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The ring is his home. It’s the place he feels in control. Zeke ‘The Storm’ Raine has his life all planned out. Fight it. Win it. Own it. The plan was working, it’s almost his time to shine, to be the ultimate. One moment was all it took to bring it all crashing down around him. One punch, one moment of distraction, one mistake by another and his dream could be a faint memoThe ring is his home. It’s the place he feels in control. Zeke ‘The Storm’ Raine has his life all planned out. Fight it. Win it. Own it. The plan was working, it’s almost his time to shine, to be the ultimate. One moment was all it took to bring it all crashing down around him. One punch, one moment of distraction, one mistake by another and his dream could be a faint memory. Bryce Tanner, one time fighter and now the coach Zeke doesn’t think he needs. Moving to a new country to take this job, and he's determined that he will succeed. Now that he's met Zeke, Bryce must make his own plans, rules that he is going to have to work hard to stick to. Be strong. Be professional. Be his coach. He just doesn’t know if he will be able to resist. Passions run high, making their professional relationship difficult. Can they keep the outward façade while becoming more? Now Zeke needs to decide, is he willing to walk away from what he loves? Will he be able to win the most important fight of his life? ...

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worth the fight Reviews

  • Barbara➰
    2019-03-22 07:09

    Note to self: (view spoiler)[ There is a separation and there are detailed sex scenes of them with other people one of which is a woman. (hide spoiler)]

  • Mel Sparks
    2019-03-12 07:45

    This was so bad it took me two days to think of a way to write a review and not come off as a raving bitch. You know with these types of themes (GFY) many authors always fuck up the way their characters transition from hetero to homo and "Worth the Fight" was no different. Zeke, an aspiring boxer or kick boxer (whatever), is focused on becoming the best in his field, he can only do so if trained by the best and this is where Bryce comes in. As a serious, experienced coach, Bryce is determined to see Zeke succeed but plans for championship domination takes a back burner in light of the "searing attraction" these characters immediately feel for each other. Zeke, a once 'straight' man, is bombarded with lust for his coach.So as the plot unfolds, Bryce and Zeke succumb to lust and engage in activities they shouldn't have.....(for the sake of Zeke's career)....Then in untimely fashion, these MC's get caught indulging in illicit sex acts by, none other than Zeke's nemesis and boxing opponent, Dante. The series of events that transpired afterwards could have been good material for any soap opera.Bryce and Zeke broke up.Zeke got engaged.Bryce sobbed and whined so much I literally felt a cell or two die in my brain.There were over dramatic dialogue, behavior and water work.Bryce & Zeke fuck only to not fuck, then fuck again.Eventually..........Bryce finds himself a man in a pathetic attempt to move on. At this point I'm like........This was just too ridiculous.I didn't care for it, the writing was sub par and the characters weren't likable. If you feel like giving this a try, best of luck to you as for me.....

  • Denise H.
    2019-02-27 02:43

    *** Zeke and Bryce, the fighter and the coach, *** prove there's a rocky road to romance ! Tattooed, hard muscled, Zeke, loses a fight and has a broken wrist. His ex-coach was negligent, so now a new coach comes from across the pond, British, rock solid, a gorgeous man. The connection is immediate, and they get along in and out of the gym. Plus, Zeke has never acted on his attraction to a man before, but this time he doesn't hold back. Zeke has had it beaten into him that he's not gay. He's confused but tired as well. Tired of not doing what draws him in - Bryce is the draw, no one else, no other guys, just Bryce, so that makes this a fabulous, ultimate GFY (gay for you) story. The guys need to decide what to do, and the horrible beating and bashing of Bryce's ex weighs on his mind. So, they train, not many weeks left before the next fight, the rematch. Between the sheets, or nearest surface, these guy are totally hot, raw, powerful, and hunky sex machines. The deeply moving characters will shift your emotions. The story is well written and flows along. I cried a few times and laughed at other moments, but it's definitely more dramatic. We get to take this ride and it is a different M/M romance with the issues it addresses. The world of MMA is ruthless. Terrific honest conversations happen on the incredible journey. This tale grips you and holds you. I recommend it, and hope you ENJOY it !!==================================one thing disappointed me... (view spoiler)[ *** there is a cheating episode. The guys are broke up, Bryce has a new man, but goes and sleeps with Zeke, and then goes back to the new man and sleeps with him. Then he loses the new man, because of the cheating, and deserves his misery, but eventually works his life out. So, see how you feel. Zeke is so strong and solid, I liked his "badassness"... :)(hide spoiler)]===================================["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Vickie
    2019-03-03 09:03

    First, i loved this book. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author and even though this isn't a genre i read very often, Zeke and Bryce's story sucked me in. Zeke, a MMA fighter trying to make it big, gets a new coach in the form of ex fighter Bryce. Now Bryce totally stole this book for me. I adore him. Sparks fly between them from the moment they meet, but having to work together makes them both wary. Zeke is one very confused man. His dad has had a lasting effect on him, making him question himself constantly. Bryce has given a lot up to get to where he is...Can he really risk losing it all for a man whose passions have always been fighting and women? Is it worth the fight? You can't help but feel for them both (more so Bryce, for me anyway). And Eddie, the head coach, is a brilliant character (had to mention him cos he's awesome). Like i said at the start this isn't a genre i read often, i can count on one hand how many m/m romances i've actually finished but this book *sigh* It really is a hot, sexy, enjoyable romance, it's light hearted in parts and emotional in others. Definitely recommend especially if you like this genre. And even if it's not something you'd normally read, i'd still say to give it a go.

  • Petra Gleason
    2019-03-13 01:57

    4.5 stars

  • Mazmum
    2019-03-18 04:53

    Book Review - Worth the Fight by TA Mckay - 4 Get out of the Closet Man! StarsWorth the Fight was a first for both Tracy and I. It was Tracy’s first foray into M/M and it was my first foray into the brain of Tracy. It’s always a bit of a nail biting experience when you read someone for the first time, who you have met and liked. What if I don’t like their writing, what if I just don’t like their style? Luckily for me, Tracy happened to put two of the things I really love, fighting and M/M into a book together, and I’m pleased to say, that I enjoyed reading this.In this review, I will only be going into the story and writing style, as the ARC that I received was an early ARC and as such had a lot of edits that I had to overlook (my little beta heart wanted to go through the book with the highlighter, but I managed to smother them with a pillow this time.)Worth the Fight is a story about Zeke, a fighter who goes to take his first attempt at the big one, and is crushed when an injury shatters his dreams. Full of wrath for the coach who he was working with, he goes to his main coach and has the guy fired. So now, there is a new opening. Enter Bryce, a brit who has come abroad for the opportunity to work with a fighter he knows can hit the big time. When the two meet, sparks instantly fly, but why, because Zeke isn’t gay. Nope, Zeke has been nailing any female that moves ever since he put his gloves on, so the feelings that are stirred up in him by Bryce send him reeling back into memories of childhood admissions. I never really bought into Ethan as Zeke’s coach, he seemed like the work experience kid who’d been given enough rope to hang himself with. The book just lacked a bit of detailing in terms of experience for both Ethan, and Bryce in coaching abilities. Why would a trainer hire a guy from the UK to work alongside his best boxer? His background only gave details of his underground fighting days, and I would have liked to just have the minor gaps filled in.Saying that, those are only minor niggles. The main focus of the story is on the relationship between Zeke and Bryce anyway, with the fighting intertwining and somewhat smothering their relationship. I felt for Bryce, after opening himself up from his last relationship, to quite frankly, what a dick Zeke was a lot of the time. He really did put up with a lot until he couldn’t take anymore. And Zeke, well when you step back in time, you get a glimpse into why he’s so fucked up now and how everything focus’ around his projected image and gaining that title that he so wants.To be honest, if the title he was after was Worlds Biggest Douche, he would have won it hands down, without the need for the other guy to even raise a glove. I found myself constantly getting annoyed with his assholery behaviour and his excuses for it all. I kept waiting for him to man up…… and waiting……. and waiting. Luckily Bryce and I finally got on the same page and Zeke finally has to wake up and ….smell… the….. fucking….bacon.I dunno, maybe the guy took one too many blows to the head, or dick, but there were a few times I would have gladly stepped into the ring to take a pop at him myself. But what can I say, I must be a sucker for punishment like Bryce, because I kept hoping he would come to his senses and get his man.Without spoiling it, there are intertwining relationships entangled amongst our boys, and one of those is a female. For some M/M readers, this is a no-no, so I wanted to put it out there, that it does contain M/F scenes, although I believe that the synopsis does allude to this. For me, it doesn’t make a difference what parts people have, I’m just interested in the story between them and I do think it worked well. Infact, I can’t wait to read a certain someone’s book, because I really need him to get his happily ever after. After all it’s bad, when you like a side character that much, that you want one of the main ones to bite the dust so he can keep his man.Would I read another book by Tracy? Absolutely. I mean if an author can make you want to swear at the pages then that’s a sign of a job well done in bringing those characters to life.

  • Steph
    2019-03-04 01:45

    Really enjoyed this one.It's really sexy, but it's absolutely packed FULL of angst and drama. My stomach was in knots at times.There was way too much cheating (on both sides) for my liking, but I liked the characters so much that I was desperate to see how things ended. I understood Bryce's behaviour so much more that Zeke's. Zeke just ran to someone else at the first sign of trouble and I hated him for that. I was so mad at him for treating Bryce so badly when his poor heart has already been destroyed once before. But Bryce was just looking for someone to love. He's fed up of being sad and alone. And when he finally finds someone perfect for him Zeke just comes along and lures him back in, ruining what little happiness Bryce had found. It was so sad. They were completely drawn to each other and no one else was ever going to be enough for either of them again. No matter how much they hurt each other they just kept on coming back together. I loved all of the MMA aspects of the book. They were awesome!Great quotes:"I'm here to do a job, one that I'm bloody good at, and that job is to make you a champion."**"I want Bryce Tanner and I will have him no matter what."**"After everything we've done together, I can't believe you don't want me. You're the first person I've let in since Austin, the only one I let in when I was sure I should spend my life alone."**"Do you want me, Zeke?" I hear him sigh, the sounds coming clearly down the phone."I want you more than anything in this life.""Will you be with me?" There's a moment's silence and it tells me what I need to know."Baby..."...with a final sob I hang up the phone...'**'I can live without a lot of things, But I know I can't live without Bryce.'**'I will live my whole life knowing that when it came to the biggest fight of my life, I won.' I will definitely be reading more by this author :D

  • T.A. McKay
    2019-03-01 04:02

    I kinda have to love it ;)

  • Natalie
    2019-03-03 06:52

    I'm not rating this. I might finish it eventually, it could be a better story than I think so far. Right now, it's just too annoying. There's tons of editing issues, misspelling, missing words, sentence structure, etc. Even though there's alternating POV's, I can barely tell the characters voices apart and have to go back and check which character I'm reading. Zeke is unlikeable and Bryce is a wimp. Don't feel like MMA fighters.Trying again 1/19/16This wasn't the worst story in the world but I couldn't like the characters or their actions. I couldn't stand reading when there were constant errors with lack of punctuation, missing and misspelled words, and lack of sentence structure. I normally try to overlook that when I feel it's an editor/proofreader error, but it looks like it was self-published. If so, the author needs to find help, toute-suite. There was little differentiation between the characters in the POV switches, and choosing present tense was a bad choice. The characters were pretty much chicks with d***s, shown as cheaters and users. Bryce was a wimp and Zeke was a cowardly a-hole. This author is not for me.

  • Rachel Hendry
    2019-03-05 04:05

    I received a ARC of this book from the author and this is an honest review.Wow....just wow....M/M is a favourite genre of mine so I was totally excited to read this and also very curious as it's quite a diversion from T.A. Mckay's usual writing style and genre.Zeke....a known womaniser really...a prized MMA fighter meets his new coach Bryce....Bryce is gay and although doesn't broadcast it he certainly doesn't hide it either, here starts a slow build relationship of sorts...slow build because Zeke is a little confused about his thoughts and his feelings for Bryce.Here starts what I can only describe as an emotional roller coaster....I was happy.....I was excited( yes I totally went there!)....I was anxious at times and then I was devastated....I literally could not put this book down.Bryce was an amazing character, strong and decisive in what he wanted but also totally sweet.Zeke was harder to figure out for me but I think that was the right thing for him because of his upbringing it was hard for him to accept his feelings and you felt his constant struggle in this book.I do not want to give any of the compelling storyline away here so I urge you to buy this as soon as it's released because it's a stunner of a book....Ooh and watch out for Trey....a sweetheart!So 5 fabulous stars to you for another fabulous book

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-06 01:41

    I wanted to love this book so much...Sports/Bi boys are both right at the top of my favourites list but so many things in this one just didn't work for me ): There was cheating (3 times) and for Bryce to do this after fiercely stating that he is exclusive was so shitty. Zeke and his cheating ways and back and forth/hot and cold routine really just ruined any connection that had built up in the first part of the book.Overall, I was so disappointed with the way the story played out. The blurb doesn't cover cheating and really took away from what the relationship between the MCs could have been.I did like the writing style of this author and would be open to giving book 2 a chance as long as there is no cheating...

  • booklover
    2019-03-13 05:49

    WOW !!Zeke and Bryce !! This book was absolutely AMAZING !!It had me fighting my emotions so many times. I wanted to get in the book and punch Zeke myself on numerous occasions at the way he treated Bryce and those around him. My heart did break for Zeke though, at what his own father put him through to make him, in his fathers eyes "a man".Such a brilliantly written book that had me cheering for "Team Bryce" from the first bell, right up until the final round !!Absolutely amazing !!! Loved it !!!

  • Cindy
    2019-02-22 01:46

    Worth the Fight is the story of Zeke and Bryce. Zeke is an up and coming MMA fighter about to get his big break. Part way into the book, Bryce comes into his life. From the beginning their connection is electric and filled with passion. I love this story, the emotion, the heat, and the plot twists.TA McKay has done it again with Worth the Fight! This book is a little different than her previous ones but it's an amazing read! If you like m/m romance, I highly recommend this book! 4.5 stars from me! I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

  • Claire Booth
    2019-03-01 07:41

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVED this book! I'm a huge fan of the M/M genre and this book did not disappoint!It's such a roller coaster of emotions and I couldn't put it down!Zeke and Bryce are my new favorite men.With their hilarious back and forth banter that had me laughing out loud and the heart wrenching moments I felt their pain right along with them!Have you ever read a book and when you've finished you've just looked around and wondered how it all wasn't real? It was just a book? Well this is one of those books!I can't wait for more stories from you T.A. McKay!5* all the way!

  • Dawn Edwards
    2019-03-17 00:41

    *** I read and reviewed a personal copy for wicked reads review team*** I really enjoyed this book, i am not gonna lie a really didn't like Zeke for most of this book. i thought he was pretty arrogant and just generally not nice. Bryce on the other hand i loved from the very start. Thought they worked well together and they had pretty hot chemistry. It was a good story that kept me interested all the way through. Well done Ta McKay on your first M/M book.

  • Daphne
    2019-03-02 07:52

    I loved the first half of this book but then it sort of went off the rails for me. My biggest beefs were the way Bryce's voice changed into a CWD feeling and, worse, the other relationships (!!!). I get how that was used as a plot element to move the story along but it jars me right out of a love story. And this is nitpicky, but the editing issues with missing words or the wrong words used were common enough to be notable. All that said, I love a m/m with an MMA element.

  • R.f. Greenwood
    2019-03-04 00:53

    I'll just come right out and say this first.. I absolutely loved Bryce and Zeke!! I was lucky enough to be given an ARC of this. Like i literally wanted to scream with joy when i got asked.I love reading a M/M book it always seems so much hotter with two men and this wasn't any different. Zeke and Bryce have so much chemistry and passion I'm pretty sure they steamed up my kindle!Thank you so much T.A. Mckay for letting me read this early!!I can't wait for more M/M from you!!!!

  • Debbora
    2019-03-13 08:47

    I love the MMA fighter storyline. Lots of drama. Almost too much. There is cheating and a female. Some mm readers hate having a female anywhere near. Most romance readers hate cheaters. I'm for a good story so I don't mind either. There is a few obvious editing issues. It's got a HEA. The epilogue is about book 2. This one starts off very interesting. I'm off to read it.

  • Jaime Whitley
    2019-03-08 03:09

    First off let me say.... I'm very snobby when it comes to m/m romance novels. But this one was well written and I LOVED it! The characters are well developed and their back story's were great to read about. Each character has his own struggle to over come and fight to pull through. The sex scenes are hot and will leave you fanning yourself! This is a must read!!

  • Tammy
    2019-03-23 08:01

    Yes shit hit the fan after my last update but it was worth all the angst to get to the end!!!! I found I fell in love with a new character as well Trey and I can't wait to read about him in the next book!

  • Theresa
    2019-02-22 04:56

    WARNING M/F sex scenes!!!!!! Unlikeable MCs - weak, wimpy, unfaithful and too girlie for male MMA fighters.

  • Kim the Strange
    2019-03-03 04:45

    I really liked the first 37%, the rest not so much. So no rating.....

  • Love N. Books
    2019-02-24 08:49

    Pet’s $0.02Hot MMA fighter? Check. Career on the line? Check. Relationship that has to be hidden? Check.Hot M/M romance? Che…What?I may be wrong, but I cannot think of another MMA fighter romance out there that centers around two hot men. This is not a genre that can usually handle this kind of scenario… but I can tell you it should, and there should be more of them if they’re anything like this one!Zeke is completely driven. He’s on the cusp of winning the fight of his life and having everything he’s worked for. Yeah, he can be kind of an asshole… but he’s working to win the title and you can excuse some of it as just being focused and not putting up with bullshit or incompetence. I really couldn’t blame him for not trusting Bryce since his last coach fucked over his career so badly. When he actually meets Bryce??? Fuck….fireworks! I mean, I felt the attraction and I wanted them together. But again…M/M in a non M/M arena. You knew there were going to be problems. Not the ones I expected, but problems none the less.There is really nothing to not love about Bryce. That he’s hot is a given, and I love his reasoning behind keeping so fit. He’s not afraid of Zeke and his bad attitude and he knows his shit as a coach. His background is both better than Zeke’s and more heartbreaking. I cried for him over his past and felt righteous indignation on his behalf in dealing with Zeke. But he also doesn’t run from his feelings, which makes me respect him.These are two men who should probably not work together as well as they do. Too many secrets, too many excuses and too many mistakes are made that should be impossible to come back from. It was hard to read some of it and I wanted to cause a little bodily harm myself a few times. But the story kept me hooked and I couldn’t stop even when I got to parts that pissed me off. The situations were real, they were unapologetic and they didn’t paint a happy rainbows picture of what it’s like to be gay in a very straight sport…and world for that matter.I’ve always been a fan of the M/M genre, but it’s been a while since I’ve felt this much excitement over a M/M series. If you’re a fan and you’ve not yet read T.A. McKay, do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to her work, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

  • Nicole Erard
    2019-02-28 05:40

    Zeke and Bryce ❤️❤️❤️I often think why do I love reading mm so much. I think it's because of the emotional aspect of it. Watching someone struggle with real life issues and finally facing them head on and learning to accept love. I think this book totally amplifies this point with Zeke a father who put him down and made him feel wrong and thank goodness for Bryce who refused to be left in the dark. Great story can't wait to read more.

  • JadeSarah.
    2019-03-13 02:09

    "Do I want to touch you? Yes. Do I want to taste you? More than anything. But I can't, it's not who I am. Why can't you understand? Being with you is not that simple."One mistake and an injury throws Zeke back a bit in his MMA career. And now he needs a new coach but he's determined not to let any coaches have it easy. Enters Bryce. Bryce turns out to be the perfect match for Zeke, in more ways than one. But with a career on the line is being perfect for eachother enough?I loved Bryce straight away. How he pretty much leaves Zeke speechless lol! Amazing. Bryce is a take no shit coach. But outside of the coach side of things he's definitely the more sensitive one. He's hurting and healing from a past traumatic experience. And he just wants to love and be loved. He seems to find it, but with the most complicated man. Zeke. I just wanted to squeeze Bryce into a hug so many times throughout this book! "Apparently Zeke Raine is going to be a temptation I don't need."Zeke... Well he's a fucking asshole! Ha! He is though and yet you'll love him for it...most of the time. The thing is, people will label this as GFY but it's not. Not to me at least. Bryce may be Zeke's first but that's only because his feelings for men were replaced with fear because he couldn't trust the one person who he should be able to! Anyway, I digress! Zeke killed me. He broke my fucking heart, he pissed me off immensely but in all of that made me love him. He's the epitome of a complicated character. "I threw away my one chance at true love when I ran from him, and I'll never get him back." Ho-leee shit. The sexual tension building and then that first kiss. Gahhh. Hell yes. And that scene in the showers... Watching eachother at a time they shouldn't be... And getting off... Hot damn.I didn't connect with the writing straight away or the characters. It may be because this is my first book by this author. I couldn't see how these two would end up together. I could feel the attraction don't get me wrong but they're so... Opposite! So different. I couldn't see how it was gonna happen but oh, boy it happened!! And I GOT IT. They work. It's not easy but they work! "I'm new to this and I'm going to make many mistakes, but I'm planning on holding onto him as long as I can." Ok so there are things that happen in this book that I despise, I down right fucking hate. I avoid it at all costs. Yet I didn't have a problem with them here. Well I did, kind of. Yes I cringed and didn't really want it to happen but... I dunno. I guess it worked? It fit with the story. Or I was just so engrossed in the story and holding my breath for the couples HEA. Which ever it was, points to the author for not making me throw my kindle across the room when they did happen! I wasn't expecting all that heart break and those holding-my-breath moments. This was anything but easy. But that HEA is worth it. Even if certain people took their sweet ass time getting there!!! Like I said, definitely worth it.Can't wait for the next one!

  • Laura Nelson (Tangents and Tissues)
    2019-03-21 05:42

    **5-star review from Laura at Amo's Book Corner**I was so excited when I found out Ms McKay was going to write a m/m romance. This story was all I’d hoped for and more!!Zeke ‘The Storm’ Raine is on the cusp of hitting the big leagues. There is only one fight left between him and holding the championship belt, but due to a mistake by someone he should’ve been able trust those dreams have been dashed. For the time being at least.Bryce Tanner is hired as Zeke’s coach, much to Zeke’s dismay, in order to train Zeke for his comeback. Recently relocated from the UK and openly gay; well, as open as you can be in the testosterone filled world of MMA fighting. Sparks fly when they meet. There’s only one problem. Zeke is straight – or is he?Zeke is confused by the feelings Bryce stirs in him and haunted by memories where it was drilled into him that it was wrong to feel that way. Is the possibility of something amazing worth the risk of exposure?Then we have Bryce, who is still trying to heal from the aftermath of his last relationship eighteen months ago. I don’t want to give too much away here but if you’re like me you’ll need a hankie. I was a blubbery mesh. Can Bryce take the chance on having his heart broken once again?Once Zeke has made up his mind, he is not a man to be denied:“I want Bryce Tanner and I will have him no matter what.”I loved experiencing Zeke’s sexual awakening as Bryce shows him all the delights of being with a man, but this is so much more. You can literally feel the connection between these two and it transcends the physical:“It’s been a long time since I felt anything and, Bryce, you make me feel.”Yet as we know the path to true love never runs smooth. Never more so than with our two heroes. I literally thought my guts were being ripped out and I kept shouting “Nooooooo!” at my kindle. I honestly wondered if they’d ever find their way back to one another. They both needed a wakeup call at points.I had a hallelujah moment when Zeke said:“It’s time to be honest and admit that I am one hundred percent in love with Bryce Tanner….”I was a snotty, sappy grinned mess at the end and I loved every minute of it. I adore Tracy’s writing and can’t wait to read the next in the series. I’ll leave you with Zeke and this sums the book up for me perfectly:“….you are my everything.”After all, #LoveIsLoveNote: ARC kindly received from author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Love Bytes Reviews
    2019-02-27 06:58

    4.5 Heart Review by AmberThe only reason this book didn’t get a 5 heart review is because of how cheesy and corny it was at times. The eye rolling cheesefest wasn’t abundant but it happened enough for me to note it and obviously make it a part of my review. Other than that though…this book was FRIGGIN FANTASTIC!!!!!!! OMG…I loved it so so so damn much!! This is the first book I’ve read from this author and I am HOOKED!! I really enjoyed her writing style. The plot was in depth and really pulled me in and the characters were so developed and complex. The whole thing just sucked me in and didn’t let me go!!Zeke “The Storm” Raine has had one goal for as long as he can remember. To be the best fighter in the world and he refuses to let anything get in his way. He’s unprepared, however, for the attraction he feels for his new coach.Bryce Tanner has made a living out of training fighters and he see a lot of potential in Zeke. He tries to push aside his feelings so he can help make Zeke the best fighter around.Both men can’t control their feeling and their attraction wins out.I really loved the angsty push/ pull in this story. The whole, “I love you but I can’t be with” thing really worked for me. It was devastating and painful but perfect too. I totally loved these characters and their emotions were so believable and real. This author can write a book. I’m hooked on this series and I am really looking forward to the next book. The way this ended with a little tidbit into book 2 was perfection…soooooo good!!!!Recommend!!!!!!!!

  • Pamela Stallings
    2019-03-03 06:55

    I have now found a new favorite m/m author. This book is hoooootttt. Zeke and Bryce have so much chemistry they will melt your kindle. Zeke is sexy, strong, he's an ass but has a sweet side. Bryce is the more sensitive one, he's sexy, confident. Both have a past they want to forget but together they can overcome anything. Like i said the sex is off the charts between these two men but what really drew me in was the chemistry between them. Their conversations were natural and the heartbreak felt real. When shit hit the fan my heart broke right along with theirs. I think everyone can relate to their story in some way. Whether it's having feelings for someone you know you shouldn't. Or falling for someone and knowing it just can't happen but you want it to so bad. Or just being confused about your feelings or having feelings for 2 people and being torn between them. Love is a very confusing thing. In the end love concurs all, I think that's a good motto for this book. Their story made me feel every emotion possible. If I could have I would have climbed into the book and kicked Zeke in the balls for being a jerk and told him to man up. This is one of those stories that will always have a piece of my heart. I think this is a great book because you get everything from it. There's plenty of action since Zeke is an MMA fighter, you get hot hot hot sex scenes from the guys, funny conversations, heartbreak, and redemption. My heart goes out to one character Trey, his book is next. After reading a little snippet of his story I'm giddy with excitement for his book. T.A. McKay you have just got a new loyal fan, thank you an amazing story:)

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-04 00:58

    First off I want to say that I liked this book but it's not without it's issues. The chemistry between the MC's is electric and there is some real sexiness here. Zeke is a womanizing MMA fighter who cant keep a coach because he has a sucky ass attitude. He's really not as bad as he likes to pretend he is. Bryce is the new coach hired to help turn things around. Their interest in each other is immediate and the tension mounts.I enjoyed the book and the sexy times are great and there is a HEA which is always great but there are some issues I have that bothered me. There are a lot of times in the book where it seems the author is just making things up as they go along. Like a fact is brought up to explain away a feeling or action that was never mentioned before. Also there is cheating by both MC's and actually a whole other relationship with another person. It didn't take away from the end game here but it was distracting and annoying because come on no one wants to see the MC's with other people. If the issues don't bother you then there is nothing wrong with reading this one.

  • Nikki Costello ***Crazy Cajun Book Addicts Blog***
    2019-03-13 02:56

    I received a complimenty copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review. M/M romances are one of my favourite genes to read and this one is definitely in my top 3.Zeke is an up and coming MMA fighter but he's a complete jerk and a womaniser to go with it. Bryce is an ex - fighter and moves from England to the USA to help Zeke with his training aswell as hoping to start a new life for himself after suffering major heartache in his life. Bryce is gay and soon develops feeling for Zeke but knows all to well that his feelings will never be reciprocated or will they? Zeke is really confused about his sexuality and is also worried about his career but as we get to know him you understand why he had all these confused feelings running around his head. T.A McKay has written a fabulous book that will have your emotions running wild and belive me you will shed a few tears whilst reading. Definitely a book I would recommend if your a lover of the M/M romance.