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In the tradition of Elena Ferrante — a breathtaking European novel of love, loss, and the mysterious connection between four people, a valuable violin, and their passion for music.Moving between Barcelona and Berlin in the 1980s, this is a profoundly moving story of loneliness and connection, music and desire, from an award-winning Spanish novelist, translated into EnglishIn the tradition of Elena Ferrante — a breathtaking European novel of love, loss, and the mysterious connection between four people, a valuable violin, and their passion for music.Moving between Barcelona and Berlin in the 1980s, this is a profoundly moving story of loneliness and connection, music and desire, from an award-winning Spanish novelist, translated into English for the first time.A three-hundred-year-old Stainer violin lost and found connects a charismatic conductor who emigrated to Barcelona from behind the Iron Curtain, his two star violinists, and his Spanish maid. Love triangles, the pursuit of the precious violin, and the need for beautiful music shoot through The House of Silence.The love of music the characters share is tempered by ambition, envy, and greed, which crescendo on the evening of a memorial concert in Berlin, when the presence of an elderly lady in the audience makes some members of the orchestra very nervous. Who is the rightful owner of this exquisite violin? And, as secrets come to light, how far will people go to seek revenge?...

Title : The House of Silence
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The House of Silence Reviews

  • Elyse
    2019-03-24 01:08

    I was hooked immediately on page one - with these words from the first narrator, TERESA:"I found the first violin in a garbage dump. And it was an excellent violin, even though I obviously didn't know that yet. What I did know was that it was a magical violin. I saw that right off, just by looking at it because, it was shining, and things that shine are usually magic. I'm not making that up. Mother and I would often rummage through the dump to see if we could find something that we could sell. If I told that to some of the people here with me now, they would be shocked". Teresa was only 7 years old, living in Barcelona - with her mother ( in poverty) - the day she found that Stainer. Her mother couldn't afford to pay for lessons - but Teresa found a woman who pointed to Teresa's heart and said..."yes, there was a musician in there"....and taught Teresa a few things to get her started. By the time she was in her 20's she was teaching at the Conservatory. Mr. Karl, a very attractive man...the type that turned heads...had just moved to Barcelona and needed a maid. When Maria went to see him, he opened the door and said, "hello", ---he didn't know how to say anything more in any language Maria would understand. Maria was clever and quickly understood what he wanted when he explained it in gestures. She moved into her own room with a bath...and worked for Mr. Karl for the next 40-some years in his Barcelona apt. That was the house of silence. "Music played, but it played at a distance, Mr. Carl would close himself up in a room and do his thing, I mean he played the violin or the piano, or both, or he'd sing too, and he sang very loudly. One day I saw that afterword he would write down notes on a piece of paper. I didn't understand what that was, but I didn't dare ask. He looked into my eyes and said, I'm composing, Maria. But that was when we started speaking to each other". Mr. Karl opened up a world of music for Maria through those years - and she in turned shared her love of chocolate. They could often be found sharing a drink of hot chocolate with whipped cream sitting in the kitchen together. Anna was a student of Teresa's ....[ornery -spiteful -ungrateful]....and was in need of learning a few life lessons to improve her attitude in life. ends up performing along Teresa later in life. But they have some painful history together. When first introduced to Mark, son of Karl T..... we begin to understand the depths of Karl T's talents. "My father was truly obsessed by Bach's concerto for two violins; my mother always told me that". "My father pretended to conduct with one hand, his eyes closed and in the state of ecstasy, as I would later see him do in Barcelona". Maria, Mark, Teresa, and Anna --( each narrators in this story) --come together after many years - in honor of Karl ( who has died) --at a performance in Berlin. Many truths get revealed. A beautiful touching letter at the end can bring tears to your eyes. Plot twists- secrets -jealously -loyalty - passion - love - One of the things I especially like about this book besides the storytelling - which definitely holds your interests, is I thought about how inspiring it was to read about characters with extraordinary passion and commitment to music and their instrument.I thought back to when I was only about 7 years old, playing the violin myself. I loved it so much - that I wouldn't stop practicing. My mother couldn't stand the sound ( of my mistakes). She begged me to take up another instrument. I did eventually switch to the flute which I played for many years- and maybe I would have quit the violin anyway - on my own - but I was moved by several of the characters in this story by their harmoniously passionate commitment to the violin and their music. Beautiful tale which gently tugs on our heartstrings Thank You Netgalley, Regan Arts, and Blanca Busquets

  • Karen
    2019-03-08 05:38

    The House of Silence by Blanca BusquetsThis novel was translated by Mara Faye LethemOH HOW I LOVED THIS NOVEL.This is a feel good all over read by a very talented writer. It takes place in both Barcelona and Berlin.The author uses the storytelling device using every one of the character's point of view and moves back and forth in time. All of the characters are lovable except for one who is very mean spirited.The premise is quite simple. It all revolves around a magic violin.Teresa is seven years old when she finds the shiny Stainer violin in the garbage dump while picking through items that Teresa's mother can sell for a few coins. They are poor and whatever items that can be sold puts food on the table. Teresa doesn't know the value of the Stainer violin, but she begs her mother not to sell it. Maria is working for Mr. Karl as his live in maid when he tells her to throw a violin away. She confuses which one he wants to be rid of and throws away the precious Stainer violin by accident. Teresa grows up and she teaches Anna who is one of her students at the conservatory. Anna is the mean spirited character I mentioned. Anna's mother abandons her at the tender age of fourteen. Anna thinks her mother made her take violin lessons to keep Anna out of her hair. After Anna's mother leaves she meets her father. She wants her father's attention exclusively on herself. Anna gets very jealous when her father falls in love with Teresa. Teresa suggests to Anna's father that a week's vacation with just him and Anna could be just the ticket to calm Anna's insecurities. Sadly, Anna deliberately causes a car accident driving off a cliff killing her father.Teresa sits while Anna is unconscious in the hospital seriously injured. Teresa wants to be the one to gently break the news about Anna's father not making it to Anna. When Anna is well enough Teresa gives Anna the bad news and Anna screams at Teresa to get out and she never wants to see Teresa again. Teresa is heartbroken. Teresa gives Anna the magic Stainer violin in a gesture of good will. It does not help. Anna still does not want anything to do with Teresa.Mr. Karl receives a shock when the Berlin wall is knocked down Mark shows up from East Berlin with a deathbed confession from his mother telling Mr Karl that she kept Mark a secret. Mr Karl is a famous composer who is also quite the ladies man. Over the years Maria has peeked through the keyhole of Mr Karl's music room and watched him end up on his black leather couch with every female student he has taught. He takes on Anna and Teresa at the same time to teach the violin to.Mr. Karl is with both Teresa and Anna. Anna offers to give her Stainer violin to Mr. Karl if he will marry her. Mr Karl agrees to marry Anna for the violin whom he has no plans of staying with Anna. Mr. Karl thinks Anna plays her violin without any soul. Teresa plays slower than Anna but she plays with all her soul.Mr. Karl has heart problems and his doctor's advise him not to travel to a concert he wishes to attend. Mr Karl ignores his doctor's advice and dies while traveling outside the country. First he leaves Maria the Stainer violin in a letter that he wrote and gave her to read after he died. He leaves Maria and his son Mark a large amount of money. At this time Anna is with Mark. Mark is tired of Anna clinging to him at every turn he makes. Mark plans a honorary concert in East Berlin to commemorate his father. Mark invites Maria to attend the concert. Maria switches a fake Stainer violin with Anna's Stainer that she snatched from Maria. Maria ends up with Mr Karl and the Stainer violin in the afterlife. Thank you to Net Galley and Blanca Busquets and the publisher for providing me with my copy of this magical novel.

  • Jan
    2019-03-23 02:01

    Does a violin a soul? And can the soul of the instrument connect with the soul of the one playing it to create something magical? This was a haunting tale that explores these questions through the viewpoint of the three women that have played this magical violin. This one will stay with me for quite a while.

  • Patricia
    2019-03-24 04:43

    THE HOUSE OF SILENCE is quite a beautiful and engaging novel. The story concerns a particular violin, and it's effects on different people. With the right person playing it, this violin becomes 'magical'. This is a novel of love and betrayal. I highly recommend this novel.

  • Lolly K Dandeneau
    2019-03-21 06:07

    “Everything changed when I found the violin. Look what I found, I said, triumphantly lifting the instrument in one hand and the bow in the other. And as I lifted it, I brushed my hand over the strings without meaning to, and they made a rending, high-pitched sound that tore at my soul.” This is a story not just about the musically gifted but about the jealousies and hungers that push and pull each of the characters through the years. Mr. Karl is the link, he is music in a sense- living and breathing it, shut up composing. When Karl is gone a tribute to memorialize him will pull each character once again into each other’s orbit. His son Mark is with Anna (selfish and damaged) and wishes to be finished with her toxic ways. Teresa came from humble beginnings and was immediately recognized as a raw talent, playing from the depths of her being, a true artist. Anna is her student, but her playing is cold, mechanical as much as her heart. Anna’s mother had left her and it affects her for a long time. She finds her father, who falls for Teresa and everything goes sour. Teresa just wants happiness, love, and has hopes things can work out. That’s the thing about people though, you cannot make someone who is spiteful open their heart nor warm their change the direction of their dark path. Maria, moves in and becomes more than just a live in maid to Mr. Karl. She is as much a part of his life as a family member. The two grow intensely close, different worlds converging, learning from one another. Mr. Karl is free with women as well, never seeing a problem with loving where you will when passion moves you. Is it the gift he sees in students, women that seduce him? Mr. Karl is tied to both Teresa and Anna, how could jealousies not be born? Maria seems to be a constant in his life and has her hand in where the real violin ends up. In fact, Maria might just be inside Mr. Karl’s heart more than anyone.Who knew a magical violin could hold so much drama. Jealousy, love, music, passion, tragedy, it is all here. Some people you just can’t win over, some people are in their own way and destroy their own happiness by blackening others. Manipulations never turn out the way you hope, and Anna learns that it can have downright disastrous results. You don’t have to play an instrument to feel moved by this novel. Beyond playing a few songs on a piano, I lack talent, raw or otherwise and yet I could feel the fire that drives musicians. By turns crushingly sad and sweetly uplifting, a strange combination and yet it works here.Publication Date: October 4, 2016 Regan Arts

  • Lilly
    2019-03-19 07:01

    I received this free copy in exchange for an honest review This was a lovely and moving story from the beginning to the end. A lot of unexpected twists and realistic, interesting characters take place in it. Although my primary disagreement is the writing style [I really don't like this kind of novels] I must admit that I acknowledge it's craft and it's technique, and I know it's mesmerising for many readers, so Mrs. Busquets has mastered in her craft.The characters broke my heart. All of them. I felt for them; I fell in love with them, and they got under my skin. The plot. It's interesting and well presented. It's an engaging story that will captivate the readers and travel back in the 1980's with Anna, Maria, Teresa and Mark. Music is another key figure in the story. She brings them all together. Many secrets unveil and many truths come out on the surface.Although it annoys me when in a literary text everything is weaved together, and there's so much lyricism, I do not think readers should take this part of my opinion into account. I am sure that many people will love it.

  • Allison
    2019-03-13 01:59

    I won this book on Goodreads Giveaways and they will probably be sorry I did because it wasn't my cup of tea. The main problem is that there is absolutely no introduction to the characters. So for the first third of the book, I was trying to figure out how Teresa was related to Maria and Anna was related to Mark and how Karl fit into the whole picture. I think the author did this on purpose to try to be intriguing but I found it frustrating. Most of the characters were very dislikable. The plot was passable but not very deep. Additionally, it had the feel of a YA novel which I usually avoid.

  • Angela
    2019-03-11 08:00

    I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways.The House of Silence is one of the most character-driven novels I've read in a long time. It tells the story how a group of people are all connected by a violin and a conductor.The book is told from the points of view of four of the characters. They have gathered in the present-day of the novel for a memorial concert for Karl, the conductor, but they frequently, and without warning, flash back to the events of the last couple decades and how they all arrived at this point. Mark, the conductor's son, is leading the show; Anna and Teresa, two of Karl's star violinists, are headlining; and Maria, Karl's longtime housemaid, is in the audience.Anna was the stand-out character for me, although she wasn't the most likable. After a troubled childhood, Anna became a selfish and immature woman. Anna at least wasn't bland; Mark was almost a non-entity for me. Maria was also an interesting character; she was very observant and knew more than the other characters gave her credit for.This story was very quiet for me. Yes, secrets and feelings were revealed through the flashbacks, but I didn't get a sense of mystery or thrill. The writing is lyrical, almost poetic at times. Although, I did feel that maybe a bit was lost in translation; sometimes the words or phrases used didn't really fit in the context of the story or seemed out of place.

  • Carol
    2019-03-05 04:54

    This story revolves around a precious 300-year-old violin and the four people who possess it over the years, one man and three women. The chapters are headed by the names of the three female characters and thus the story unfolds. Some chapters are told through one male voice who is not one of the violin owners. It unfolds a bit slowly, as I was a bit confused for a while as to the connections between the characters, but once I got into the rest of the book there is plenty here for everyone. An unsuspected murder, a secret pregnancy, a love triangle, and betrayals. This book is translated from Spanish and I think the translation is very well done.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Lori
    2019-03-22 00:47

    So good in so many ways. The story is so original and the writing is very good. It is translated beautifully. I won't give spoilers, but just happened to choose this off the new book shelves because it was a prize winner (according to the cover). I'm glad I picked it because I probably would have never heard of it otherwise. I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good story that's hard to put down.

  • Ilaria
    2019-03-16 03:43

    "A volte la musica è l'unica lingua con cui si può spezzare il silenzio."La vita in ogni respiro è un romanzo in cui la vita di tre donne diverse si intreccia con quella di un famoso direttore d'orchestra.La storia inizia negli anni '60 in Spagna dove conosciamo la piccola Teresa che, insieme alla madre, trova in una discarica un bellissimo violino. Quel ritrovamento la porterà a scoprire l'amore per la musica e col tempo a diventare una famosa e talentuosa violinista. La sua vita si intreccerà con quella di Karl T, musicista e direttore d'orchestra, con cui collaborerà.La narrazione si sposta poi ai giorni nostri in Germania circa 10 anni dopo la morte di Karl. In sua memoria è stato organizzato un grande concerto che vedrà protagoniste tre famose musiciste: Teresa, Anna e Maria. Tre donne che conobbero Karl, suonarono con lui e arrivarono a stringere un forte rapporto con quell'uomo che amava la musica più di qualsiasi altra cosa e che trasmise questo suo amore a chiunque lo conobbe...Ho letto questo libro in poco tempo lasciandomi catturare dall'atmosfera delicata e da questa intrigante storia a più voci!Il romanzo della Busquets narra una storia che si svolge tra passato e presente e che si avvale di più narratori. Leggiamo i punti di vista di Teresa, Anna e Maria, queste tre donne così diverse ma accomunate dall'amore per la musica e dal rapporto che strinsero con Karl.Karl era tedesco ma si rifugiò a Barcellona dove continuò il suo lavoro di musicista e compositore entrando in contatto con Maria, che fu la sua domestica per anni, Anna, prima allieva e poi amante,e Teresa, la violinista che metteva l'anima nella musica.Nel corso degli anni le storie di queste persone continueranno a intrecciarsi fino all'epilogo che chiarirà molte cose.Non avevo mai letto nulla di quest'autrice, ma sono rimasta piacevolmente colpita dal suo stile così delicato ed elegante, e dalla narrazione equilibrata che dà il giusto spazio a ogni personaggio.La storia ha la sua particolarità nel fatto di essere narrata da diverse persone,ogni personaggio dà la sua versione dei fatti, ognuno di loro fa luce su aspetti diversi del carattere degli altri, creando un quadro completo e ben definito!L'evoluzione della storia avviene per gradi, col passare degli anni ogni piccolo mistero, ogni dubbio, viene pian piano risolto e alla fine tutto assume una significato ben preciso.Ho apprezzato tutti i punti di vista: la dolcezza di Teresa, l'umiltà di Maria e l'inquietudine di Anna, e mi è davvero piaciuto molto il modo in cui l'autrice ha intrecciato le loro vite.Infine, protagonista indiscussa è la musica che colora la vita e la rende infinitamente più bella! Una storia fatta di note, amore e amicizia!

  • SS
    2019-03-08 00:38

    I received a free advance copy of this book in a goodreads giveaway. This is a remarkable book, It doesn’t fall into a single category; it’s a compilation of many categories, including romance, history, class differences, personal interaction, music, and philosophy. The story is told through the eyes of four people, all connected by a valuable violin. There is little actual dialogue; the tale is revealed through the characters stream of consciousness, through their thoughts. It’s a little hard to distinguish the characters in the beginning, save for the chapter headings, but a few chapters in, they all fall into place. The writing has a bit of a choppy feeling to it. As I read, it occurred to me that it had that feeling in order to keep the rhythm of the original Catalan in which is was written. It’s an excellent translation; only a few word choices caused me to stop and ponder.This isn’t a happy book nor a sad one. It’s a look into the lives of these people, the four through whom you hear the story and the fifth who is missing (but spoken about); he's the reason for the “silence” of the title, because he is silent through the telling. The characters are well developed, each distinct. They draw from you emotion, mostly sadness and a touch of pity. The final plot twist was brilliant and completely unforeseen. This is a book that offers much depth and will likely require a second, possibly a third, reading to extract all it has to offer.I highly recommend this book. It’s a quick read, once you get into the rhythm, and hard to put down.

  • Connie D
    2019-03-07 01:58

    First of all, I received this book in exchange for an honest review:This is an honest review: I loved it! It's beautifully (sometimes sparely) written. Busquets is extremely deft at moving between characters and back and forth in time, creating mysteries and intensity in relationships. Each narrator, starting with Teresa, the little girl who finds a violin in the garbage dump, and Maria, who becomes housekeeper to a great conductor, tell the story in their own time and place. The souls of humans, violins, and music sing out to us. As the book starts, Teresa gains a violin that helps her climb out of poverty, Maria finds a fascinating home with Karl the composer/conductor, Anna practices violin and reacts to a mother who ignores her. As the book continues, all three women form relationships with Karl and his son Mark and become acquainted with each other.For some of you, this may be a slow confusing read (and in fact I read it unnecessarily slowly to savor it). Most of the action is within relationships and within the characters, but it is not at all dull. You will be asked as a reader to pay attention, and in return you will chuckle, tear up, and want to scream at the antics and differing perspectives of these absorbing characters. The ending is also very satisfying. Enjoy.

  • Sophie Songe
    2019-03-11 05:47

    Ce roman est sublime, un bijou à l'état pur. Il ne vous donnera pas tout et tout de suite, mais il saura vous intriguer, vous passionner et vous émouvoir profondément. Énigmatique, l'intrigue tourne autour d'un violon d'exception, de son histoire et de celle de ses propriétaires.C'est l'hommage autour d'un homme, illustre musicien qui marqua les coeurs et les esprits. Teresa, Anna, Maria et Mark sont là pour en témoigner et lui rendre hommage. Leurs destins se croisent, s'entremêlent avec affect ou pudeur. Ces hommes, Ces femmes sont certes des virtuoses en musique, mais se révèlent être de piètres acteurs en matière de psychologie ou de communication. Douleurs, zones d'ombres, incompréhensions, vilaines rancoeurs sont autant de démons à exorciser.Un récit troublant sublimé par la musique, on se laisse guider aveuglément et happer par ce tourbillon de sentiments. La mise en scène est habile, l'écriture suave. De fil en aiguille, on comprend la nature des liens, les enjeux et les silences étouffants.Amour, haine, témoins des âmes blessées : les coeurs saignent de ne pas avoir su se parler. Touchée par le génie des mots, chamboulée à l'extrême, je vous laisse plonger dans ce spectacle grandiose et mélomane de la vie.A ne manquer, sous aucun prétexte !

  • Jenee Rager
    2019-03-19 01:52

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book after a few stinky reads. It was engaging, well-written, and all around a great read, although it is hard for me to categorize it because it doesn't quite fit into any of the small categories I have.The book centers around an eccentric musician, Karl, and his priceless Strainer violin. Throughout the period the novel covers the Strainer is lost and found by the other characters, Theresa, and Anna (competing violinists), Maria (a maid) and Mark (Karl's son). It changes the course of each of their lives in long reaching ways. The story is told in the alternating perspectives of the four characters. I think each reader will have a different favorite, mine was hands down Maria, and a character or two that will make them want to shake them, Anna for me. Each character is fully developed and you can relate to them on some level. The pages of the book just fly by, even if you aren't really into music, because although the story is about musicians, and that special violin, it is more about how those things effect each character.I genuinely enjoyed this novel. I won it from goodreads in exchange for an honest review.

  • Georgia
    2019-03-18 06:48

    I first want to thank Reagan Arts for giving me the opportunity to win this and read this book.It is an unusual book as it truly portrays the misery, the passions, the love for which all are searching, butfor me it personifies how anger destroys and how it reaches out crumbling any good that may ensue.In the different voices that are expressed here, we learn of relationships that enrich or ruin one another.This is a smart author whose characters are woven together by a beautiful, magical violin signifying how musicexpresses the depth of our souls and passions and shallowness. I won't say much about the plot as others have done this, butearly on the author uses the expression "en souffrant" music connects us to humanity and the soul.

  • Rita Evans
    2019-02-27 01:44

    I won "The house of Silence" by Blanca Busquets in a Goodreads give-a-way. I think the jacket cover is fantastic and the story concept was excellent as well; but I found it hard to read. For example: I had to re-read the first few chapters and actually take notes on the characters to keep them straight in my mind. I have never had to do that before! I think the characters needed to be more fleshed out. I also thought the copy editing and writing was poorly executed. I would give the story concept a four and the writing and editing a two. Thus my review of only a three. I am just a reader of novels and not a writer of novels so what do I know. I do really appreciate getting the opportunity to read this book and all the others I have won from

  • Kari Krogstad
    2019-03-16 00:56

    "Stillhetens hus" fant jeg på slump mellom hyllene på biblioteket. "Vinner av den katalanske bokhandlerprisen" - "En intens historie. Uforglemmelige karakterer. En stor forfatter". Boka fortelles av 3 kvinner og en mann. De har hver sine kapitler. Jeg har virkelig sansen for å få historier servert slik fra helt ulike perspektiv. Det handler om kvinner, musikk og en spesiell fiolin. Boka er utrolig sjarmerende og plottet er bra. Ikke lett å legge denne vekk. Skryte-sitatene på permen holder vann. Jeg håper mange finner veien til denne perlen. Og at Cappelen sørger for å gi ut flere bøker av forfatteren på norsk.

  • Linda
    2019-03-10 03:07

    A 300 year old Stainer violin discovered discarded in a town dump by a little girl is the central point of this stunningly beautiful novel. Follow it's path as it makes the rounds of the characters in this novel. Discover love, loss, betrayals and secrets as this beautiful instrument comes full circle and encompasses their lives and the wondrous music that ties them all together.Highly recommended!

  • Jeniece Goellner
    2019-03-01 07:45

    Disclaimer: I got this book for free via a Goodreads giveaway. This just didn't work for me. While some of the language was gorgeous, other parts just did flow. Not sure if it was the original writing of the translation. And the challenge I had with the writing did not allow me to connect with the characters or get into the story.

  • Cynthia Jameson
    2019-03-19 06:04

    I won this book through the Goodreads giveaway program.I enjoyed the moving back and forth through different time periods and some of the language was very beautiful when describing music and the experience of listening to music. However, I just couldn't connect much with the characters personalities.

  • Rachel
    2019-03-03 03:39

    I received this book from the Goodreads First Reads program.An engaging story that pulls the reader through time in post war Barcelona. Musicians all pulled together by the power of a "magical" violin. I liked the story, but wasn't fond of being funneled from person to person and forward and back through time without much warning.

  • Simona Zedda
    2019-03-04 00:56

    Bello questo libro della Busquets! varie storie e varie protagoniste si intrecciano e si susseguono con un unico filo conduttore: un preziosissimo violino!Adoro lo stile semplice ma efficace dell'autrice e anche le stesse protagoniste così semplici e piccole ma dal cuore grande.Sul finale è riuscito a commuovermi e a strapparmi delle lacrine.

  • Carla
    2019-03-15 04:46

    Despues de leer Palabras a medias de la misma autora, quizé leer otro y me gusto mucho, creo que es facinante como Blanca escribe.Citas:

  • jmbadia
    2019-02-27 03:55

    Una història maniquea, plena de llocs comuns i personatges arquetípics que parlen en una primera persona molt forçada i com a condescendent. Potser és el hype pel premi Llibreter de l'anterior llibre, però m'esperava molt més.

  • Cynthia
    2019-03-19 02:55

    I received this as a Goodreads Giveaway win and thought that it was a thought provoking book. You realize that music and an instrument can touch so many lives and generations and classes. You realize that the music can tell you so much.

  • Charles-Antoine
    2019-03-21 01:04

    Superbe. Simple, très bien écrit (et traduit!) avec une intrigue autour du violon (l'instrument et l'art d'en jouer) sans décourager les néophytes.Roman écrit à plusieurs mains (i.e. narrateurs) qui croise les points de vue et donne un bon rythme.

  • Cristina
    2019-03-05 00:40

    #mustread #poetico

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  • Luis Nomdedeu
    2019-03-11 03:05

    Hermoso libro. Maravillosamente escrito, se ganó un lugarcito en mi corazón.