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In the continuation of BATMAN VOL. 4, author Tom King pens the fifth volume of his critically acclaimed, best-selling Batman series in BATMAN VOL. 5!Don't miss out on the newest installment of this best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel series written by breakout star Tom King! Batman and his new vigilante colleagues take on a new dark and terrifying force in BATIn the continuation of BATMAN VOL. 4, author Tom King pens the fifth volume of his critically acclaimed, best-selling Batman series in BATMAN VOL. 5!Don't miss out on the newest installment of this best-selling, critically acclaimed graphic novel series written by breakout star Tom King! Batman and his new vigilante colleagues take on a new dark and terrifying force in BATMAN VOL. 5. Collects BATMAN #33-37 and BATMAN ANNUAL #2....

Title : Batman, Volume 5: Rules of Engagement
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ISBN : 9781401277314
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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Batman, Volume 5: Rules of Engagement Reviews

  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    2019-03-12 20:40

    You can find my review on my blog by clicking here.After the newly-found quality that surged from The War of Jokes and Riddles, writer Tom King delivers another excellent volume featuring no supervillains at all. How is that event possible? Rules of Engagement is an exploration of various relationships, notably the two new lovebirds who came crashing in with a love for each other bigger than life itself.In this volume, we are presented with three different stories: The Rules of Engagement (3 part), Some of These Days (annual #2) and Superfriends (2 part). What they all have in common is the presence of Catwoman, (view spoiler)[ the woman to whom Batman/Bruce Wayne asked to marry him and received a surprisingly pleasant “yes”(hide spoiler)]. It is a relationship that has been teased over the years in Batman’s lore, but Tom King takes it upon himself to make it happen. If anything he delivers a synergistic relationship that has an authentic chemistry where they both stay loyal to who they are while being a perfect match for each other.Of all three stories, The Rules of Engagement was the oddity in all this. It started off mysterious in every way possible with two different narratives taking place simultaneously. One featuring the kids part of the Batfamily (Jason Todd, Damian Wayne and Duke Thomas) as they wonder what has been going on with Bruce Wayne and what he is now up to, and another featuring Catwoman and Batman off to an obscure place called Khadym. But as Tom King slowly peels the layers away and presents us with the purpose of this story, only more questions arise. At first interesting, they quickly turned into plot holes for which I doubt we’ll ever see any explanations in the future volume.While it had its issues—the same kind of problems I often seem to have with King’s writing—it did have its upside, especially in regards to the banter between Cats and Bats. (view spoiler)[ I definitely enjoyed the overload of cuteness that radiated from these two as they enter a cave filled with misery and blood. Not only are they dressed similarly and just make us want to root for their relationship to be eternal, they also show how much they known each other and why they are meant to be together. It only gets better when you throw in Talia into the mix, also known as the crazy ex. In fact, it also definitely helped that her psychopathy was showing more than a 15 month pregnancy.(hide spoiler)] The artwork was also nice, even if it’s not Mikel Janin. It sometimes felt like it was bordering a cartoonish-bubbly style, but it never lasted long enough to annoy me for this story.The second story (in chronological order of their single issue release) is the Annual #2 issue called Some of These Days. This is by far the best annual issue story that I have ever read. The first thing I just have to mention is its phenomenal artwork that clearly raised this little story into a work of fiction worth putting side-by-side with other classics. What Tom King delivers is a cat and mouse story (quite literally too, really) between Bats and Cats. It takes place early in their careers as heroes and villains, and highlights their complex relationship and their undeniable understanding of each other. It ends with a glimpse into their later years that will easily be qualified as one of the most bittersweet endings of all time. This was simply masterful. Beautiful. Brilliant. Sad.The last story is called Superfriends. This two part mini-adventure is a hilarious and cute (I’d even say hot to some extent) adventure featuring Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle. Again, Tom King nails the personalities of these characters as boys are boys and girls are girls. He also brilliantly delivers a side-by-side dialogue where Batman explains the greatness of Superman, and Superman explains the greatness of Batman, while they both sell themselves short in the process. It was beautiful and almost tear-inducing. This story also answers the one question that every fan has been dying to know: Can Batman hit a baseball pitched by Superman? 😉And with that, Tom King delivers a successful story arc without any big villains or major world-threatening event. With Rules of Engagement, he actually makes us care for this newly-formed relationship, but honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if something really horrible happens to someone in particular in the next volume. Besides the first story within this volume, this was perfect. I definitely enjoyed the improvement in King’s work since his debut on this Batman series and I hope he’ll be able to continue this streak of quality content.Yours truly,Lashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog: King successfully delivers a volume without any supervillains. Events focus on the relationship between Cats and Bats, as well as the two power couples. So much cuteness and sweetness packed within each panels. I had a good laugh in the Superfriends story, but the Batman Annual #2 packed a helluva punch too. Sad and beautiful. I'd blame the first story, The Rules of Engagement, for being the oddity in all this. Otherwise, this was another great volume after the newly-found quality that King showcased in The War of Jokes and Riddles (Volume 4).P.S. Full review coming soon.Yours truly,Lashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog:

  • James DeSantis
    2019-03-21 19:27

    Tom King has done it. He has made a 5 star volume of Batman. It's been a LONG time since I gave a Batman book a 5 star. See this volume does something the previous did not. There's no big threat, no danger looming in the background, nobody dies (okay maybe someone at one point) but this is a story that gives real humanity to Bruce. We finally see a extremely vulnerable Bruce who's going through shit internally and you can see it effecting him. This is because last arc Batman had asked Selina to Marry him and she said yes. Now we face the leading up to marriage. We have a story of the Batman and Catwoman traveling into the desert to face Talia. Not so much for combat, though she does send guards to attack them, but for Batman to know how serious he is about this Marriage. Funny enough it will be Selina who will do the talking. Then we have a one shot annual that goes through Bruce's entire life with Selina and it's...well we'll get to that. Then we have a two parter about Bruce and Clark meeting up, and their lovely ladies chatting it up, and you see a very human side to everyone. Good: Everything. Seriously. The first arc probably being the weakest but still really strong. To get a little more indepth on Selina mindset here and how much she cares about Bruce is wonderful. The reaction from the Batfamily is wonderful. The best being Damien and Dick, and then watching their reaction and talk is near perfect. The annual might go down as one of my favorite stories ever for Batman. I love the emotion it captures. It hardly has Batman dressed up at all but you get to see his first meetings with Catwoman till the last few days of their life, and it's bitter, and beautiful, and very very very well done. Last but not least you have Superfriends two parter which is Clark and Bruce first refusing to call each other. Too scared to have the ladies meet. However, hearing them speak about each other is so wonderful and a great insight to how they really feel. Second part is them all going out, including lois and Selina and it's so wonderful, and cute, and well done, and feels like it's made for ADULTS. Like only adults can understand the relationships going on here because you've been through it. Bad: NoneI honestly loved every moment of this volume. Well paced, amazing dialog, truly strong character moments, and a future that sounds bright as can be. I only fear the happiness Bruce is trying to seek will be taken from him so for now, I bask in it till it's gone. A 5 out of 5.

  • Artemy
    2019-03-09 21:11

    Who has the patience to wait until May to read the new Batman volume by Tom King? Certainly not me. So I got the single issues and read them all at once.After the brilliant thriller that was The War of Jokes and Riddles, Tom King is taking it slow with Rules of Engagement. There are no super-villains, big schemes, crazy explosions or anything like that in this volume. It's just pure, unadulterated character piece, and it's perfect. Tom King is phenomenal with literally every single character in this book, from all of the Robins to Bruce to Selina to Clark Kent and Lois Lane. So the relationship between the Bat and the Cat grows deeper and stronger, and I love it. It feels weird to admit it, but I have rarely ever been this invested in a relationship between two fictional characters — the last time that happened to me it was Root and Shaw on Jonathan Nolan's wonderful Person of Interest TV show, and my soul still hurts a bit from how that played out. King also toyed with my sappy heart in this volume with Annual #2, an outstanding issue that almost brought me to tears.But it's not all relationships and melodrama here in the Rules of Engagement. There's also bromance! Clark and Bruce, Supes and Bats... When it's done right, they have the best bromance in comics, and it's definitely done right here. Tom King just gets both their characters so well, so of course his Batman and Superman are perfect buddies. There is a whole excellent issue (#37) here which sends Clark, Bruce, Selina and Lois on a double-date with an (awesome) twist, and it may easily be one of the best single issues of the last year. It makes me ache for Tom King's Superman book in any possible form. Please, DC people, pretty please? It would be the best present for Supes, your best and most important character, on his 80th birthday. He deserves it.Tom King jumps from strength to strength with his Batman run, and Rules of Engagement is yet another incredible success. It took me a while to get into his run, but now I honestly don't remember the last time I was enjoying Batman comics that much. I am one happy fan.

  • Wing Kee
    2019-03-15 20:35

    PerfectWorld: The art is just simply beautiful and the tone is beautiful and this arc is entirely and utterly the perfect arc. The world building is fantastic cause it not only moves the world forward in a way that u did not expect that DC would allow but also honors and deals with the past with Talia and even Damian. It's well thought and we'll constructed. Story: What can I say about this arc. It's perfect in every possible way. From the tone, the pacing, the stakes, the dialog, the everything. This is a culmination of a relationship that has been brewing ever since modern Selina has come into being. This is a new status quo and I love it. It's so tied into their lore and history that it makes so much sense. King honors the past and honors readers and their feelings and builds a new world moving forward. Brilliant. Then to follow that with Superfriends!!??? My brain exploded. That first issue with Bruce and Clark expressing why the other us a better man is have to read it. Then Cat and Lois and their banter. This arc made me cry. Characters: Perfect. A microcosm of what Batman and Superman represent and also a reminder of why Cat and Lois are so perfect and the best female characters in comics. I can't express enough. Perfect. Onward to the next book! *read individual issues*

  • Logan
    2019-03-15 18:21

    Very good! So Tom King as cracked the code on writing a batman comic I feel as these last two volumes have been very good! So if you have been living under a rock, Batman and Catwoman are engaged! Whether your on board or not with that (I am), this volume pretty much focuses on that. Its 3 different stories in this volume, but the batman catwoman engagement plays a theme through out. The First story has batman and Catwoman go to the middle east for a case where they run into Talia Al Ghul. I can imagine the writers were thinking: "Hey remember that time where Batman had a sword fight with Ras Al Ghul in the desert? Lets have that but with Talia and Catwoman!". That's not to say it was bad, that's just what I was thinking. But otherwise it was a very well done, and I love that Batman wore the BvS mad max style outfit from the movie, along with catwoman getting her own variation of it! The next story has Superman and Lois meet Catwoman for the first time and them accepting (more Superman then Lois) the engagement. I think this one was my favourite as it has some pretty dry humour throughout and I'm always a sucker for a Batman/Superman team up. Overall if your reading this review you get the just of what this volume is all about. I personally think Tom King has done some smart stuff with the batman catwoman relationship writing wise! But overall this gets a recommmed from me!

  • Pavle
    2019-02-20 17:40

    Originalna subverzija i pozitivni anti-klimaks; kad je retko, retko je. Zdravo je videti superheroje kao, ne čak ni heroje, nego samo ljude sa, eto, malčice ekstremnijim hobijima.4+

  • Kevin
    2019-02-26 20:29

    Tom King is absolutely on fire on Batman right now. I cannot properly express how much I love his run.

  • Katie
    2019-02-28 17:23

    Romantic Batman is my JAM.Boy does Tom King know how to write a good romance story full of cute butts and a Superhero Double Date 70+ years in the making.Brb, swooning forever.

  • Eli Seibert
    2019-03-16 17:35

    Alright, I’ll admit it; I love Tom King’s Batman. Let me tell you why. *Long rant warning*Everyone has “their” Batman; their idea of who Batman is and how he should act. Whether that Batman is closer to Adam West’s, or Christian Bale’s, or Kevin Conroy’s, or anywhere around and in between, everyone even remotely knowledgeable of the character has a certain picture in their heads when someone says “Batman”.I know Batman is nearly a century old, and has had numerous writers and iterations, each in some way adding to the character’s mythos. A lot of people refuse to believe this, but comic book characters (Batman in particular, I’ve noticed) are extremely flexible in their portrayals. Many times I have heard or read people complaining that such-and-such “would never say that” or “act that way”, but the thing is: yes they would. Not to go into a tangent about the multiverse or whatnot, but the gist of it is that the Adam West Batman and the Ben Affleck Batman are still the same character, even though they are completely different characters. But the main idea I’m trying to hit here is that everyone has “their” Batman, and even though I am able to enjoy, appreciate, and empathize with a wide variety of Bat-flavors, I think Tom King’s Batman is the closest to “my” personal idea of Batman that I have ever read. My Batman is still a serious man of few words, but he actually has more than one emotion. He lets the people around him know they are appreciated, and that he could not do what he does without them. He tries to help everyone, but still has a guilty conscious when he can’t. He is willing to go to hell and back for anyone, without any purpose grander than “(They) needed my help. So I helped (them). That’s all it is. That’s all it’s ever been.” He only hides things from his family that he absolutely has to (as opposed to the “do as I say because I said it” trope that I hate, and makes me wonder why Alfred, Dick, or any of them stick around). He is constantly at odds with himself about his choices, and is using his crusade to give his life meaning and to try and find happiness, even though he knows deep down that he will always be that scared kid, forever trying to stop two bullets. But now- through King’s story- he is trying to break the cycle, and is finally on his way towards happiness with Selina, whom he has finally allowed himself to be with. I also love “BatCat”. A lot of people don’t, but I just really love their relationship dynamic. Volume 2 of Tom King’s run, I Am Suicide has the worst overall rating on Goodreads out of this run so far, but honestly it’s been my favorite (before this one). The notes that Bruce and Selina wrote to each other and remembered during their attack on Bane were so powerful and personal. And Rooftops was amazing as well, and added to the complexity of their relationship. (The “cat and mouse” thing they have together is also really entertaining to read.)I am a fan of King’s version of Selina too. She is actually just as clever and resourceful as Bruce, and not just a kleptomaniac who gets in over her head all the time, letting Batman swoop in and save her at the last second. I’m not sure why a lot of people are against their relationship so much. The main reason I think, is the ridiculous idea that Batman only works if he is brooding in the dark in the rain forever, without any hope of happiness. This angry, ultra-violent, gritty, “badass” version of the Dark Knight is the one which makes him a movie goer favorite, and which makes TDKR a fan favorite, but honestly it gets tiring. He can’t stay that way forever. A character-especially an 80 year old character- that is not allowed any character development is ridiculous.I love this volume, because I love seeing Bruce dip his toe into the pool of happiness and peace. I think Bruce Wayne- Selina as well- deserves a chance to be truly happy for once, and they could give that to each other. I also love the art, and seeing the parallels between Superman and Batman, as well as the interactions between the two couples in the Superfriends two parter was hilarious and fun and had a lot of heart.Tl;dr, I love BatCat, and if DC chickens out and doesn’t let them get married (like with Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer during the New 52 Batwoman), I’m going to be… very displeased.

  • Oscar
    2019-03-16 21:11

    It's a bit of a mixed bag, but despite giving this the same rating as Vol 4, it's a big step up. This volume collects together Rules of Engagement (3 issues), and Super Friends (2 issues), which pair together well due to the subject matter (Batman and Catwoman's engagement).In the first story, Batman and Catwoman travel to find her old partner, Hollie, whose crimes Catwoman is being held responsible for. If they can clear her name, then she doesn't have to go to jail. The problem? Hollie is with Thalia, who Batman already has a child with! It's nice to see long term canon come into play here. The Batfamily also learn of the engagement and react to it -- Damien in particular. It's a well written story, but the plot doesn't go anywhere too interesting or seem to have that much consequence within the book itself.Super Friends is a Superman crossover that is goofy and tonnes of fun. The first issue explores the relationship between Superman and Batman vis a vis their separate discussions with their romantic partners. It includes a couple of pages that are the best musings on their dynamic probably ever. In the second issue the two couples go on a double date which is just pure goof, but it's nice to have a light hearted issue like this, and the couples play off one another very well. It'll make you smile.

  • Patrick
    2019-03-05 15:34

    Read as single issues.Tom King has found a way to identify with Batman and then also humanize him for the rest of us. But, not just Bruce. No, he makes everyone around him that typically comes across as larger than life and makes them so much more believable. Batman's world is infinitely more authentic because the cast feels so much more honest than even a few years ago. I had thought that Snyder's Batman in the New 52 would be MY Batman forever. Of course, that ended with a less than stellar note. The opposite is happening here with King. He clearly stumbled out of the gate, but has done nothing but improve with each new issue.My one concern? Splitting "Super Friends" across two volumes. Parts 3 and 4 will be in #6 I'm sure, but I feel like it needed to be all together in a single, large collection.

  • Malum
    2019-03-16 13:30

    If a superhero comic is going to be mostly talking with little action, then it usually has to be very well written to keep my attention. Well, King knocked it out of the park with this one. This volume is all about Batman and Catwoman preparing for their big day, and it is completely engrossing, funny, and even relatable, to the very end. We have seen silly 60s Batman, ultra-violent Batman, cartoon Batman, etc., but we are starting to see Batman like we have never seen before, and it is so funny and refreshing to watch him out of his element.

  • George
    2019-03-04 15:36

    The best part of King's Batman so far, for sure. I am Bane was an epic climactic finale, and WoJaR was a pretty significant dip in quality, but this is a return to form that feels classic and sweet and meaningful and strong, like its Batman. Joelle Jones's art is good though it has low moments, but Clay Mann does excellently in Superfriends.

  • Am Gill
    2019-03-06 13:26

    Holy crap this was so so good. My first exposure to Tom King's writing was a pleasure. Catchy dialogue that didn't get too wordy. Joelle Jones' art was incredible and Bruce and Selina's interplay was awesome

  • Scott
    2019-03-19 17:19

    Over all rating: 4⭐️’s Rules of Engagement: 3⭐️’sSuperFriends: 4⭐️’sSome of These Days: 5⭐️’sI’m still really liking Tom King’s run on Batman and have to say this is the first time in decades I’ve really stayed up on the title and cared for it. While The Bat will always be my favorite main line DC character, I’ve not always been a fan of the book. King has done something I don’t think any one else has ever accomplished; made Batman more human. A man finding love and real friendship. He’s made me care more for the hero and the man than I have before. And he doesn’t play fair in annual in this collection, Some of These Days. Comics shouldn’t make you cry.

  • Artur
    2019-02-28 18:17

    This was really rather sweet. I loved the look at what made Batman and Catwoman fall in love with each other and at the friendship of Bat and Superman. And then there was the double date issue, which is just perfect.

  • Ken Moten
    2019-03-04 19:18

    Batman is engaged! I have no idea where this is going, but Tom King makes it an enjoyable trip. I like the idea of king making the engagement the topic of the story with the crime-fighting as the afterthought or the "boring" part.

  • Soffy Sopraffare
    2019-03-05 16:11

    Es hermoso ver la relación BatCat♥ y esa cita doble del capítulo 37 fue super divertida. I'm so ready for the next chapters.

  • Gareth Brown
    2019-03-03 17:24

    Generally excellent and a refreshing change on recent volumes, theres no big bad but there are big events underway for Bruce Wayne and catwoman.

  • Logan Aube
    2019-03-16 16:22

    I'm not a Batman guy, but I LOVED this. Rules of Engagement is character driven, sincere, funny, and heartwarming. It made me feel like a million dollars. Five stars, no question. All hail Tom King.

  • Nick D
    2019-03-09 18:30

    Features Bat & Cat facing off against Talia, Batman & Superman double dating, and the INCREDIBLE Batman Annual #2