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Somebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen—a very pissed off werewolf—is going to make sure they pay for it. There’s just one problem: Anna’s only suspect is the arrogant vampire prince, Jonas Weiss. He’s cocky, frustrating, and a little bit sexy. Okay, a lot sexy. He also claims to be innocent, so the fact that she just broke inSomebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen—a very pissed off werewolf—is going to make sure they pay for it. There’s just one problem: Anna’s only suspect is the arrogant vampire prince, Jonas Weiss. He’s cocky, frustrating, and a little bit sexy. Okay, a lot sexy. He also claims to be innocent, so the fact that she just broke into his home and attacked him is problematic. And his price for keeping silent about the whole debacle? Downright devious. Disclaimer: The short novel you’re about to consume is quick, quirky, and delicious. Get ready to enjoy a main course of romance with a side of adventure. Buckle up, it’s about to get sassy! Sleuthing with the Enemy can be enjoyed as part of the Unnatural Alliances series or on its own....

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sleuthing with the enemy Reviews

  • MwanamaliMari
    2019-02-23 00:52

    This book is a paranormal mystery romance. The author sent me a copy directly in exchange for an honest review.I steer clear of books with titles like these. They're reminiscent of the crap I read in high school with titles like "The Italian Tycoon's Unwanted Wife" or "The Greek's Bargaining Baby Chip". They were complete and utter nonsense and required a willful suspension of disbelief I was no longer willing to provide the moment I was introduced to what a proper novel should be. But this book had "sleuthing" in the title so I decided to give it a go.So this book is a mystery. A wolf babe has a priceless thingamabob stolen from their family and the main suspect is a vampire who claims he is innocent. And offers to team up with her to get the thingamajig back. The story starts with the MC, Anna, forcing her only friend to go out with her. The friend, who was supposed to be studying for Finals, was obliged to go out with Anna because the girl had had an unsuccessful try at either dating/romping with a premie- what these supernatural freaks call a human. I didn't like Anna from the get go. Her narration is supposed to be funny but it comes off obnoxious. The mystery had promise but it fell flat because I am not entirely certain if it's resolved. As a mystery prophyte- that's a no-no for me, whether it's a series or not.The characters- though with interesting premises- were cardboard cutouts of what they could have been. There was an eldest brother- overbearing leader and some kind of representative if the supernatural creatures senior committee. Then there were other brothers. One had a girlfriend called Helen and there was a secretary called Claire. Apart from that, there is Vampire Boy- whose role is to protect Anna from herself.This girl Anna was so fucked up that she made Fifty Shades of Fucked Up's annoying girlfriend look like a saint. She was vapid, unthinking, stupid and so damn fake she made me want to tear my hair out. And honestly, the whole: woe is me I can't fall in love because I believe everyone is out to get me...Overdone tropes, a "mystery" that needed more bones, and there should have been more to the characters. The story was rushed. In fact, the best part was the introduction of Benji- some kind of clairvoyant and the scene where Anna (view spoiler)[bit off an arm during an interrogation (hide spoiler)]. The writing itself is not bad but if I had to read Anna say, "I was backed into a corner" one more time, I was gonna chuck my reader into a fire pit. There were minute spelling mistakes, like Rowen Atkinson. But otherwise, I didn't particularly enjoy this book. Perhaps, I had too high expectations of the mystery. The romance was trite and predictable. And Anna's Come To Jesus reckoning should have happened way earlier. Frankly, (view spoiler)[her brothers already knowing that she had gone on a sleuthing mission behind their backs and their super special preternatural committee already uncovering what she took so many unnecessary risks to find out was simply off putting. (hide spoiler)]I felt like I had just wasted the hours I had spent slugging through it. And her punishment was to (view spoiler)[straighten up a library (hide spoiler)]. What? I rolled my eyes so many times, glossed over the sex scenes and kept wishing somebody would smack the poor little bitch girl up her head. Blame it on issues, my gigantic derriere. This book is recommended to readers who like paranormal fluff. It was not my cuppa tea. That's a lesson I should've known. I'm sorry, Sleuthing With The Enemy, it was kinda you, kinda not you and mostly me.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-03-08 20:55

    This cover isn't that great. It's kind of generic and not a good representation of the story (paranormal). I am also not a fan of the title work.I liked this one. It was a relatively short read. The writing was good. The pace was great. The plot was interesting. I didn't particularly care for the heroine. I thought she was a bit of a self-centered twat at times. But the secondary characters made up for that. I am dying to read Roxie and Benji's book. This was low angst and drama with no OW/OM issues. It had a couple of sex scenes. All wrapped up in a happily ever after for the couple but the overall mystery was left unresolved, so that looks to be carrying on into the next book. This one gets a thumbs up from yours truly.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-03 01:46

    Werewolves, vampires and mysteries oh my! This was an outrageously fun and entertaining book that had me snickering all through. Vampires have never been so sweet and sexy as they were when written by Danielle Hardgrave. I loved Jonas. I loved the man he was before and the vampire prince he is now. He was well written with intensity and graceful class. I loved everything about Anne. She was so hell bent on being a guardian protector even though she was not in control of her emotions or her Wolf changing abilities. I loved the brothers and am going to go back and read the first book in this series. The mystery was well plotted and certainly kept me piecing things together. I thought vampire and werewolf books were dark and dreary, but this book was light, adventurous, and entertaining. I am a fan!

  • Nicay │The Nerdy side of a Queen
    2019-03-18 23:47

    Originally posted on thenerdysideofaqueenSleuthing with the enemy by Danielle Hardgrave was a good book to read. Even though I haven’t read the first book, I was able to fully grasped and enjoy this book. It can be read as stand alone, so don’t worry if you missed some important details.The story revolves around the missing artifact that the human werewolves were protecting. Annemette Helsen was a shifter from human to werewolf, and vice versa. After that artifact was missing, Anna has a one suspect that possibly is the reason it was missing, and that was Jonas Weiss, which was a vampire shifter. But it became difficult for all of them to find the important artifact as what happened that they didn’t expect – they fell for each other.Wolf and Vampire, sound familiar? Looks like Twilight-ish but the difference was, the girl was a werewolf. But don’t worry, the story was not the same as the Twilight saga.Told from the point of view of Anna, I was able to know more about her. I admit that sometimes she annoys the crap of me because of her selfish actions, and being reckless with her decisions. Still, she was able to grow up and she is learning.As for Jonas Weiss, a drooling vampire? Well, will you bite me, please? Just kidding. I may not have found any flaws for his character, but I didn’t find anything that would mark his character in my mind. Hmm. He was not that incredible, to be honest.I easily emerge myself to the story as it was easy to read, and it was not that difficult to understand the whole book. Based on the synopsis, I expected that finding the missing artifact would be the main reason for this story, well it was at first; but as it progresses, the main reason now became the second option. The story became, “How the wolf and the vampire fell in love”.And the reason that I made it as 3 stars rating was that the ending became abrupt that finding the important thing for the werewolf clan became not that important at all from the start. Well, I am bit disappointed and I am not that satisfied with the ending.Overall, this was still a good book to read, but don’t expect too much. Just enjoy it.Thank you, Danielle Hardgrave and Caldwell Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wordpress┃Instagram ┃ Twitter ┃ Tumblr┃Facebook ┃ Youtube

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-03-01 19:01

    I liked the heroine and her relationship with her BFF.But the romance is really lacking - there is sex, but no romance. I'm not sure I felt like they fell in love.Also the mystery fizzles out.Review to come

  • Yesha
    2019-02-18 01:03

    *** Note: I received review copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***Stars: 3.5/5This is paranormal mystery romance, narrated by Annemette Helsen aka Anna (protagonist), and solely revolves around her and investigation she carried out with the person whom she considered enemy in the beginning. It gave pretty good idea about her nature, behavior, reasons behind her actions and relationship with Jonas that will change her view towards life. It was about growing up and coming out of the event that changed life in the past, understanding loved ones and their feelings.This was second book in the series. I haven’t read the first book and I didn’t have any major difficulties getting into book, so I can say this book can be read stand alone. But I would suggest to read it in order as few things like family bonding was not that much focused in this one which, I’m hoping, might be there in first book. Because without understanding Helsen family and their relationship with each other, I couldn’t know them very deeply or attach myself with them except Anna.Characters-Anna– youngest of family, is reckless, impulsive, fierce, trained to be guardian and has temper issue. She was childish and had trouble in understanding the needs of people around her, like her best friend Roxie and her brothers that created little drama. But she was strong one who can handle things, good at heart, and straight forward which I like most about her. I didn’t like her much in the beginning but her character development in later part was real nice, this book was the first step of her character growth.Jonas– was real nice than I expected him. From the blurb, I thought he might be egoistic arrogant prince who like Anna might be impulsive and needed anger management, but he turned out totally opposite. He was as good from inside as he appeared outside. I loved him for being straight and caring soft-hearted person. It was obvious why Anna started liking him. The way he expressed his feeling was clear and sweet.I liked other secondary characters. One person I look forward to know more about was, mysterious Benji.What I liked-This book was pretty fast, interesting plot, nice easy to follow writing style, and short chapters made it quick read. First thing that I liked about this book was MC was a werewolf, and main plot was solving mystery that makes major point in being different from usual paranormal romance.I loved to read about Anna and Jonas’s history, how Jonas turned to vampire, who were Anna’s parents and what happened to them, why she had problem with her brothers and the main reason behind why she didn’t like to follow what her brothers say- this whole history thing was after 50% of the book which was the best part. Until this point I was not attached to any character and was just going along the story and only interested in finding who the thief was. I got to know more about these characters and understood them more clearly.The romance and sex scenes in the book reminded me Mills&Boon novels. I read one or two long time ago. So if you’re familiar with those books, you might like to read this one as well. As those sexy scenes were narrated exactly like M&B novels. Descriptive, erotic, and exciting. Usually I avoid reading these kind of erotic romance but surprisingly I didn’t dislike them. May be because of the rest of the book that I was more interested in.Few things about Anna I didn’t like, but the pace and flow of the story was real good. Author was taking from one thing to the other real fast that I didn’t stay longer on unlikable behavior of Anna and her action didn’t irritate me. Author created good suspense, till the end I couldn’t guess who was the thief until climax.End was abrupt and open ended. Culprit is found but mystery is not solved yet which was little disappointing. I would like to see what happens next and how they will solve this mystery.why not 5 stars-First of all, the relationship of Anna and Jonas was more focused on sexual than love. I understood why they fell in love or what attracted them but I didn’t feel it properly narrated or justified. Sex scenes had more words than expression of love and newly discovered feelings and relationship.In the beginning, the way she was dragging Roxie out of her house (even though poor girl had final exams) just to discuss her dating issues, I thought when she finally found her love she would express it better. Instead she thought it’s wrong to be with vampire but looking at their family, I didn’t think her brothers or anyone would have problem about her dating vampire. So what was the fuss!! Thankfully it was not dragged much and wrapped up real fast.The main story Mystery of finding thief, had fewer suspect, was not that thrilling and at the end it was kind of unsolved!Cover… It doesn’t even relate to story. Ugh! There could be a good cover for this book.Overall, it was good, interesting, enjoyable, sexy supernatural mystery. If this fits to your interest and if you’re looking for a quick read, I think you’ll like this book.

  • Catherine Imbeault || The Reading Cat ||
    2019-03-15 02:07

    I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Danielle Hardgrave!I have got to say, that I am fully invested in this series now. I really liked the plot and intrigue of this book. I mean, who doesn't like Vikings, Werewolves, Vampires, and a little forbidden romance... *wink* This novel is short one that will keep you captivated and entertained at every page. I quite enjoyed the main character, Anna, as a short-tempered, witty werewolf. Her remarks were absolutely called-for, appropriate for the situation, and funny. People who have read my reviews know that one of the ways to my heart is to make me laugh with a book. Now, I can't write a review of this book without taking of Jonas. Man, he is one sexy and intelligent Vamp. His feelings for Anna are just so apparent, and we can truly see how they unravel him at some points in the book. This is something I noticed the author does well; making us see different facets of each character. Her characters are complex, just as real people are.I would have liked to see Anna's family's reactions at the end to her relationship choice, but other than that, where's book 3?

  • Alyssa Janine Busia
    2019-03-07 01:00

    Sleuthing with the Enemy is a paranormal story with a touch of hot and sexy romance between the two main characters.The story was about a woman named Annemette Helsen aka Anna, who barged in the mansion of a vampire prince called Jonas Weiss and whom she almost killed for thinking he was the thief of the Gleipnir Cuff or Jay-Bray. But afterwards, she found out that she attacked the wrong person. Now, she needs to help him find the real thief and if she'll refuse, he will report her to the Council.I’ve enjoyed reading this book even if the ending was not that good in a way that I felt it was rushed. I also liked the author’s writing style. It was easy to read because the story was told using simple words unlike the other best selling books right now which used deep and sometimes, flowery words. (For me, it is one of the reason why some readers were having a hard time getting into the story.) I've also had a good laughs from this book and it was a proof that I was really entertained by this book.The main character, Anna Helsen, was hard-headed and has a strong determination to do what she thinks is right and when she gives her final decision, no one can change it. She was reckless and sometimes, I find her childish when she was with her brothers. She also has this temper that always bring her troubles.Jonas on the other hand was an arrogant vampire and yet I find him also sexy and hot. Then, for the other characters, I'm really interested on Roxie, Anna's human best friend, and Benjie, a vampire whom I find very mysterious and yet adorably funny guy.I really liked how their characters developed throughout the story especially Anna. I also liked that aside from romance, I was able to see some values on friendship and family too.Overall, I like this story. I'm recommending this book for anyone who likes paranormal romance stories. Please also note that this has a few sex scenes that are not suitable for younger readers.Disclaimer: I received a reader copy from the author.BLOG POST LINK:

  • Dianne
    2019-02-16 20:58

    What constitutes “good” reading changes from day to day and person to person and today THIS person thinks SLEUTHING WITH THE ENEMY by Danielle Hardgrave is the perfect fix for a dreary, rainy day. Get ready for lots of eye-rolling fun, an over-the-top heroine who seems to have one furry paw firmly planted within her muzzle at least once on almost every page and some global warming passion that could only be pulled off by two “enemies-who-will-not-admit-there-is-more” between them.Anne is positive she knows who stole a priceless Helsen artifact and after a few drinks too many decides she is going to get it back. Maybe barging into the home of the Prince of Vampires, drunk, with no plan wasn’t our werewolf’s best move, especially when said vampire takes her down without breaking a sweat. Jonah is both intrigued and amused, as well as just a little put off by Anne’s breaking in and accusing him of being a thief, but he is up for a deal, a bargain that could work out well, especially if things go according to his plan. Clearly he wasn’t including the “Anne” wildcard in his thoughts.Will Anne set vampire-werewolf relations back a few centuries or will Jonah and Anne take those relations”to the next level?” Will they find the real thief and prove that vampires and werewolves together make a good “team?” Will Anne learn to look before she leaps?Danielle Hardgrave’s characters are filled with personality and their dialogue is spot on for some thoroughly entertaining reading! If you are looking for a sexy, fun read that does not require a full “mental” jacket to understand, here it is, guaranteed to make you chuckle.I received this copy from Danielle Hardgrave in exchange for my honest review.Series: Unnatural Alliances - Book 2Publisher: Caldwell Publishing (June 9, 2017)Publication Date: June 9, 2017Genre: Paranormal RomancePrint Length: 186 pagesAvailable from: AmazonFor Reviews & More:

  • Sabrina Olteanu
    2019-03-05 20:54

    I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!I started the book with a big cup of coffee and rainy day. It fitted perfectly and I became enthralled from the first words. Danielle didn’t disappoint, and she created once again a throbbing story!This new story starts with the archivist Anne who has been robbed and a valuable bracelet has gone missing. Annemette Helsen thinks that the culprit it’s none other than Jonas, a vampire. It’s difficult to put together in a room a vampire and a pissed werewolf, but it had to be done. Because Anne attacked Jason, she had 2 options coming from him: work together to find the real culprit or get reported for attacking him. Which option can Anne choose? They try to solve together the entire scandal and find the one who stole the bracelet. Anne is really trying to work with Jonas, but at the same time they start falling for each other. Maybe a love between two different species can happen.There is so much sexual tension between these two and Anne is incredible angry all the time. She has a lot misplaced anger. I liked the way both of them were described, and I loved the story! I had fun seeing all the twists and turns, and I'm definitely looking forward to more books in this series.

  • Wopsywoobookblog
    2019-03-07 20:52

    Once again my thanks go to Caldwell Publishing for the recommendation of this series.LOVED THIS BOOK!!!Oh my days! It always surprises me when a book surpasses that of it's predecessor, especially when I particularly enjoyed that too.So book two in the Unnatural Alliances series focuses on Annemette 'Anna' Helsen, an arrogant and pissed off werewolf shifter hellbent on seeking revenge against the person that stole from the family and Jonas Weiss, a sexy as hell but cocky vampire prince who just happens to be prime suspect. Knowing this Anna breaks into Jonas's home and attacks him. After Jonas tells her that he didn't steal anything, he blackmails Anna into helping him clear his name. Intent on proving his innocence, the two form an unlikely alliance, but, along the way they come to realise that all is not what it may seem and not everything is black and white. Add into the mix their growing feelings for each other and you've got yourself a scorcher of a story.At the risk of repeating myself, did i mention that I love this book? Oh I did? Well it doesn't hurt to say it one more time. I freaking loved this book.I really connected with the characters and and the story. Danielle really caotured the characters wit and chemistry which made it impossible not to fall in love with them.Jonas has that alpha swagger but he was sensitive with it. Anna at first gave off that arrogant vibe but really just felt alone, she had her brothers around her but you could tell she felt that missing connection with someone. Enter Jonas. Together they were on fire.My only criticism is that there wasn't enough paranormal for me. I would have liked to have seen more shifter/vampire interaction. Bring on the next book. I can't wait!

  • Denise
    2019-03-11 18:07

    **I received a free copy from the author and in return I offered a free, honest review.**'Sleuthing With the Enemy' was intriguing and held my attention throughout. The storyline was well written and well thought out. I truly enjoyed the characters in this book. Anna is like the Tazmanian devil in those cartoons. She blows through without thinking it through and unleashes her own type of justice. I love her in-your-face attitude, no filter mouth and her need to constantly prove she is a capable gaurdian prospect. Jonas is not the typical, ok wait- maybe he is. He's rich (of course), handsome/sexy (naturally) and full of what seems like an ulterior motive. Ok, he is like the typical arrogant vamp. But damn do I like him. Roxie is the best at being the human best friend to Anna. I love her 'when I've had enough, you'll know' attitude. There was a bit of hot and steamy, fan yourself hotness, scenes that were h-o-t. I look forward to reading more of the 'Unnatural Alliances Series'. A great add to your tbr list.

  • Aly
    2019-02-25 23:50

    This book promises to be sassy and it delivers! A little romance, a little vampire, a little werewolf and stir and you get a sweet fun book to read. This was a sexy mystery and it was a breath of fresh air for me. I got to kick back and enjoy this book. * I received this book from the author and this is my honest review*

  • Jolie
    2019-03-10 18:04

    Sleuthing with the Enemy is one of those books that would be perfect to read by the pool or on the beach. It doesn’t have a complicated plot, is a standalone book in the Unnatural Alliances series, the characters are relatable and the sex was hot.I was very surprised by Sleuthing with the Enemy and it was a good sort of surprise. I knew I was getting a sexy mystery when I read the blurb but I wasn’t expecting how much I was going to like the storyline. I like anything with paranormal or fantasy in it (honestly, I like all books equally but that’s between us, ok) but vampires and werewolves are my favorites.The plot of this story was very straightforward. A valuable bracelet was stolen and a vampire prince is identified by the werewolf who was injured during the attack. Annemette Helsen, the hot-headed only sister of the werewolves who are charged with protecting any artifacts that are in their possession, decides in a moment of drunken impulsiveness, to go to Jonas Weiss’s house and confront him. And we all know how plans that are made when you are drunk end up….lol.Annemette was a self-centered, hot-headed, brat for most of the book and she owned it. She made no excuses for how she acted (well maybe blaming Anders for moving he family to Seattle after their parent’s deaths and that is understandable considering how they died and who killed them. Personally, I thought that she needed anger management classes and a therapist. I mean, when she got pissed off, she would run to her bestie to complain how unfair things were and then eat her out of house and home. All while her bestie has her own issues. Her relationship with Anders, her older brother, was awful. She regarded him as the enemy when all he was doing was trying to protect her. Of course, she comes to realize this but I kinda wanted to reach through the book and smack her upside her head a few times.She also hated vampires. With a passion. Which is understandable because of how her parents died. But when she went to Jonas’s house on a drunken whim, she wasn’t doing it because she wanted to find the bracelet. Nope, she wanted to kill him and make him pay for her parent’s death. So she breaks into his house and attacks him. Fortunately for him, she was drunk and he was able to handle her.I loved how things went from zero to sexy within a few chapters with Jonas. He was, in Fat Bastard’s words, Dead Sexy. I put my Kindle down after reading his description and thought “Oh, if he could come to life. I want him”. He had a vested interest in getting the bracelet back seeing that he was framed by a look a like and he wants to get the bracelet back. Plus, he seems to like Annemette and actually puts up with her anger problems.The sex scenes were insane. They were on fire and I couldn’t get enough of it!!While I liked the rest of the story, the ending seemed rushed. While the mystery of who took the bracelet was solved, the bracelet itself wasn’t found. Nothing was really solved but there were new leads to follow in the next book. I just wish I didn’t get the rushed feeling at the end of the book. Because other than that, I thought the book was great.How many stars will I give Sleuthing with the Enemy: 3.5 (rounded up to 4 for Goodreads and Amazon)Why: Great characters, a great plot line and sex scenes that were scorchers.Will I reread: YesWill I recommend to family and friends: YesAge range: AdultWhy: Sex, violence and language**I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**

  • Bec - Book Magic: Under a spell with every page
    2019-03-16 02:14

    Annemette 'Anna' Helsen is a woman determined to do whatever it takes to get back the valuable artifact that was stolen from the Helsen archives. But when she attacks vampire prince, Jonas Weiss, she find herself in a world full of trouble, especially if she doesn't adhere to his demand or blackmail if you ask her. Reluctantly agreeing to work with Jonas to locate the stolen artifact proves tougher than she thought, considering the man is arrogant and determined to tempt her every step of the way. Will they achieve their goal then go their separate ways or will Annemette find herself falling under the vampire's spell?After this story, I wished I'd had the chance to read the first book of the series, if only to know more about the secondary characters and the Helsen family. Yet, in saying that, I found this story could easily be read as a stand-alone and was a really quick and very captivating read due to the main characters that start off as enemies because Anna is a very incensed werewolf determined to find out who stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives. Will she be able to hunt down the person responsible? However, it was from the moment the hero and heroine come face-to-face that had me intrigued because of Anna's reaction to Jonas and the fact that he's a vampire; a type of paranormal she's very wary of due to what happened to those she loved. As for the dialogue, it was intense and had me hooked because of Anna's determination to hunt the people responsible for stealing the artifact, even though her brothers are against the idea. How disappointed will her brothers be when they discover what she's doing? Furthermore, the main characters were riveting and I loved their banter, as Anna challenges Jonas, even though she doesn't have a choice in teaming up with after what she does. Anna is also resilient, courageous and I liked how persistent she was when it came to teaming up with Jonas and going after any information that will lead her in the right direction when it comes to her investigation. While the hero, he's confident; determined to protect the heroine, even though it's palpable she doesn't need protecting all that much; and I liked how willing he was to help her because she needs to know what happened to the artifact, especially because of what the artifact can doing, considering it's magical properties. Overall, Ms. Hardgrave has penned a really compelling and fast-paced read in this book involving betrayal, the tight bond of family and had me determined to discover how things would work out for Anna and Jonas and whether Anna would ever feel like she fits in with her brothers who treat her like she's still a little girl and can't do half of what they can. Then again, she is rather impulsive, so who could blame her brothers for wanting to protect her, even if it means protecting her from herself? The way this story ended had me loving Anna's brothers and what they do for her, what happens for Anna's best friend, Roxie, when it comes to her relationship with the Helsen family; and the teasing banter between Anna and Jonas that had me happy they found their forever after. I would recommend Sleuthing with the Enemy by Danielle Hardgrave, if you enjoy paranormal romance or books by authors T.S Joyce, Anna Lowe, Cynthia Eden and Catherine Vale.

  • Samantha MacLeod
    2019-03-10 18:04

    Vampires, werewolves, and Norse mythology.Nothing here I don’t like.I loved Danielle Hardgrave’s funny, romantic page turner To Trust a Wolf. This novel is the second in the series and, I have to say, it just gets better.Sleuthing with the Enemy fleshes out Hardgrave’s world, where a tenuous peace treaty keeps various supernatural entities from an all-out war. But when a priceless, mysterious artifact goes missing from the vaults of the Helsen werewolf family, the badass and slightly reckless Annemette vows to recover it. Even if the trail leads her to sexy vampire prince Jonas Weiss…I absolutely loved Annamette. She’s a strong female character who also manages to be believable, and her vulnerabilities really pulled me in. Plus, her wry, relatable narration made it easy to slip into the world of vampires and werewolves.I also appreciated the way Hardgrave turned a few stereotypes on their head by having her kick-ass, punch-first-ask-question-later, werewolf character be female, and her thoughtful, sexy, vampire character be male.And finally, I’m delighted to report Hardgrave’s spot-on sense of humor kept me giggling through the entire book. Yes, it’s action-packed and sexy, but it’s also freaking hilarious.Think werewolves, Norse artifacts, and vampires can’t possibly make you laugh out loud?Think again.Sleuthing with the Enemy does a fabulous job of wrapping up enough plot lines for a satisfying ending, but leaving plenty of open questions for the next books in the series. I can’t wait to see what happens with the stolen cuff, the peace treaty, and the mysterious Benji (I’ve got loads of theories about him!).Sleuthing with the Enemy is a stand-alone novel, and a heck of a lot of fun on its own, but you’ll be missing out if you don’t also read To Trust a Wolf.

  • Bonnie Keck
    2019-03-06 21:45

    Kindle Unlimited {well #1 was free, don't know if perma or what}.The first book was all of 76 pages, with this one 186 so a bit longer. Again, usually don't pay any attention to length, mostly because some of what I read is serial/serialized, so overall doesn't matter. HOWEVER, due to amazon TOS which allows certain words in the 'book' of whatever length, let's see if can explain this still without getting the review deleted. Somebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen is a very pissed off werewolf and wants to make sure someone pays for it, but her problem is her only suspect is an arrogant vampire prince Jonas Weiss who claims he's innocent, so the fact she just broke in to his home and attacked him is more than problematic and more so his price for keeping silent. First the dislaimer in the blurb states a ''main course of romance'' when using quoted words straight from the story would have amazon TOS deleting the review for 'language' or whatever type thing. I personally don't have any problem with any 'language' {and can cuss in several} BUT when there is no actual point to using the words, that's just plain bad 'writing' and filler for the page counts and distracts from whatever actual story there might me, especially so the book to book sexual scenes that are are badly written {unless 2 people are gymnists/contortionists} and overall just mess up what otherwise could have been a decent story probably minus the crap.To Trust a Wolf (Unnatural Alliances Book 1)Sleuthing with the Enemy (Unnatural Alliances Book 2)Unnatural Alliances (2 Book Series)

  • R.G.
    2019-02-17 17:47

    This was far more developed than the first book, and you really get a good look into the set up of the supernatural world. We get a lot more of their lore, and how their governing systems work within their hidden community. While Helen and Rune do show up a bit in here, it's really all about Annemette and Jonas, and I like how this is moving forward from the last book, and showing the significance of the bracelet from the first. Anna and Jonas have some clear chemistry from the beginning, but Hardgrave does a great job of really developing the characters and not just having them jump in together. Anna, especially, goes through a lot of growth in this story, and it really helps you feel for them. That being said, this book has its wonderful moments of hilarity. I found myself giggling and blushing on behalf of Anna with all the awkward situations she gets herself into. Altogether a great balance of action and humor. You should definitely be as happy as I was for Benji to show up again, and that mystery that continues to follow him has me dying to know more. However, there's 2 big questions I have to ask. First, how is it that there aren't any cops coming after Rune after that whole thing of Helen reporting him for theft and assault? Second, what the heck is a permie? I mean I get that's their slang for regular human, but where did that term come from, because it sounds like something you'd call someone with a bad perm job. Would love some explanations. Hopefully it'll come in the next book, which I will be snatching up as soon as possible.

  • Monica
    2019-02-26 01:50

    Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book. This is book 2 and surrounds a theft within the agency. Anna is gung go and hell bent on catching the culprit. She doesnt exactly think it through and gets in trouble. I think Anna's character needed to be explained a little more. Its not revealed who she is at first. So, there was some confusion actually until later in the book. She's clearly got some anger issues and we dont even know the reasoning for that until very late in the book. I just didnt get why she was so darn angry and especially taking it out on everyone including Jonas. I just think the author waited too long to reveal that. Not to say everything has to be explained in the beginning but how she did it was confusing. Made Anna a little unlikable for awhile. It moved a little slow in the beginning too. This was a longer book 2 though. I did enjoy it once it all started coming together. I'm very intrigued with her brothers and Benji. I think it was very smart that the author started to add more character development with the other characters so we know once their book comes out we know a little about them. Especially Anders. I think he got a bad rap for being a jerk and honestly with everything he's dealt with of course he's got a stick up his butt! I'm glad Anna and Anders spoke. It was sweet. I very much enjoyed Jonas. He was very sweet and deadly. He was funny for a vampire. I would like to read the next books and hopefully there will be some.

  • P Leslie
    2019-03-12 17:50

    *I voluntarily read a review copy of this book. All opinions stated are solely my own and no one else's*Danielle doesn't disappoint in her latest book - Sleuthing With The Enemy. Annemette Helsen is a stubborn werewolf who struggles to control her anger. She wants to catch the vampire who stole the artefact but her impulsive behaviour gets her cornered. The sexy vampire offers her a deal; work together to find the real culprit or get reported for attacking the Vampire Prince - which option will Anne choose? The sexual tension between Anne and Jonas starts to build from the moment they meet. Their first meeting was definitely memorable - Anne doesn't stop and think when she's in attack mode because her plan goes seriously sideways as she ends up bouncing off his hard body lol. In reference, to her clever plan to head butt him - well suffice to say that she ends up knocking herself out lol. I liked Jonas; he was sexy, cocky and yummy in all the right places. Jonas wasn't your typical vampire - he was patient and controlled his emotions really well. He wants her but doesn't rush things between them; allowing them to get to know each other at a steady pace. I enjoyed the story; Danielle did a fantastic job balancing the two MCs. The only thing missing was Jonas's POV. I was intrigued by Jonas's character and I seriously wanted to know his thoughts/feelings about Anne.

  • Aishwarya Girish
    2019-02-24 21:03

    The first book To Trust a Wolf was a good foundation of what's to come and a good introduction to the supernatural world of this series. It showed their world from our/human perspective and then catapulted to the werewolf world with Anna in SWTE with great ease which could also be read a standalone novel.Although vampires and werewolves stories have become a cliche now, it's always nice to see(read) them from a fresh perspective. And this was indeed fresh as the protagonist(Anna Helsen), a headstrong werewolf unwillingly partners with a Vampire prince-Jonas Weiss to solve a theft, but this partnership turns into so much more as Anna realizes that Jonas is the perfect guy for her. But there are many other factors affecting their romance, the old believers who think vampires and werewolves should go back to fighting like the old days, Helsen family drama and Anna's own uncertainty about Jonas. Can they overcome all these obstacles to find their happy ending? Sleuthing with the Enemy is an engaging and fast paced book with the right amount of mystery and romance to keep you hooked. And I cannot wait to find out what happens next!

  • Samantha
    2019-03-11 19:04

    I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.I am very, very interested in when the next book comes out. There has to be another book because Benji is still in the wind and the theft has not been solved.Again, the book was oddly compelling and kept me reading even when I had a big issue with Anne. Now I enjoy a sassy girl as much as the next reader but, the childish way she acted just started to get old and ruined the romantic aspect of it so when they were tearing each others clothes off, I felt nothing.Jonas was a hoot to read, getting those little glances of him behind the alpha male just made me think of a nerdy jock.The writing probably could have had a little more meat on its bones and I’m not to sure about them kind of forgetting about the cuff near the end? Like it was this big thing and it just kind of….faded to the background. The pace also seemed to drag until she found her growth.All-in-all, I liked it and would recommend to those looking for a little light mystery/romance.Thank you for reading my review.-Sam

  • BCD Book Review - Rachel & Jen
    2019-02-25 21:11

    Amount of sex 3 / 5How explicit 4 / 5Story 4.5 / 5Overall: 4.5 / 5Review: Werewolves and Vampires fall in love over in the case of the missing cuff is the short and sweet of Sleuthing with the Enemy. It was a fun read that moved a long at a quick rate. Anna and Jonas are funny, cute, and steamy together!Danielle Hardgrave paints Portland in the way you always suspected it is really like, rich with supernatural beings. A little gritty and a lot of mystery, Anna and Jonas have a tentative partnership to find an artifact stolen from Anna's werewolf family's archives. Anna is impulsive and learns some good lessons. Despite her selfishness, she is very likable and you definitely root for her to succeed. Jonas is a hot vampire with a sense of humor (kind of a rare quality in vampires). This is a quick and fun read. Great option for your next beach read this summer!I read Sleuthing with the Enemy as a standalone with no issue.** Voluntarily reviewed from an advanced copy **

  • Leslie OBrien
    2019-03-09 18:44

    “Sleuthing with the Enemy” by Danielle Hardgrave was grand fun. Several times, more like a lot, as in much, I was giggling maniacally all the way up to laugh out loud only to duck my head when I got strange looks from those around me.I absolutely LOVED Anna’s constant internal dialogue and all the crazy stuff she was up to; the interactions between her and Jonas were funny and sexy and wrong (he’s the enemy) but so right. If you like paranormal romances with an element of mystery, sexy vampires and smart A$s werewolves, you will love this book. My main criticism is after they find out the relic has been stolen, I couldn’t understand Anna’s temper tantrum. It didn’t make sense to me. But that faded quickly because, well, fun internal monologue.*Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy. This story made my night.**This story really needs to come with a warning label not to have liquids in your mouth while reading. Might want to stay away from crackers too. Crackers AND liquids would be a lethal combination. You have been warned.

  • Lora
    2019-02-17 20:10

    I received an ARC of this from the author book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Danielle!The author did not include any back story and this is the second book in the series. The author managed to get a lot of detail into this short book without it and it worked. It took me until the third chapter to feel caught up to the story line in regards to Annemette’s relationships with Rune, Anders, Erik and Roxy, the archive and the SNAC. I have since read the first book in the series To Trust a Wolf and recommend reading them in order.I liked the strong female main character, the strong willed, werewolf Annamette, whose temper gets her into trouble. The relationship between Annemette and Jonas was enjoyable though a bit predictable at times. Their mystery solving was entertaining to say the least. The book had a twilight feel to it, mixed with some hot paranormal adult moments.I look forward to reading more in this series.

  • C. Erani Kole
    2019-03-09 02:03

    *voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from the author*About a 4.5 for me. I liked this. I didn't know what it was exactly that I was getting myself into but the story I read was surprisingly not what I imagined. The writing style was interesting, set to have that hurried feel but still giving me all the details that you'd need for a satisfying read. Anna was a very headstrong girl with no patience or much thought for others. At first it made reading this difficult because of how infuriating she was, but I'm glad, because she grows up halfway through and deals with her impulsive behavior, which made her have that character development we all wanna see. I also liked her prince because even when I was annoyed with her, his indirect POV of her made me like her, if that makes sense.This is the second installment to the series and I haven't read the first book, but I liked what I read.

  • Maria
    2019-03-07 01:51

    4.5 Stars Sass, fire and acting before thinking. it certainly makes for one interesting character in a story and Anne certainly was that!Continuing the storyline from book 1 we see more of this world and the characters introduced in it. We get an interesting mystery and I definitely loved seeing how Anne and Jonas mixed and clashed and finally came together.Jonas is a mystery in his own way and I loved his quiet power. Strong and Ssilent at times but he was not afraid to say what was on his mind.I had fun seeing the twists and turns in the story come about and I'm definitely looking forward to more books in this series there are a lot of characters I've come to be very curious about and can't wait to see what's in store for them!

  • Marie
    2019-03-18 01:02

    I was given the copy in return for an honest review and I thought I'd just start reading it tonight and get back to it later and finish it over a few days. However, I ended up reading it from start to finish in one night. It's a perfect book for when you can't find anything good on Netflix but want that feeling of completely disappaering into another world for a while (although I would recommend taking a bit longer with it than I did both to savour that feeling and to spare your eyes a bit). Interesting plot, brilliantly passionate and interesting female lead character that's relateable and admirable at the same time and the right amount of sublte but entertaining humoristic comments. Can't wait for the next one after the teaser at the end.

  • bookworm
    2019-03-07 18:58

    Received my copy directly from the author in exchange for an honest review. The book has a lot of ideas and if it had been executed properly, it would have been a good book. The writing style and points of view is what I would expect in a teenage/adolescent targeted novel. The protagonist is rebellious, immature, reactive, impulsive and struggles with authority... alot of teenage angst. I imagine teenagers/young adults are able to sympathize/empathize with her more than adults who have had some experience in life. This book is unfortunately in need of serious editing. It felt like the author had alot of ideas and had problems putting them together in a logical, smooth manner. There were too many cliches and bad word choices. Overall I think this was a good attempt and if the author focusing on editing and perhaps changing the genre, it might work.

  • Melissa Reader
    2019-03-07 17:58

    Anna is a part of the helsen wolf clan who recently lost one of their priced possessions. She is very hotheaded and strong willed. She is willing to risk it all to figure out who stole their bracelet. Even to team up with a person whom she thinks is the enemy. A vampire prince Jonas. These two togther think they will figure out the mystery but in the end find so much more. This book has a lot more history of the helsen artifacts. Sometimes I felt it moved a little slow because of this. Otherwise a great book and I give it 5 stars.