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Everyone knows that fish and cats don't get on. So when Sami has to look after her big brother's goldfish, it won't be easy with Fang the vampire kitten lurking next door ...Frankie the hypniotic zombie goldfish is back! This time he's in full picture book colour so younger readers can join in the fishy fun. Featuring favourite characters from the original bestselling fictEveryone knows that fish and cats don't get on. So when Sami has to look after her big brother's goldfish, it won't be easy with Fang the vampire kitten lurking next door ...Frankie the hypniotic zombie goldfish is back! This time he's in full picture book colour so younger readers can join in the fishy fun. Featuring favourite characters from the original bestselling fiction series, My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish. An hilarious story of animal mayhem featuring the most badly behaved pets ever!...

Title : The Fintastic Fish-Sitter
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ISBN : 9781447277613
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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The Fintastic Fish-Sitter Reviews

  • Mehsi
    2019-03-21 00:27

    I am a huge fan of this series, I am really happy that I found the first book some weeks ago, because boy, this series is just wonderful, cute and hilarious. I just had to get this picture book. Seeing the characters in colour? Check! Having another fun adventure featuring Frankie? Check! But this book brought more fun then I thought. Instead of Tom and Pradeep as main characters we quickly switch to Sami, the little sister of Pradeep. Finally she can have her say, finally we have a story with her as main character. Because Sami is one of my favourite characters, it is always fun to see her around in the stories, she really adds to the story and she is also super protective of Frankie. This story is all about her fish-sitting Frankie, and it was truly fun to see her protect Frankie (by sitting on his bowl, hunching over it, and even building a tower in a swimming pool). Why? Well, guess who is also around. Yep, Fang is also there, and I was delighted to see our little kitty in full colour. The antics between Frankie and Fang were hilarious, and also what Sami did. For such a tiny little girl she is really awesome and is very strict. I loved the ending of the book, and especially how Fang and Frankie looked (expressions and something else). I just burst out in laughter. They both had it coming. Can't play nice? Well then let Sami pick a game. Maybe these two will learn something, like that one does not mess with Sami. The illustrations were really pretty and fun, I just love them and I also love seeing all the characters (not only Frankie) in colour. I would highly recommend this picture book if you are looking for a fun summer book to read, or if you are looking for a book about zombie goldfish and vampire kittens. :)Review first posted at

  • Steph
    2019-03-23 01:12

    Kids who love Big Fat Zombie Goldfish will be verrrrrrrry excited that a picture book story in the series is now available!

  • Clare Rossetter
    2019-03-17 17:19

    A fun twist on the babysitting theme. Tom has a goldfish that needs to be watched so his brother;s catwon't eat it. the most important thing Sami must do is keep the goldfish and the cat apart. How she deals with this is humorous and in the end she has them playing together safely. The illustrations and the story line remind me of the old Tom and Jerry cartoons. This is a fun book and can be used for discussions on problem solving, as well as inference (do they really play well together?) The colors are bright and the characters are cartoon like. Interestingly the cat's name is Fang, but the goldfish also has fangs. However, in some scenes the goldfish and the cat appear normal and no fangs are seen so it makes for an interesting insight into the personalities of these two antagonists. Kids should really enjoy this story and it would make a great read aloud.

  • Lorie
    2019-03-02 23:04

    When Tom asks his best friend’s sister Sami to “fishsit” his zombie goldfish Frankie, he is unsure that she can handle the responsibility especially when the vampire kitten Fang is around. Sami is diligent at first, but then is charmed by the kitten and his ability to turn on the charm makes her success in protecting Frankie in doubt. Will she be able to protect Frankie and return him safely to Tom?The Fintastic Fishsitter is the latest title in the Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Adventure series. The humorous text and bright illustrations will appeal to kids from age 4 to 8 and makes for a fun read aloud to classes or storytime groups. I would recommend this book for purchase to any school or public library.This book was provided by the publisher for professional review by SWON Libraries.

  • Barbara
    2019-02-24 22:57

    This picture book introduces a younger audience to Tom, his friend Pradeep, and their zombie goldfish, Frankie. Fans of the wildly-popular series from the United Kingdom, may enjoy this one although it was too predictable for my tastes. After providing Pradeep's sister Sami with helpful goldfish-sitting tips, they entrust their finned friend to her and head off for fun. But Sami has to keep an eye out for Fang, a vampire kitten, and be sure that she doesn't come under Fang's spell. Somehow she manages to get the two of them to play well together. There are some chuckles here, but nothing to write home about. I'd have probably just left the series, intended for late elementary school readers, to stand on its own. Still, ewill be readers who will be enchanted by the possibilities inherent in Frankie and Fang being in the same space at the same time.

  • Sandra Guerfi
    2019-03-11 17:14

    A spin off of the author's popular young readers series, this book is all about what happens when Tom asks one of his friends to babysit his pet zombie goldfish Frankie; you know the kind with the mesmerizing green eyes. His big brother's vampire kitty Fang is trying to get her claws on Frankie and Tom needs Sami to keep a close eye on Frankie. Can she do the job or will two clever adversaries prove too much for this first time sitter? Following in the footsteps of the older books this is a silly romp through the world of first time responsibility and monster pets. A definite win win for a rollicking good time.

  • Ro
    2019-02-28 01:21

    A classic story of cat wanting to devour goldfish is taken up a notch in fierceness in this story where the cat is a vampire kitten and the fish is a zombie fish. Sami is in charge of watching Zombie Goldfish and although cat and fish go at eat each other like an episode of Tom and Jerry, they are no match for the little girl's games.

  • Teresa Edmunds
    2019-03-06 23:05

    Tom and his friend Pradeep need a sitter for their pets Frankie, the zombie fish, and Fangs, the vampire cat. Frankie and Fangs do not get along. Though both pets try to get into mischief, Pradeep's sister, Sami, is the perfect sitter for the devious duo. A fun twist on the cat vs. fish story.

  • Tulin
    2019-02-21 01:16

    My 3rd grade student loved this book and I thought it was genuinely funny and entertaining. I was reading it aloud to him, and other students would get drawn in by the plot. The drawings are great too - we both found them very amusing!

  • Jenn Swanson
    2019-03-15 21:05

    My daughter didn't enjoy this story as much as I thought she would. The illustrations were good though.

  • Edward Sullivan
    2019-02-25 23:01

    Sami ably protects zombie goldfish from vampire kitty.

  • Kristin Fletcher-spear
    2019-03-09 21:13

    reviewing for school media connection. not quite sure who the book is for...

  • Emma
    2019-03-09 23:12

    Cute tie-in to (I think) the middle grade or maybe bridge series. A little thin on story but you know it's just funny.

  • Heather Jo
    2019-03-19 18:08

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  • Dee-Ann
    2019-02-28 23:58

    This was not as popular with my young readers as I thought it would be. The love Zombies, but this did not excited them. They liked the ending though.

  • Kelly Carey
    2019-02-25 18:13

    I thought that this book was going to be a chapter book like the rest of the books in the series. I prefer the chapter books from the series over this picture book.