but you had to do him, knowing how bad we hate him and his family!”“Maybe she should go stay with The Last Riders since they’ve had her now.”Burying her face in her hands, she let her humiliation free.Cash’s low laugh had Rachel’s feet moving again, wishing she had never stopped. The image of them together would be burned forever in her mind. Bliss’s pleas and Cash’s confidence that he could satisfy the woman took away any doubts of whether they shared a sexual relationship."He had heard her voice as he had come inside of Bliss,""Her witnessing him with Cheryl and Bliss had made her feel as if he had thought of her as one more conquest."“I’ve seen plenty of women on the back of your bike, Cash; it’s not exactly a privilege when a hundred other women have shared the experience.” Rachel wasn’t going to let him lead her to believe she was special."“You’re an original member?” “Yes.” “Have you given Cheryl your vote?” “Yes.”“You fucked me with no condom!”“I haven’t fucked another woman since you saw me with Bliss.”SEX W OM:"She gazed up trustingly at Cash, feeling Train’s finger splay open the fleshy lips of her pussy. “Let’s see how well I did.”""Rachel’s hand fluttered against Cash’s hips as he slid his cock to the back of her throat as Train’s thick cock butted against her clit.""“Can I have her mouth?” Train groaned. “You want his dick?” “Yes.” Rachel started shuddering.""Pinned between the two men, she hadn’t noticed Rider and Bliss had come in until she heard the noise from the other side of the room. Bliss was riding Rider while they had watched Train and Cash play with her.""Seeing the envy in the other woman’s eyes, Rachel knew Bliss wanted to trade places with her.""If he hadn’t asked Shade’s father to check on Beth and Lily during his travels, then none of The Last Riders would have ended up making Treepoint their home.Four of his brothers and now him had found their women."“I’ve watched how The Last Riders took care of Lily and Beth. Knox became Sheriff to make Diamond happy. Viper took care of that asshole who hurt Winter. You take care of your women. Rachel will not only be protected by you, but your club. I don’t have to worry about her anymore since she’ll always have someone at her back if something happens to me and my brothers.”

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-03-21 16:32

    I just did not like Cash I mean come on he slept with her friend and Bliss after sleeping with Rachel and that grossed me out. I did like Rachel but the sharing with Train thing put me off her afterwards.

  • Cristina
    2019-03-06 17:31

    If you don't mind the hero sleeping with someone else AFTER sleeping with the heroine then go ahead. (The heroine catches the hero in the act btw) If you don't mind a threesome between the hero, heroine, and a friend of the hero, then you'll like this. All in all, despite these scenes, I think my expectations were too high. I wanted to like it but it was just meh.

  • Linda Sims
    2019-03-21 14:26

    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS........................I was really looking forward to this book, Cash has been a favourite character of mine from the begining. Like the other club members he enjoys a varied sex life with the club women,I knew he was no angel so I couldn't wait to see how his relationship with Rachel would pan out. Wow was I disappointed! Throughout the first 50% of this story Cash didn't seem able to keep his dick in his pants. Even after he and Rachel had been together the first time, he was still banging any woman that crossed his path. Rachel even witnessed him at it, I was hoping she would run very fast away from him. The first 50% was totally unbalanced IMO. This is their story, but all we got to read was Cash's sexual exploits. There was very little in in the building of their relationship, and when he announced to everyone at a party that he had taken her virginity I was like WTF leaving her to the mercy of her overbearing brothers, so in the end she was forced to run away. So not only was he a manwhore he was an unfeeling jerk. Poor Rachel was devastated. Quite frankly I thought he wasn't good enough for her. I also hated the scenes with Train as well. I don't want to read about the hero having sex with loads of other women numerous times, that's not romantic. On the whole I've loved this series but this book not at all.The second half was a big improvement it was good there's plenty happening, but it wasn't enough to redeem this for me.

  • Hira
    2019-03-23 18:38

    The sex scenes with Train were totally unnecessary. And for once just once get the girl get to say no I do not want to have sex with your friend. Apparently Rachel is a church going virgin, but then transforms into an active participant in a threesome. If these alpha heroes are so wonderful can they respect their women enough to not share them with their friends. Scenes like this actually take away from the story and obscure the plot.

  • Beverly
    2019-02-24 19:31

    3.5-4 StarsThis is the fifth book in the Last Riders series. We met Cash when he returned to Treepoint to help the club in the previous books. Cash is from Treepoint and he has known Rachel since they were kids, hell he even slept with her best friend in high school. This wasn’t an issue for Cash because Rachel has always been a no go zone. While Rachel may not have been on Cash’s radar, she has had a crush on him her whole life. So one night when Rachel finally gets the chance she sleeps with Cash. She knows Cash isn’t boyfriend material, but she never expects him to flaunt their one night together in front of the whole town in order to goad her brothers. This is the last straw for Rachel, pissed she decides to leave Treepoint and give up on Cash for good.I have been looking forward to Cash’s story and I was so happy Rachel was his love interest. I love the forbidden love aspect with him being her brother’s enemy and her crushing on him for years. Then we throw in a little MC drama and we have the perfect storm. This MC series is different from any other I have ever read, because for women to join the club you have to get markers from the founding members, and the only way to get a marker is to get the guy off…directly or indirectly. Needless to say these books are pretty hot. I recommend this book for other MC lovers, and while each book relates to a different couple I would suggest starting at the beginning of the series. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Kristina
    2019-02-24 16:47

    What a disgusting cheating arsehole!This was ABSOLUTE RUBBISH !!!!And then this piece of filfth turns the h into his whore...sharing her with his brother!

  • Kristin Campbell
    2019-03-10 20:40

    The complexity in these stories boggles my mind. There is so much going on and so many character, there is NEVER a dull moment in Jamie Begley's books. I laughed so much in this book, with the Porters and Adams' fights, Cash's grandma, and the bullsh** flying out of Cash's mouth... OMG! I couldn't catch my breath I was laughing so much at the humor.Of course, drama continues in this book, too, with Brooke's nastiness (That b**** needs to DIE!). Plus, there is other issues going on.I love how no character is forgotten in this book. We still see all of The Last Riders, King, and of course Sex Piston and crew.I can never get enough of these books!

  • Annmarie
    2019-03-14 21:38

    Okay so there are spoilers here. But anyone who reads this series can probably guess them.I just don't know. Cash fucks everything in sight for the first 38% of the books. He takes her virginity and then leaves without looking back and fucks other women starting the next day. Do I dare mention that he also gets a blowjob from her slut friend (and she witnesses this) after Rachel has helped her with her gift. Then he announces that he had sex with her in her brothers home where she lives because he gets into a fight with one of them. He says it in front of her whole church and neighborhood group at a party. She runs but comes back after he gets in a bike wreck. She heals him with her 'gift' and what does he do when he gets better? That's right, he fucks that nasty whore Bliss up against a gazebo outside of the clubhouse right in front of her. After that I just don't know why she would even look at him again. She was strong for a while, resisting his advances and basically throwing it all in his face and telling him to go to hell. He tries to slowly get her to come around and she does. He takes her to the clubhouse and she sees the truth of what goes on there. Ugh, why would any self respecting woman stay ? Anywho, she runs like a normal person would but goes back like the others did in their books. He shares her with Train twice, but only oral, no penetration by Train. (Does that make it better? Um my husband would probably say no). Moving on, I did love the grandmother, she was funny as all get out. I hate Bliss and I won't read her book if she gets one like I skipped Evie's book. I just can't, I hate them and have ZERO respect for them. The club whores are disgusting, and they have no problem going for a taken man or telling the women they are with that they have fucked their men in the past and in detail. I am not excusing the men, they are just as gross too. I mean I get it, the biker life and all that but shit, it is not a MC club it's fetish night times 100. Okay so what I liked was that after 38% he was faithful. The thing I can't understand is that these 'wives' have their men's pasts constantly thrown up in their faces because they are surrounded by past fucks. Literal actual whores are around them all the time and when Rachel brings this up to Lilly you can see it still breaks her heart. I mean I just don't get why they still subject them to that behavior, they re almost ll married with kids now, end Friday fuckfest. Change the club dynamic. The men don't seem to take their wives feeling in at all. It's sad I think. And on a happier note, here's to hoping Bliss contracts some nasty, fatal STD and dies in the next book. :-)

  • Julz
    2019-02-26 17:32

    It was okish ... Not my fav. Didn't really like cash at all. Rachel should have just run the other way. I'm getting tired of the heroine in all these stories being so 'forgiving' same story over and over.

  • K. D. Grace
    2019-02-25 21:49

    Now who didn't see this coming? Quite evident when Rachel kneed him right in the bad spot for touching her. This is gonna be gooooooood.

  • Ginette
    2019-03-21 17:34

    I was really looking forward to Cash's story...but it just didn't work for me. I found the story didn't flow well at all and more question come up than answers. The character development didn't hit the high marks for me.....again just my opinion

  • Tina Manuel
    2019-03-05 21:46

    Least favourite and kind of disappointed.

  • Katherine
    2019-02-28 21:27

    Wow! Again, I was hoping for at least this heroine to have a backbone. I thought Rachel would be it. Sadly, mistaken...She has three older brothers, knows how to use a gun, is intelligent and has a smartass mouth. Yea, no. So disappointed! I thought she was going to be the one not to give in, but right at the end she accepts him just the way he is. Never the "heroes", accept their women's way.While the storyline for each book I enjoyed. They all had different and interesting demons kept me reading the next book. I loved Rachel's gift. Lilly and Shade's story, ugh don't even get me started with them. Lilly's demons was dragged way too long. While heart wrenching the author dragged her story in too many of the books.These "heroes" are no heroes in my eyes, None of the books (The Last Riders Book 1-5) impressed me. They say they love their "women" but not enough to not want to subject them to their life styles they love so much. Not one chooses their women's life style. And the women all love the orgies. From being Virgins to voyeurism and threesome, no problem. Girls, heads up... YOU CAN HAVE LOTS OF FUN WITHOUT THE ORGIES!!That being said, I doubt I'll read more of Jamie Begley's books.

  • TF
    2019-03-03 17:39

    3.75 stars ***Spoiler Alert***Book 5 in the series is about Cash and Rachel. Cash is the only one of the Last Riders that has a history with the town of Treepoint prior to the military and creation of the club. He is crude, vulgar and a complete man slut but like the rest of the MCs of the Last Riders, he is wrapped up in pretty packaging.Cash was Rachel’s secret crush growing up. She watched him chase women until he got them and then dumped them. But this didn’t stop her from giving him her virginity. Her past crush and inexperience had her give into him as easily as all the others had. I like Rachel. She has a lot more spunk than the women from the previous books. Her education and the power of healing people with her touch was interesting, albeit farfetched. Cash tries to fight his attraction for Rachel. Feeling that she is too innocent and young to understand and participate in his lifestyle. For a good portion of the book, he has sex with other women to forget her. He doesn’t believe he can be monogamous and change like the other members who found women. He likes variety, his sex dirty and enjoys sharing his women too much to give it up. Besides, her brothers hate him and he hates them. He feels she’s more trouble than she’s worth.... oh so he tries to convince himself.Rachel reaches her breaking point with Cash after he humiliates her in front of her brothers, friends and most of the church congregation. Insensitive to her feelings and the fact he just ruined her reputation, the pedestal she had him on comes crashing down. Embarrassed and humiliated, she leaves town but comes back after Cash gets into an accident. She secretly helps him recover with her healing touch. She loves him but understands now that he is not the one for her. She wants a husband and children. Someone she can trust and never have to question whether he is faithful or that he belongs to her alone. Her dream life is far from the MC world that Cash lives in and loves.Cash senses her withdrawal and tries to make up for his behavior and sets to win her affections back. Even going as far as humbling himself by asking her brothers for help. He is determined to convince her that she means more to him than just another conquest. He loves her and he wants her to understand his way of life. He encourages her to open up a little and experience his lifestyle. He surprises her by inviting Train twice to participate in the bedroom and have others watch in one of those instances. She participates but it worries her that she enjoyed it and it’s not the life she envisions for herself. Cash reassures her that he is fine with whatever decision she decides and will not pressure her to do more than she is willing and he also makes it clear that while he likes to watch her play, it’s only with his permission and there will be no actual intercourse with the other male members. I didn’t like these scenes and was hoping for once the H did not feel the need to share and for the h to be strong willed enough to say NO.It annoys Cash when Rachel never stays the night with him and always leaves when he’s asleep. He finally figures out that Rachel is resisting in completely giving all of herself to him. She gave him her virginity but she is holding back all her other firsts that she wants to experience with her husband. Cash has never had to fight for a woman before and is now facing the fight of his life to convince Rachel she belongs with him. Since he is well known to fight dirty to win, he begins scheming ways to win her over.As in previous books, the author sprinkles some humorous scenes in the story. The ridiculous excuses he uses for not using condoms so that he can get her pregnant and the church scene where he sets up a false “shotgun wedding” with the help of her brothers were funny. He succeeds in winning her back and they marry.These have been indulgent reads for me. I've liked some more than others. I am holding out hope that Train and Killyama’s story breaks the tradition of the MCs sharing and voyeurism ways! Killyama’s character is just too kick-ass to wuss up! She needs to break the silent-manipulation that the MCs use for their women to join.

  • Vintage
    2019-03-15 18:38

    Looked forward to this then I read it.The hero is an asshole. Even taking into account the whole manwhore-ess and sharing of chicks with other Last Riders, his verbal diarrhea and confession having sex with the h at a fricking birthday party just to spite her brothers is INEXCUSABLE. No coming back for me especially when you take into account that later she puts her "gifts" at risk to save him. Doormat heroines that compromise their principles for men that can't see beyond their own penis's aren't for me.

  • Echo
    2019-03-04 15:34

    So disappointed with this book. I can't even write a review conveying my disappointment, it was just....not good. Here's me hoping that the next book is better, 'cuz I love this series. But Cash's Fight is definitely a book I hope I can forget ever happening.

  • Shishko
    2019-02-27 20:30

    So far Cash was the worst one. I really liked Rachel, she deserved better.

  • Courtney ellis
    2019-03-20 20:46

    Didn't like it at all, cash was an ass. Again another male lead who take the heroines virginity then sleeps with other women before deciding he want her. Not romantic at all.

  • Teresa
    2019-03-12 19:35

    No chemistry. These two don't belong together, it's just not there.

  • ✿
    2019-03-03 19:44

    ☆ I was gifted a copy of this book for the upcoming blog tour in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! ☆Cash’s Fight was a bit different from the rest of the Last Riders Series. It had a much more complex feel to it that kept me highly intrigued, particularly with, the female protagonist’s (Rachel Porter) background, skills, and the extent of her capabilities. I mean, an emotional empath that can “sense things that are out of place” and can transfer her feelings to others; is a secret closet genius that no one knows about, and knows how to use plants to medicinally heal people… WOW. Just, wow. So innovative and out of the box compared to the previous female leads!Now add on to that, a complicated, one sided love that was never meant to be. Or so Rachel had thought. You see, Rachel has always been in love with brass knuckled, lieutenant of the Last Riders, Cash Adams, since childhood. There’s just three problems that she faces:1) Cash is a notorious player.2) Cash and her brothers hate each other. 3) And lastly, she isn’t even on Cash’s attention radar to beginwith. But when circumstances ring them together and begin to blur lines that were never meant to be crossed, both Cash and Rachel find themselves in a debacle where you can either fight temptation...or give into what was just meant to be...What will become of these two unlikely lovers? Will Cash ever win over Rachel’s heart? And will Rachel listen to her heart and give Cash a chance at love?All’s fair in love and war they say, and admist Cash’s and Rachel’s budding, intricate romance, war is on the brink that not only threatens the Last Riders but also Rachel as well. Few thing’s are for certain: loyalties will be tested, hearts will be put on the line, and blood will be shed.Are Cash and Rachel ready for the fight of their lives?Read and you will find out!My thoughts: A great, great installment filled with sizzle and lots of sensual seduction and steam!! I LOVED Rachel and found her character so fresh and appealing. I could see why she was hesitant to give it a shot with Cash and understood her reservations and hostility towards him. ESPECIALLY AFTER that foot in mouth incident that Cash had and all of his manwhore moments!! Grr!!Cash was a straight up a*#whole at times and did not know how to control his mouth or how to keep his d*ck inside of his pants!! I would have given him the same treatment that Rachel did if he behaved like that to me!Luckily though, Cash does eventually get his head on straight, and out came the overprotective, caring and romantic side of him to claim his woman that had me swooning. So alpha male and scorching hot!! Not to mention, his tactics of trying to convince Rachel of having unprotected sex with him and lying to her about not getting pregnant from it were absolutely frickin’ hilarious! I honestly don’t know how Rachel could fall for it, but then again, she wasn’t in the right state of mind (if you know what I mean) while this was going on so it was pretty funny and entertaining to say the least!I can’t wait for more Last Riders and hope for Lucky’s or perhaps Rider’s or Train’s stories to be up next and then Nickel!!#Great job Jamie Begley!!And btw: I had no idea that Evie got herself a hubby!! Whaatt?! King, the lucky man’s name is? Woah, I’m so behind!! I need to read those VIP series reads ASAP!!! *wink wink*

  • LeelooDallas - Books Fifth Element
    2019-03-02 20:39

    I was expecting more and the story felt like it did not have an end

  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    2019-03-18 16:44

    Enough said...Self Note:

  • Janira
    2019-02-26 13:44

    I'm too tired to make a review and too tired to re-read this book again, because I still can't believe I keep trying with this series. I guess I'm only interested in Train and since he's going to have a book with a woman like Killyama, it brings me hope!Anyway, I don't know if anyone mentioned this before, so I'd like to leave these here:"Because I don't think that your belief that you can't get pregnant standing up, or in water, or if the weather is too hot is actually considered–""Don't worry; you can't get pregnant standing up.""You can't get pregnant if you fuck in the water""You can't get pregnant unless you're on your back.""Don't worry, you won't get pregnant. I'll use the rhythm method"I was rolling my eyes like all the time Cash was saying rubbish like these.

  • Lee
    2019-03-19 18:40

    Didn't exactly love.Expected Cash to be a bit more alpha and Rachel to be more mature. Not wanting to spoil the book but at times she irritated me with her childish behavior of not looking at the situations for what they were and jumping right to the wrong conclusions. Waiting for Trains story as well as Lucky .

  • Linda Martin
    2019-03-16 19:52

    I started out liking this book but as it went on I couldn't believe what a jerk Cash was. the story jumped around too much for me and sometimes was hard to follow. I felt there was too many loose ends like whatever happened with Brooke and Lilly. overall I was disappointed

  • Sheyla ✎
    2019-02-20 20:32

    I love this book. I love everything about it.Cash's Fight is about Cash and Rachel's love story. We met Rachel a few books ago. What we know about her is that she has 3 very protective brothers who deal weed. We also know that she is a great shooter (King should know it) and that she volunteers at Church. What we didn't know is that she has always liked Cash. She had a crush on him.Cash is part of the Last Riders, as previous riders he enjoys the attention of multiple women. He doesn't see eye to eye with Rachel's brothers. One night of passion with Rachel should be easy to forget or so he thought.Once he hurts Rachel's feelings it will be really hard to get her back and her brothers will not make it easy on him.“Son, make sure you want her to quit calling because a woman has a breaking point. She’ll stand by you if you kill someone, but when she finally reaches her breaking point, she’s done with you. There’s no getting her heart twice.”What I like the most of Jamie Begley's books is how the stories are all connected. The more characters she brings the more I want to read about them. Usually, it's the opposite, once an author has too many characters it causes confusion. This is not the case. In my opinion, these books are only getting better.At the beginning of the book Cash behaved like an arrogant pig and he wasn't very nice to Rachel.“I bet being an asshole is a prerequisite to being a Last Rider,”The groveling he did was enough to make me love him by the end. (Buddy, I think you needed to buy an alarm clock, just saying....So does Train. I'm glad the compound had an alarm system).“You broke all the records, Rachel.” His soft voice gave her hope that something more was there. “You’re the youngest girl I’ve ever looked at and wanted. I had to leave town to make sure I didn’t go to jail over you. You’re the woman I’ve wanted the longest. I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you standing on the porch when Lily was lost. You’re the first woman I fucked that I couldn’t walk away and forget with another.”As secondary characters go:Shade and Lily- awesome in this one! I love when Lily tells Cash he was being a moron and Shade supports her. Love Lucky telling Cheryl to bite the dust. (I still don't get it how she got that many guys votes, especially since the married men are faithful. Enlighten me Jamie.)Willa- I'm so sad you had to deal with what happened to you, and now your life is more complicated and where was Lucky during your ordeal?Brooke- you deserve what's coming for you.Tate- you need your own book after Ice and Lucky. Gosh your rules should rule the world.Rule number one: no fucking around on Rachel. That means no women in town or those women you got stashed at that clubhouse of yours,” Tate began their demands.“Rule number two: you can’t lay a hand on her when you’re mad. She can get a man’s temper riled, but you’re not allowed to ever hurt my sister.“Rule number three: she gets to keep working with her plants and clients. They’re a pain in the ass—you can’t go to the fucking bathroom without having something disgusting growing on the shelf—but they’re important to her.“Rule number four: you have to start going to church with her. We watched our parents fight about that for years. Rachel wants a man who will sit next to her in church on Christmas Eve.” Tate’s voice was much too chirpy when he voiced this rule. Everyone in town knew Cash’s feelings on attending church.“Rule five, and it’s the most important to us: if you have kids, you have to let us be involved in their lives. I don’t give a fuck how much you hate us, but you won’t show our nieces or nephews that you do. We keep this personal bullshit between us. Deal?”Bliss - I hate you. I spent the last 3 days talking bad about you with my other book friends.Holly- who's your HEA? Greer?Jo- I know I already love you. Perhaps Rider will be yours?Winter- yes, women should support women. You go girl!! Although, house punishments can be a downer.King- loved your advise to Cash. Train- who's your HEA? Killyama? One thing irritates me about the Last Riders men, they protect the easy girls but treat Sex Piston and her friends poorly. They need to stop that and get rid of Bliss (I hate you Bliss!!!!)“No fucking around on you. I can’t beat you when you piss me off. You get to keep growing weird shit in my bathroom, and have strangers come by. I have to drag my ass out of bed on Sunday mornings to go to church with you, and let them turn my kids against me.”Cliffhanger: NoI'm suggesting the reading order:RazerViperKnoxSex pistonTeaseTaintedShade's fall KingCash's Fight5 Tate's Rules Fangs!MrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebook

  • -C-
    2019-02-22 20:41

    I personally really enjoy this series and the story of Cash and Rachel. I find it exciting and real.“I think you’re just easy to please,” she teased.“No, I’m not.” He lifted her onto the bed beside him. “I’m hard to please, and you’re going to spend the night doing it until you get it perfect.”“I’m a quick learner,” Rachel teasingly boasted.

  • Denisa
    2019-02-24 13:43

    Pretty cute but I wanted more.It wasn't a bad book, but it was pretty ordinary. Nothing memorable or too special, though I loved Cash (he's a badass biker dude, doesn't take much for me to like him).