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Can a gruff, seasoned knight win over the love of his life in the midst of political chaos? 1215 A.D. - Dashiell "Dash" du Reims is the eldest son of the Earl of East Anglia and a cousin to the great House of de Lohr. Much like his warring and politically-involved cousins, Dashiell is also waist-deep in the political turmoil that is sweeping England at this time. As the Can a gruff, seasoned knight win over the love of his life in the midst of political chaos? 1215 A.D. - Dashiell "Dash" du Reims is the eldest son of the Earl of East Anglia and a cousin to the great House of de Lohr. Much like his warring and politically-involved cousins, Dashiell is also waist-deep in the political turmoil that is sweeping England at this time. As the Captain of the Guard for the powerful - and senile - Duke of Savernake, his is in the middle of the baron's rebellion against the king. Although his de Lohr cousins have been trying to lure him over into serving Christopher de Lohr, the greatest knight in the realm, Dashiell is reluctant for one very good reason - A woman. Specifically, the duke's youngest daughter, the lovely and sweet Belladonna. With the duke's senility, there is an undercurrent movement from within the family to usurp the duke by two of his ambitious sons-in-laws. As a man with only three daughters, the husbands of the older daughters are plotting to steal the duke's power and his seat, and Dashiell is the only thing that stands between them and the mad duke. He is also the only thing that stands between their wicked intentions towards Belladonna. Nothing will get past Dashiell when it comes to Belladonna, not even men who technically outrank him. He'll fight to the death. Soon enough, the evil husbands are plotting to be rid of Dashiell as well, but not if the powerful de Lohr family has anything to say about it. Enter a world of grand Medieval pagentry, passion, battles, and politics in Dashiell and Belladonna's story, where love is the only thing that truly conquers all and family bonds are the strongest of all. It's an all-out knightfest in this glorious Medieval epic. ...

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godspeed Reviews

  • Maggie Whitworth
    2019-02-22 22:16

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋My favourite sort of books are the ones where the descriptions are so vivid, it’s like a movie running through my mind . This is such a book , a true epic .The feeling and emotions running through the story are wonderful, I couldn’t put it down.Dashiell is a real romantic character , a true knight in shining armour.Belladonna is soft and gentle ,a woman of feelings and immense love , love for Dashiell .I found myself grinning and crying , I love when books give me these reactions, it shows the depth of the characters, and how immersed I am in those characters .Bentley and Lily are great secondaries, all through the book I found myself hoping for a happy ending for all four of these people .You will never regret reading this book , if you love epic battles, love , romance , devotion, hope when all else fails, and the most hateful , devious,Duke in waiting you’ll come across , this is one book you can’t miss . All I can say is enjoy the book and Godspeed .“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own

  • Kasie Cupp
    2019-02-27 19:21

    💗💗ONE OF THE GREATEST LOVE & WAR STORIES EVER💗💗Just finished GODSPEED! All the Wonderful men came out in this book it was Awesome to see how as the always have worked together as a "TAKE NO NONSENSE WAR MACHINE!" I will not lie but someone who the King John Murders is a WONDEEFUL MAN, so VENGEANCE BECOMES THE NAME OF THE GAME! Honestly what a Wild & Emotional book I have ever read. Dash du Reims is right on par with his cousin Christopher de Lohr (Rise of the Defender) with there undying love for their Women! Belladonna is a beautiful young woman. It was AMAZING TO SEE THIS STORY UNFOLD! Oh lord don't even get me started with Bently & Lily that was another whole Tear jearker. So here's what I can't wait for though Bric MacRohan's book because that Man is something else altogether. He is called "HIGH WARRIOR!" HATS OFF TO YOU. KATHRYN LE VEQUE, YOU ARE AN AMAZING AUTHOR. The way you weave your Stories is in the way only CERTAIN AUTHORS CAN.....

  • Kat Wiley
    2019-03-19 20:05

    Awesome Book! GodSpeed by Kathryn Le Veque is book 2 in the Earls Of East Anglia. Kathryn’s writing is so vivid that you can picture this story in your mind and you feel like you are back in 1215 A.D.Her characters are just wonderful. When they are happy, you feel happy for them and when they are sad you will cry. This story is not only creative but ingenious. This was a very emotional book for me and I loved every minute of it. This story brings romance, pure evil, greed, wars, kindness, madness, understanding, confusion, misunderstanding, a love for family, true friendships, adultery, gentleness, abuse, death, puppies and of course love. I highly recommend you read this book, you won’t be disappointed. Travel back to the Year of Our Lord 1215, A.D, South of Scarborough with Sir Dashiell (Dash) du Reims and Lady Donnabella (Bella) de Vaston on a journey like no other. ***This book was gifted to me and I am voluntarily reviewing.

  • Barbara Literski
    2019-03-01 20:07

    A LOVE FOREVERExcellent book written by Kathryn Le Veque!!You have Sir Dashiell du ReimsWho is over the army for the Duke of Savernake, Lord Edwardde Vaston. Lord Edward’s mind is not good. He thinks that he is Paul the Apostle. Lord Edward has three daughters, Lady Lily de Vaston le Cairon who is married to Clayton le Cairon. When the Duke dies Clayton will become the new Duke. No one like Clayton especially his wife. The other two daughters are Acacia and Belladonna.Sir Dashiell is in love with Belladonna but he thinks he is too old(44 years old), he doesn’t realize the she loves him also. This is a story that needs to be read, just to soak up the emotions, turmoil, happy and sad. I think this story can be read by any one.Enjoy

  • Petula
    2019-03-21 15:27

    Sir Dashiell du Reims has been the commander of the Duke of Savernake's army for years.  He is very sad that his liege lord is becoming more lost to madness as the days go by.  To add to the misery, the heir is an unscrupulous and power hungry man who married into the position.  Belladonna de Vaston is the youngest of the Duke's daughters and has watched her sister suffer a marriage to man she despises. There is no way she wants to live like that.  Bella has wanted Sir Dasheill for years but the man insists on treating her like a child.  Our hero sees himself as far to old to have the beautiful Bella . She deserves a young and handsome husband.  This is a fabulous story that deals with an issue some of us may face today, like dementia in a loved one. In medieval times when the Lords of the land held so much power devious people could use that illness to take that power for themselves.  That's unless there are honourable men around to put things right.  The story is set in a time when the King of England is trying to force his nobles to obey him,  and causing war all over the land.  Lots of emotion and some temper tantrums from our heroine.  Soul searching and bravery from our hero and his men.  We meet a few friends from other stories but not enough to spoil any of them.  The names will be very familiar to fans if this author.  As usual a book that drew me in from the first to the last page.  I loved it. 

  • Lisa Jackson
    2019-02-22 18:01

    Humor, longing, and intrigue- just terrific!I loved this story of two people who truly loved each other and struggled and fought for their love. Sir Dashiel “Dash” du Reims is in charge of the the knights for the Duke if Savernake. It is during a time of civil war in England and they are often called to the battlefield. This is all well and good for a knight like Dash, who is known far and wide for his abilities, but his liege really shouldn’t be on those same fields. His liege, a man Dash has cared for and respected for years, has been greatly affected by dementia and could be harmed as the duke doesn’t battle on the field- he blesses. The duke has three daughters, and one, Belladonna, is special to Dash, and he to her, but neither is very forthcoming about their feelings at first. They have known each other for years, and there is an age difference, but their friendship has matured into a love that is deep and strong. Their desire to have a life together is threatened by an evil antagonist with designs on the dukedom. The plot is filled with intrigue and danger and longing, so much so that the reader cam almost feel it. The descriptions of the locations and living conditions right down to what they ate makes you feel as if you’re watching events unfold. The cast of characters in this story adds so much to it that I hope at least one has a story of his own. There were several times I laughed out loud at the dialogue in this one!This is terrific and I highly recommend it for readers who enjoy historical romance or any romance with adventure and humor with their hea.