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Вероника решает умереть

Вторая изданная "Софией" книга Коэльо - совсем иная, чем знаменитый "Алхимик". О чем же она? Просто о жизни, о смерти, о любви. Да еще о безумии - о "Горечи", которой поражены мы все, и о том Безумии, избавляться от которого нельзя ни в коем случае... "Вероника решает умереть" - прекрасная и ободряющая, придающая силу книга, блестяще проработанная и полная иронических метаВторая изданная "Софией" книга Коэльо - совсем иная, чем знаменитый "Алхимик". О чем же она? Просто о жизни, о смерти, о любви. Да еще о безумии - о "Горечи", которой поражены мы все, и о том Безумии, избавляться от которого нельзя ни в коем случае... "Вероника решает умереть" - прекрасная и ободряющая, придающая силу книга, блестяще проработанная и полная иронических метафор. Это реалистическая история о жажде жизни перед лицом смерти, призывающая воспринимать каждый день как чудо....

Title : Вероника решает умереть
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ISBN : 9785955000831
Format Type : Paperback
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Вероника решает умереть Reviews

  • Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly
    2019-04-19 04:57

    Pretty, single, 24-year-old Veronika decides to die for two reasons, both of them phony: one, because she realizes she will one day be old; and two, because a lot of things are wrong in this world. She then takes a lot of sleeping pills. While waiting to die, as if she's waiting for her cat to finish drinking its milk, Veronika decides to read a magazine and then write to the editor of that magazine. Which made the scene cartoonish.This rare combination of phoniness and cartoonishness gelled and gave birth to this masterpiece. A masterpiece of nothingness, like a gigantic void proud of its vast emptiness. Paolo Coelho is like a god, not only to those who worship him, for he has created something out of nothing using the time-tested way of hoodwinking morons who read books like this: sprinkling lots of amphibologies and gobbledygooks to a plotless tale of nonsense. Gripping their highlighters, these morons would then make passages like this shine in neon, marvel at how deep they are, and then give the book a 5-star rating at"We all live in our own world. But if you look up at the starry sky, you'll see that all the different worlds up there combine to form constellations, solar systems, galaxies." (p.162).He could have added: If you feel all alone in this big, wide world as if you carry the weight of all the sadness there is, then look up at the starry, starry sky during a starry, starry night and realize that there are aliens living in all those other planets who, in their solitude, likewise pine for the worlds they cannot see.Damn, I sure do sound better than Coelho!

  • Irina
    2019-04-22 21:26

    Fantastic read! Awesome! I could not put the book down!“Veronika Decides to Die” – just read the title again….decides to die…How many times have you said to yourself, at least I have, “Ahh…I don’t care, I don’t really want to live anymore”, without even thinking about the meaning of it.So Veronika said the same thing and decided to do something about it. Why?Nothing bad had happened to Veronika, she was beautiful, had a regular life…very ordinary though ... but normalShe decided that it was not exciting enough, and decided to die!But her suicide attempt didn’t succeed and she ended up in the mental hospital. The pills ruined her heart and she had one more week to live before she dies – or so she was told."An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely." Having only week to live, Veronika re-discovers herself sexually and emotionally, falls in love, and starts having this eagerness to live.In addition, her suicide touched lives of other people in the mental hospital, who started cherish every day of their lives."Basically everything that happens in our life is our fault, and our fault alone."So when the next time you say to yourself, “Ahh…I don’t care, I don’t really want to live anymore” - think twice.2014 Update:I re-read this book this year for my book club... 6 years since I read it first. I agree with all points after my first read but want to add some additional points on issues that Coelho discusses:- Conformity, society norms and its danger - Madness/insanity and what they really mean within the chains of society norms; how society norms varies from culture to culture, and how personal individuality can be affected by these “norms” - Death and life and how knowing that death is imminent changes your perception of life: you start appreciating every moment and allow yourself to express yourself - The book discusses other characters, Mari, Zedka, and Eduard. They were hiding inside the walls of Vilette because they were trying to escape the real world due to similar reasons related to to not being understood by their families and society. Vilette’s environment created a shield from the real world, “society”, and allowed these “insane” people to express themselves and behave the way they want without criticism. At the end… Veronika’s suicide affects them profoundly awakening in them a desire to live outside of Vilette’s walls and also making them to realize that Vilette is just another form of controlled society with its own rules and acceptance. And that at the end the true happiness lies in our own desire and believe, in our own acceptance and willingness to remove any boundaries and allow ourselves to live to the fullest, and be happy!

  • Gloria Mundi
    2019-04-18 22:02

    Veronika is a 24 year old Slovenian woman who one day decides to kill herself, apparently because (1) "everything in her life was the same and, once her youth was gone, it would be downhill all the way" and (2) everything is wrong with the world and she feels powerless to make things right. After she takes an overdose of sleeping pills, Veronika wakes up in a mental asylum and the remainder of the book is, basically, a series of interactions between Veronika and a number of the inhabitants of the asylum, including a young schizophrenic named Eduard, who mainly stands around mutely and masturbates while Veronika plays the piano. Veronika (what else!) inexplicably falls in love with him, after she similarly inexplicably regains her joie de vivre.I suppose, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Veronika, and certainly Coelho does not add much else in terms of characterisation. Some reviewers have pointed out that to create realistic characters or believable plot is not the point of this book and certainly not Coelho's intention. I guess one really has no choice but to agree with this as it is patently obvious that this is not so much a book as a meditation on insanity with characters and plot which are merely vehicles to convey the author's thoughts on the subject and encourage the reader to reflect on the same and to explore how they may feel/behave/think in similar circumstances. Paulo Coelho himself makes a brief and pointless appearance at the beginning of the book to tell you that it is based on his own experiences as a mental patient and proceeds to bash you over the head with his message, which is that everyone is crazy, insanity and genius are two sides of the same coin and we should all let our inner freak out and stop trying to conform.As a reader, I find this approach supremely unsatisfactory. For some reason, I tend to be much more receptive to the message when I can actually bring myself to care about the story or the characters, however unsympathetic they may be. I am sometimes able to forgive lack of plot or character development if the book is particularly informative or beautifully written or manages to turn me on or makes me think about a subject in a new and interesting way. Unfortunately, this book did none of that. Veronika fails even as a placeholder because her actions are so absurd and incomprehensible that I was completely unable to relate to them or to put myself in her shoes. So all that was left was the message and I had absolutely no patience for Coelho's particular brand of preachy self-help pop-psychology.

  • noelle
    2019-04-06 04:20

    this shitty, whiny book in a nutshell, which is all it deserves: a simple, trite, self-indulgent allegory that poorly contemplates the similarities between genius and insanityi think this is the worst passage i've read so far:Vitriol was a toxic substance whose symptoms he had identified in his conversations with the men and women he had met. Now he was writing a thesis on the subject, which he would submit to the Slovenian Academy of Sciences for its scrutiny. It was the most important step in the field of insanity since Dr. Pinel had ordered that patients should be unshackled, astonishing the medical world with the idea that some of them might even be cured.As with the libido—the chemical reaction responsible for sexual desire, which Dr. Freud had identified, but which no laboratory had ever managed to isolate—Vitriol was released by the human organism whenever a person found him- or herself in a frightening situation, although it had yet to be picked up in any spectrographic tests. It was easily recognized, though, by its taste, which was neither sweet nor savory—a bitter taste. Dr. Igor, the as-yet-unrecognized discoverer of this fatal substance, had given it the name of a poison much favored in the past by emperors, kings, and lovers of all kinds whenever they needed to rid themselves of some obstructive person.if you are filled with the incomprehensible rage that follows after utter dullness like this, we will probably make good i actually finished this, and guess what! it was consistently awful. entirely insipid with a delightful dose of misogyny--outside of the entire premise of the book, a young woman just "deciding" to kill herself basically because she's bored; apparently veronika only discovers life is worth living after meeting a boring artist dude & and (spoiler ahead) it turns out her male doctor was drugging her with a medicine that mimics heart attacks solely so she could discover how important life is worth living. what??? in no way is this examined for how fucked up it is and we're supposed to just sit back and enjoy the shitty advice on how to live life that's being spewed. i probably would have enjoyed this when i was fifteen and didn't know any better, but i'm an adult human with critical thinking skills. i am not impressed with contrived, falsely "deep" drivel. y'all shouldn't be either.

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-03-28 05:08

    90. Veronika decide morrer = Veronika Decides To Die (On the Seventh Day #2), Paulo Coelhoورونیکا تصمیم می‌گیرد بمیرد - پائولو کوئیلو (کاروان) ادبیاتعنوان: ورونیکا تصمیم می‌گیرد بمیرد؛ نویسنده: پائولو کوئلیو؛ مترجم: آرش حجازی؛ تهران، کاروان، 1378؛ در 236 ص؛ مصور، عکس؛ چاپ پنجم 1378؛ ششم تا هشتم 1379؛ نهم تا یازدهم 1380؛ دوازده و سیزدهم 1381؛ نوزدهم 1386؛ بیست و دوم 1388؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان برزیلی - قرن 20 مورونیکا، دختر جوانی‌ که‌ به‌ دلیل‌ آزادی‌ مطلق‌ و فراموشی‌ ابدی‌ به‌ دنبال‌ مرگ‌ رفته، زندگی‌ را می‌یابد. او نزدیک‌ یک‌ هفته‌، بین‌ زندگی‌ و مرگ‌ سرگردان‌ است، ولی‌ آگاهیش از مرگ‌ باعث‌ می‌شود، زندگی‌ کند و کارهایی‌ را انجام‌ دهد، که‌ پیش‌ از آن‌ هرگز نکرده‌ بود. ورونیکا به‌ آن‌ چه‌ ندارد می‌اندیشد، و زندگی‌ خود را دوباره‌ ارزیابی‌ می‌کندا. شربیانی

  • Misha
    2019-04-11 04:15

    At about 50 pages in, it's a little frightening how much I've identified with Veronika thus far, how much I understand her rationale for wanting to die. She can only see one path unfolding for herself, and it's one she can't stomach. I get that. But unlike Veronika I haven't given up hope that my path may yet fork off in unexpected and exciting directions.I also read and think there must be a certain kind of comfort in going truly insane. Not this garden-variety neurosis I experience, but really, disconnected-from-reality insane. We're so frightened of the idea of insanity, of not knowing what's going on around us or not being able to distinguish truth from fantasy, but what would it be like to live it? There's a part of me that thinks maybe it would be just a little liberating, and I can understand why the Fraternity (?) wants to stay in the asylum instead of returning to the world outside.---I'm settled in to read. It's drizzling rain and the sky outside is a deep, melancholy gray. I've got pillows stacked up on the couch, the cat languorously swishing his tail as he gazes out the window, and a cup of chocolate truffle coffee on the little rolling cart we use for a coffee table. Angelo Badalementi's haunting soundtrack music from Twin Peaks pours from the tinny speakers on my laptop. It's kind of a perfect day.I just came across this passage.Depression.The doctors said that a recently discovered substance, serotonin, was one of the compounds responsible for how human beings felt. A lack of serotonin impaired one's capacity to concentrate at work, to sleep, to eat, and to enjoy life's pleasures. When this substance was completely absent, the person experienced despair, pessimism, a sense of futility, terrible tiredness, anxiety, difficulties in making decisions, and would end up sinking into a permanent gloom, which would lead either to complete apathy or suicide. ...In Zedka's case, however, the reasons were simpler than anyone suspected: there was a man hidden in her past, or rather, the fantasy she had built up about a man she had known a long time ago.Oh, Zedka, I suspect many of us can trace the roots of depression to the fantasy of a man (or woman) hidden in our pasts.I'm now eager to read on and discover Zedka's story.The impossible love. The refusal to believe the impossible love is impossible. Hope itself can be a sort of madness sometimes, when it's false, when we allow it to consume us rather than uplift. Yes. I know this.Now back to Veronika, and, holy shit, I could just as well be reading my own journal.She had overcome her minor defects only to be defeated by matters of fundamental importance. She had managed to appear utterly independent when she was, in fact, desperately in need of company. ... She gave all her friends the impression that she was a woman to be envied, and she expended most of her energy in trying to behave in accordance with the image she had created of herself.Because of that she had never had enough energy to be herself, a person who, like everyone in the world, needed other people in order to be happy. But other people were so difficult. They reacted in unpredictable ways, they surrounded themselves with defensive walls, they behaved just as she did, pretending they didn't care about anything. ...She might have impressed a lot of people with her strength and determination, but where had it left her? In the void. Utterly alone.I suspect Veronika soon will learn she's not quite as alone as she thinks. God, I hope so.Also? I think I have to stop reproducing passages from this book or I'll end up quoting the whole damn thing.Dr. Igor? The psychiatrist? Quite possibly the craziest character in the book. He's laughably absurd. I loved the interchange between him and Veronika's mother -- the jumping back and forth between points-of-view and the mother's puzzlement at the things Igor was saying.Oh. Here's another snippet. "Haven't you learned anything, not even with the approach of death? Stop thinking all the time that you're in the way, that you're bothering the person next to you. If people don't like it, they can complain. And if they don't have the courage to complain, that's their problem."The supposedly insane people in this novel are all ones who are challenging and rejecting these unspoken rules we all live by, that hold us down and hold us back. These ideas that we should follow certain expected paths and behave in certain ways and suppress our true selves. These lunatics are calling bullshit on society, and it's wonderful.---And now I'm done, and I feel like I've gone on a journey with this book and come out the other side much like Veronika, Mari, Eduard and Zedka -- ready to embrace my life and my capacity for love.

  • مصطفي سليمان
    2019-04-14 02:12

    واحدة من اقرب الروايات الي قلبيمع انها مغرقة في الحزن بشدةمن اول البداية واختيار فيرونيكاللانتحار وناجتهاوالمعاملة الجافة في المستشفيوالنظرات اللي بتشوفها في الناسمن نوعيةيا عيني يا حبيبتيو عملتي في نفسك ليهعلاقتها بالبيانو وباقي المرضمعرفش الفيلم اللي اتعمل ايه موقفه من الروايةبس الرواية من الافضل للرائع باولو تقراء في كوب شراب دافئفي الشتاءهيفرق:)

  • Fatima
    2019-04-23 00:01

    اگر همین حالا به ما بگویند فقط یک هفته زنده ای چه میکنیم ؟ آیا زانوی غم بغل کرده و سرعت فرسایش درونی حتی از خود مرگ هم قوی تر و سریع تر روحمان را از جسم جدا میکند ؟ یا که سعی میکنم از لحظه لحظه ی آن ۷ روز نهایت استفاده را کنیم و جدا تمام حسرت هارا حالا شاید اندکی شان را تجربه کنیم و با لبخند به آغوش روز هفتم و مرگ برویم ؟ ما هیچ از زندگی نمیدانیم . ما بلد نیستیم زندگی کنیم . ما ربات های خواب آلودی هستیم که یا در گذشته به سر میبریم یا در آینده و نگران آن لحظاتی هستیم که هرگز فرا نرسیده درست مثل ورونیکا ؛ در آن مدت که دکتر به او گفت به مرگ نزدیک میشود زندگی اش شروع شد و خودش و استعدادش را کشف کرد و حتی باعث تاثیرات مثبت در بقیه شد و چند نفر را از خواب بیدار کرد و به واژه ی صحیح زندگی برگرداند . منظورم از زندگی چیزی بالاتر از حالات رباتی خودمان هست ، حتی من هم با خواندن این کتاب فهمیدم که معنی زندگی را نمیفهمم و بدتر که نمیدانم اگر بفهمم چطوری میشود و *تبدیل به چه انسانی میشوم و بلد نیستم رها باشم و از رهایی فراریم ، گفتن لغت *تبدیل باز هم اشتباه هست باید بگویم اگر زندگی را بفهمم خود واقعی ام خودی که سالها زیر خاکسترهای درونی پنهان هست سر بیرون میاورد و نفس میشکد و با هر نفسش به خودم باز میگردم و رها از گذشته و آینده عاشق زمان حال، فقط در زمان حال از فرصتم برای انسان بودن استفاده میکنم و بیداری آرزوی من هست و شاید روزی چیزی کسی جایی باعث شد که من بیدار شوم ... در طلب آن بیداریم

  • بثينة العيسى
    2019-04-25 23:15

    هذه قصة التحول من الرغبة بالانتحار إلى الرغبة بتجرع الحياة حتى أقصاها. أعتقد بأننا - كلنا - نحتاج أن نستعيد هذه الرغبة!

  • Sundos Halawani
    2019-03-26 01:00

    رواية غير اعتيادية أبدًا! نصحني بها أحد الأصدقاءأول صفحات الرواية تبدأ بمشهد فتاة جميلة، لاينقصها من الحياة شيء.. تنتحر!لتصحو فجأة وتجد نفسها في مستشفى للأمراض العقلية!!رواية تتحدث عن الجنون بمعناه الغير اعتيادي.. رواية من الممكن أن أقول بعدها أننا جميعًا أو أغلبنا مجانين بطريقة أو أخرى!يوجد بها بعض التجاوزات الجنسية، بمعنى أنني لن أسمح لأختي الصغيرة بقرائتها! :\أبدع باولو كويلهو صراحة، أعجبتني بشدة أكثر من رواية الخيميائي التي تبدو اعتيادية جدًا من نظري.. أقتبس لكم منها قليلًلا:"المجانين دائمًا يؤمنون بالانطباع الأول""بعض الأطباء المحافظين قالوا إن أي تغيير كبير في الحياة يمكن أن يفجر الاكتئاب، الانتقال إلى دولة أخرى، فقدان من نحب، الطلاق، ازدياد مطالب العمل أو العائلة.."رواية استثنائية بحق! نهاية غير متوقعة ومرضية تمامًا لعاطفتي، وعقلي في ذات الوقت، بطريقة تجعلك تتذكرها دومًا،، أختم باقتباس آخر.. "الوعي بالموت، يشجعنا على الحياة بكثافة أكثر"♥

  • Xandra
    2019-04-07 03:58

    The best way to describe this book is: it makes no sense whatsoever. Of course, you may say: "Well, Xandra, Paulo Coelho is a profound man, a philosopher. Not everyone gets him."Yeah, ok. I can't possibly argue with that. Now...Veronika is a young Slovenian woman who decides to kill herself because her youth is almost gone and the world is a fucked up place. What? Yes, she is Slovenian. What do you mean why? I don't know why! I guess it's more exotic this way. Shut up!Ugh, I'm talking to myself again. Paulo Coelho is driving me nuts!So, yeah, she overdoses on sleeping pills, but being the lame loser that she is, she doesn't end up six feet underground, but in a mental institution where she is told she only has one week to live. I actually laughed out loud at that. Who wouldn't?You then follow her interactions with a bunch of uninteresting characters, a schizophrenic guy named Eduard being one of them. Actually, no. I'm not fair. Eduard is not a totally uninteresting guy. He's a little kinky and funny and creepy because he likes watching Veronika masturbate while she plays the piano. Didn't see that coming. I mean, Eduard never talks, he's basically a recluse, but after this scene these two weirdos inexplicably fall in love.And this isn't even the best part. The best part is the ending. (view spoiler)[It turns out that Veronika's psychiatrist, a true example of professionalism, was lying the whole time. Veronika isn't sick, it was all a freakish experiment (you know, in the name of science) and of course it worked because now Veronika doesn't want to die anymore and she's gonna live happily ever after with her rich creepy boyfriend Eduard. (hide spoiler)]Great stuff. I'm waiting for "Veronika Decides to Die - a graphic novel".

  • Jaidee
    2019-03-29 23:14

    2 bemused yes bemused stars.Veronika has a mild personality disorder and attempts a serious suicide attempt. She is placed in a private psych. hospital in the capital of Slovenia. She is beautiful and artistic and hypersexual and "special" (I suspect that this is the way Mr. Coelho views himself as well)Through pretentious and contrived conversations and situations filled with half-facts, pseudo-wisdom and a whole lot of malarkey she is cured. This is not a novel but rather a vehicle for Mr. Coelho to brand his own personal philosophies to the masses. (almost like propaganda)This book elicited a bemused response from me at this age so I decided to imagine what Jaidee at other ages would have thought and felt about this book.Jaidee at 14 - 1 star- "really weird and kind of boring"Jaidee at 19 - 3 stars- "Wow that Veronika is one cool and sexi chick."Jaidee at 23 - 3.5 stars- "Poor Veronika -she is so misunderstood another victim of patriarchy"Jaidee at 28 - 4 stars - "Wow there is some pretty cool stuff in this book...very deep"Jaidee at 37 - barely half a star- " what a bunch of ridiculous bs"Perhaps this book has elements of all the above and that is why Mr. Coelho sells so many damn books.

  • İntellecta
    2019-04-24 01:03

    For people who are concerned only superficially with the subject complex, the book is perhaps quite suitable.I found it very terrible and failed, especially in face of the fact that the approach could have a lot of potential, but this novel was anything but useful.

  • ياسمين ثابت
    2019-04-26 00:24

    الوعي بالموت يشجعنا على الحياة بكثافة اكثر---ان الذين يتجرأون في البحث عن المواضيع المحرمة تطلب ان يكونو على قدر كاف من الشجاعة وقدر كبير من عدم الاستيعاب----*أن الجنون هو العجز عن التعبير عن الافكارفالأمر أشبه بالتواجد في بلد غريب حيث يمكنك رؤيتة كل ما يحيط بك و فهمه لكنك تعجزين عن التعبير عما تريدين معرفته او عن تلقي مساعدة أحدهم لأنك لا تفهمين اللغة ---الرواية الثانية لباولو كويلو التي اقراها وربما كان خطأي اني قارنتها بالخيميائيولكني لاحظت تشابه بين الاثنين...كلاهما له هدف وهدف سام...كلامها يرتقي بالقارئ ويساعده على تخطي صعوبات حياته وهذا ما يعجبني في كاتب مثل باولو كويلو وهذا من وجهة نظري هو الهدف الرئيسي لوجود الادبلجعلنا نفهم هذه الحياة لجعلنا اناس افضل وارقى واسمىاعترف اني فكرت كثيرا بتلك الفكرة التي راودت فيرونيكا اعترف انها تشبهني اكثر مما كنت اتخيل اعترف ان الانتحار هو الطريق الاسهل وان السبب دائما كان تلك الحياة اللعينة المتكررة التي لا تنتهيذاك البؤس الذي يشبه العفن كلما تخلصت منه يعود من جديد ليأكل روحك من الداخلقد يهزمنا اليأس احيانا وتشابه النهايات والنتائج وفروغ حياتنا من اي امل او اي سعادة حقيقية فيجعلنا نفكر كما فكرت فيرونيكا (طبعا لا ابرر الانتحار ولا اخفي حرمانيته )ولكن لماذا كنا حقا نفكر فيه؟ هل نحن مجانين؟وماهو الجنون؟ وما هو العقل ؟ وكيف يعرف الانسان ان كان مجنونا كما في قصة الملك...وان كان من حوله مجانين فجعله هذا بعقله انه هو المجنون فقط لانه مختلفومتى يصير الاختلاف ميزة ومتى يصير جنون حقا.؟ولماذا لا نموت حين نريد ان نموت؟ ...بل نموت فقط حين نتشبث بالحياة؟ماهي الاهتمام باشياء تهمنا حقا ام تهم غيرنا فعلينا ان نهتم بها حتى نكون في نظرهم طبيعينفكرة لوقت والزمان والمكان وفلسفتهافكار كثيرة وحكايات ومشاعر وفلسفة مكتوبة في هذه الرواية ربما بشكل سطحي بعض الشئ او جعلها متوقعة بالنسبة لي ربما لو كنت قرأتها في بداية قراءاتي لكنت انبهرت بها جدا....ربما لكني حين افكر مثلا (بجنون) عن تناول رواية مثل كافكا لنفس الافكار...فكرة الحياة والموت والاحلام والجنون و و و ادرك طبعا مدى الاختلاف بين الكتابين وانه لا يجوز المقارنة بينهما ...ولكني ادرك ايضا ان طريقة التناول الساحر للفكرة ضروري للاتقان في ايصال الفكرةالفكرة وصلتني وعجبتني ولكن الرواية كانت مملة ومتوقعة وهذا ماجعلني اعطيها فقط 3 نجومولكني سعيدة بقراءتها اكون سعيدة حين اقرأ عمل ادبي اشعر انه مفيد للقارئ

  • Mohammed Alsaleh
    2019-04-08 21:57

    من أفضل روايات باولو على الإطلاق !عن نفسي أضعها في المرتبة الثالثة طبعاً .. بعد 11 دقيقة والخيميائيفيرونيكا .. تجن وتدخل مستشفى المجانين .. تقرر في داخله الموت وتنتظر لحظاته ..وصف الانتظار ووصف شعور الجنون لدى باولو لم أقرأ له مثيل ..ما يميّز باولو عن غيره .. أنه لا يغرقك في وصف الأشياء .. الناس الأشكال الظاهر التي تستيطع أن تميزها بعينك المجردة ..لا !باولو يغرقك في وصف الشعور الإحساس أعمال القلب كلها .. تتحرك كل عضلات قلبك اليابسة والساكنة لحظة أن تقرأ لباولو .. تحس أنه إنسان يتلاعب بالشعور ويغير القناعات والتفكير ..هنا كان وصف الانتظار أكثر شيء أثارني .. قشعر جسدي مرات ومرات .. وأحسست بالحزن بالحب بالهم بالكآبة بالفرح أحياناً كثيرة في حنايا الرواية ..أهديتها للكثير ... والآن هي مهداة وأظنها ستعود لي قريباً لأهديها شخصاً آخر ..أنصح بقرائتها " كعادة روايات باولو " بشدة:)ولكم فائق التقدير والاحترام

  • Liz
    2019-04-21 03:26

    This was really the worst book I've ever read. I don't know if it's a problem in the translation or not, but as much as I WANTED to like this book I just couldn't make myself. I got about 60 pages away from the end before I realized that I didn't care about any of the characters and just wanted Veronika to die and get it over with.I think the worst part for me is that the author chose to write the second chapter about himself. Generally speaking, I think it's admirable that he wanted to protect his parents by not writing about his own institutionalization, but making himself a character in the novel and explaining his reasons for writing the book rather defeated the purpose. It also took me right out of the novel and made it impossible for me to get back into it.

  • Muhammed Hebala
    2019-04-13 22:04

    "The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets successfully through many a bad night.Nietzsche" “I need a sign, that things are gonna change. I need a reason to go on. I need some hope. And in the absence of hope, I need to stay in bed and feel like I might die today.Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy" "An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely.""But humans are all alike, she thought. We have replaced nearly all of our emotions with fear."This book allows the reader to reevaluate the importance of life and that each day is precious … not to be wasted.Coelho discusses Conformity, society norms and its danger, Madness/insanity and what they really mean within the chains of society norms, Death and life and how knowing that death is imminent changes your perception of life.===================================“Insanity is the inability to communicate your ideas. It's as if you were in a foreign country, able to see and understand everything that's going on around you but incapable of explaining what you need to know or of being helped, because you don't understand the language they speak there. We've all felt that. And all of us, one way or another, are insane.” -----------------------“Each human being is unique, each with their own qualities, instincts, forms of pleasure, and desire for adventure. However, society always imposes on us a collective ways of behaving, and people never stop to wonder why they should behave like that. They just accept it, the way typists accepted the fact that the QWERTY keyboard was the best possible one. Have you ever met anyone is your entire life who asked why the hands of a clock should go in one particular direction and not the other?” -----------------------"She went to work every day, always keeping to the same timetable, always making sure she wasn’t perceived as a threat by her superiors; she was content; she didn’t struggle, and so she didn’t grow"----------------------- “Two of the hardest decisions in life: the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage to accept whatever you encounter.” -----------------------“An intense life needs a touch of madness.”-----------------------" A lot of people go through the same difficulties we went through, and they react completely differently. We looked for the easiest way out: a separate reality."-----------------------“I once saw a woman wearing a low-cut dress; she had a glazed look in her eyes, and she was walking the streets of Ljubljana when it was five degrees below zero. I thought she must be drunk, and I went to help her, but she refused my offer to lend her my jacket. Perhaps in her world it was summer and her body was warmed by the desire of the person waiting for her. Even if that person only existed in her delirium, she had the right to live and die as she wanted, don’t you think?”Veronika didn’t know what to say, but the madwoman’s words made sense to her. Who knows; perhaps she was the woman who had been seen half-naked walking the streets of Ljubljana?“I’m going to tell you a story,” said Zedka. “A powerful wizard, who wanted to destroy an entire kingdom, placed a magic potion in the well from which all the inhabitants drank. Whoever drank that water would go mad.“The following morning, the whole population drank from the well and they all went mad, apart from the king and his family, who had a well set aside for them alone, which the magician had not managed to poison. The king was worried and tried to control the population by issuing a series of edicts governing security and public health. The policemen and the inspectors, however, had also drunk the poisoned water, and they thought the king’s decisions were absurd and resolved to take no notice of them.“When the inhabitants of the kingdom heard these decrees, they became convinced that the king had gone mad and was now giving nonsensical orders. They marched on the castle and called for his abdication.“In despair the king prepared to step down from the throne, but the queen stopped him, saying: ‘Let us go and drink from the communal well. Then we will be the same as them.’“And that was what they did: The king and the queen drank the water of madness and immediately began talking nonsense. Their subjects repented at once; now that the king was displaying such wisdom, why not allow him to continue ruling the country?“The country continued to live in peace, although its inhabitants behaved very differently from those of its neighbors. And the king was able to govern until the end of his days.”Veronika laughed.“You don’t seem crazy at all,” she said.“But I am, although I’m undergoing treatment since my problem is that I lack a particular chemical. While I hope that the chemical gets rid of my chronic depression, I want to continue being crazy, living my life the way I dream it, and not the way other people want it to be. Do you know what exists out there, beyond the walls of Villete?”“People who have all drunk from the same well.”“Exactly,” said Zedka. “They think they’re normal, because they all do the same thing. Well, I’m going to pretend that I have drunk from the same well as them.”

  • Kostas Papadatos
    2019-04-11 21:12

    Kαλό ήταν αν και δε με συγκίνησε ιδιαίτερα. Θα το εκτιμούσα περισσότερο αν το διάβαζα αρκετά χρόνια πριν.

  • lita
    2019-04-20 22:56

    Saat Asa Tak Lagi AdaAsa, Harapan, Impian, Angan-angan, atau apapun namanya, selalu ada di benak semua orang. Setiap kejadian yang menimpa seseorang, bisa jadi menstimulasi pikiran orang tersebut untuk mempunyai asa. Dan semua orang berhak untuk itu. Bagaimana seseorang menyikapi asa tersebut, semua ada ditangannya. Mau diwujudkan atau tidak, terserah yang bersangkutan.Saat Sang Hidup mengajak saya bergulat melawan maut, saya dihadapi oleh dua pilihan. Pertama, menyerah pada keadaan, untuk kemudian menyerah pada kematian yang datang cepat ataupun lambat. Atau yang kedua, menganggap hal ini sebagai tantangan. Persis seperti seorang pendaki gunung yang berusaha tiba di puncak. Entah akan sampai di puncak dan turun lagi dengan selamat atau tidak, segala usaha tidak akan terasa sia-sia. Malah akan membuat hidup saya menjadi lebih bermakna. Dan semuanya saya jalani karena sebuah asa. Pilihan, itu kata kuncinya. Hidup ini penuh dengan pilihan. Dan semua orang bebas memilih. Dan perlu keberanian untuk itu. Saya berani memilih untuk memilih kuliah bidang yang jarang diminati orang, saya berani memilih pekerjaan yang penuh resiko, saya berani memilih untuk selalu ternafikan oleh orang yang diam-diam saya cintai. Bukan karena apa, karena ada tantangan di sana dan saya yakin bahwa asa akan selalu ada. Dan saya bahagia karena saya melakukan semuanya atas dasar pilihan saya. Keberanian untuk memilih tersebut terwakilkan dalam tokoh Zedka dalam novel karya Paulo Coelho ini. Dengan berani, Zedka memilih untuk melepas semua yang ia punya demi memenuhi asa terhadap pujaan hatinya. Meski hasilnya tidak sesuai angan, tapi ia puas. Paling tidak , Zedka sudah mencobanya. Keberanian yang sama juga terjadi pada diri Mari. Ia berani memilih untuk tinggal dalam Villette, rumah sakit jiwa dalam novel ini, meski karenanya ia harus diceraikan oleh sang suami. Tiga tahun kemudian, ia dengan berani menghadap dokter kepala rumah sakit tersebut untuk menyatakan bahwa ia tidak gila, dan keluar dari Villette dengan kepala tegak. Ada asa buat Mari: menjadi sukarelawan di Sarajevo. Asa yang sudah ia miliki sebelum “bermukim” di Villette.Meski agak terlambat, tokoh lain yakni Veronika pun memiliki keberanian untuk memilih. Veronika, yang memilih untuk mengakhiri hidupnya karena merasa tak ada arti dalam kehidupan yang ia jalani selama lebih dari dua puluh tahun. Asanya terhadap kehidupan sudah patah sejak ia kecil. Sejak keinginannya untuk menjadi pianis dipatahkan oleh ibunya, Veronika menjalani kehidupan tanpa ada asa sedikit pun. Dan itu karena ia menjalani kehidupannya atas keinginan orang lain (yakni ibunya), sehingga hidup terasa datar dan tak berarti apa-apa. Matanya baru terbuka bahwa hidup ini jauh lebih indah bila kita hidup di atas keinginan kita sendiri dan baru bisa terwujud bila kita berani menghadapi tantangan dalam usaha mewujudkan keinginan kita tersebut, setelah ia divonis bahwa hidupnya tinggal lima hari lagi.Sekali lagi, hidup ini penuh dengan pilihan. Dan semuanya ada di tangan kita untuk bagaimana menyikapi pilihan itu. Meski harus dilalui dengan susah payah, tapi saya yakin bahwa asa akan selalu ada. Saya tidak mau jadi Veronika…(lits)

  • Soheila
    2019-04-21 00:22

    ”اگر هرکسی فقط زندگی خودش را می کرد و می گذاشت دیگران هم زندگی کنند، خدا در هر لحظه ای حاضر می بود، در هر دانه ی خردل، در قطعات ابری که لحظه ای هستند و لحظه ای دیگر می روند.خدا همان جا بود و اما مردم اعتقاد داشتند باید همچنان بگردند، چون پذیرفتن اینکه زندگی فقط یک ایمان است، بسیار ساده بنظر می رسید....“هنوزم همونقد این کتابو دوس دارم که شیش هفت سال پیش داشتم.خوشحالم که دوباره خوندمش...

  • Tareq Fares
    2019-04-06 23:04

    هي رواية تكشف لك عالم المجانين لتصل في النهاية إلى قناعة بانك مجنون وان المرض الذي تعاني منه هو مقاومة شي حتمي في كل إنسان وهو انك مختلف عن جميع البشر، بان لديك ما يسعدك وما يحزنك وما يشعرك بالحرية او ما يجلب لك التعاسة امور خاصة بك انت وحدك غير انك كفرد في هذا المجتمع تجاري من حولك فتحاول ان تضحك معهم وتحزن معهم رغم اختلافنا الفطري.وحتى وان اعتزلنا المجتمع سيصبح لنا مجتمعنا الخاص الذي سيكون له تقاليدة وعاداته المجنونة التي يجب بدورنا مجاراتها على حساب عواطفنا ورغباتنا. بطلة هذه الرواية شابة حاولت الإنتحار ولكنها فشلت فوجدت الرغبة في الحياة بعد تجربتها وبعد معرفتها بانها تموت موتاً بطئ.نصيحة ... إقراء هذه الرواية وانت بعيد عن مشاغل الحياة من عمل وأسرة وغيرها .. وأنت بعيد عن عالمك الروتيني الممل حتى تدرك بان الجنون نعمة :)

  • Barbara
    2019-03-31 05:08

    Veronika, an attractive 24-year-old woman living in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has loving parents, an okay job, decent boyfriends, and so on. However she's tired of her routine life and tries to commit suicide. Veronika's attempt fails and she wakes up in Villete, a local mental hospital. There Veronika is told that her suicide attempt has severely damaged her heart and she has about a week to live. Liberated from worries about going on with life - and learning that mental patients are free to exhibit any behavior they like - Veronika decides to interact with some fellow patients. She befriends Mari, who has panic attacks; Zedka, who is depressed; and Eduard, a catatonic schizophrenic who seems to enjoy Veronika's piano playing. Meanwhile, Dr. Igor, the head psychiatrist, studies Veronika and the other patients at Villete to test his theory that a body substance called "vitriol" causes mental illnes. By the end of the book Veronika's presence at Villete causes many of the patients to change their attitudes about their own mental illness as well as how they want to live their lives. The book seems to accurately describe the behavior of some mentally ill people but I thought the depiction of the patients was generally superficial and provided little insight into true mental disorders. However some of the characters are interesting and the story is okay.I'd mildly recommend the book to readers interested in mental health.You can follow my reviews at https://reviewsbybarbsaffer.blogspot....

    2019-04-08 05:04

    After reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, I decided that it was time to read another of his works. This book was about Veronika and how she had decided to die, and attempted suicide. She awakens from her attempt to realize that the attempt was not successful, but that she had cause damage to her heart with the medication that she had tried to overdose on and that she would die within days.Veronika uses her remaining time to reflect and through her own self-discovery she realizes that she should have been more open to feelings, and more importantly life itself.As with the Alchemist, I read it with a pencil in hand. Below are several of the most poignant parts that I had underlined."But humans are all alike, she thought. We have replaced nearly all of our emotions with fear.""Veronika did a her mother asked, sure that her mother had enough experience of life to understand reality. She finished her studies, went to university, got a good degree, but ended up working as a librarian. "I should have been crazier." But, as it undoubtedly happens with most people, she had found this out too late.""No one should let themselves get used to anything.""You have two choices: to control your mind or to let your mind control you.""I do have a chance to live. Am I making good use of it?""I've got a lot to do, things that I have postponed for some future date, in the days when I thought life would last forever.""Basically everything that happens in our life is our fault, and our fault alone."... because I need to run the risk of being alive.""No. You're someone who is different, but that wants to be the same as everyone else. And that in my view is a serious illness.""The danger of an adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort.""An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely.""She would consider each day a miracle-which indeed it is, when you consider the number of unexpected things that could happen in each second of our fragile existences.""You have two choices: to control your mind or to let your mind control you.""I do have a chance to live. am I making good use of it?""I've got a lot to do, things that i have postponed for some future date, in the days when i thought life would last forever.""Basically everything that happens in our life is our fault, and our fault alone."... because i need to run the risk of being alive.""No. You're someone who is different, but that wants to be the same an everyone else. And that in my view is a serious illness.""The danger of an adventure is worth a thousand days of ease and comfort.""An awareness of death encourages us to live more intensely.""She would consider each day a miracle-which indeed it is, when you consider the number of unexpected things that could happen in each second of our fragile existences."

  • C.
    2019-04-02 22:26

    I totally, completely and utterly fail to understand this book. However, as typically befalls me when I read a book by Paolo Coelho, I seem to recall a moment about four-fifths of the way to the end when I had an epiphanic moment - when I realised that although I had loathed the book from the start until that exact sentence, I suddenly understood it and could comprehend and possibly even accept (though grudgingly) that other people could like it and that it could possibly qualify as a Good Book.However, in a similarly typical manner, I reached the end of the book and could not for the life of me remember anything about that epiphanic moment apart from the fact that it occurred. As such, it rates one star because it is painfully bad. Furthermore, I have yet to see or hear anything that even begins to make it clear to me why so many otherwise-sane people seem to love it so much. I'm bored and procrastinating so want to see if anyone else can give me an answer.

  • Norah Una Sumner
    2019-04-12 05:19

    Giving this book 3 stars simply because I like Eduard. I've read three books by Paulo Coehlo so far-Veronika Decides to Die,The Devil and Miss Prym and The Alchemist.And even though I gave three stars to all three of them,I keep going back to Coehlo.I love his characters,I guess that's what I like the most about his books.And his endings are the best.

  • Reemi
    2019-04-01 21:03

    إن الجنون هو العجز عن التعبير عن أفكارك . فالأمر أشبه بالتواجد في بلد غريب , حيث يمكنك رؤية كل ما يحوطك, و فهمه,لكنك تعجزين عن التعبير عما تريدين معرفته أو عن تلقي مساعدة أحدهم , لأنك لاتفهمين اللغة التي ينطقون بها .فيرونيكا تقرر أن تموت . رواية تبحث في فلسفة الجنون من خلال قصة فيرونيكا , فتاة في الرابعة و العشرين تقرر الانتحار دون سبب مفهوم وواضح لمن حولها .تفشل محاولتها و تستيقظ لتجد نفسها في مستشفى للأمراض العقلية , ومع أسبوع واحد فقط لتعيشه قبل أن تموت .الرواية أسرتني بكل تفاصيلها , فكرة أن توصف بالجنون فقط لأنك مختلف عن من حولك طالما أرقتني , فمن الذي يحدد معايير الجنون و الطبيعي على أية حال ؟ من أكثر ما أعجبني في الكتاب المقاطع التي تصف تجارب المرضى مع أهلهم , وكيف تم وصفهم بالجنون لمجرد أنهم أرادوا عيش حياتهم بالطريقة التي يريدون وليس كما ينبغي لهم أن يعيشو .و مما أعجبني أيضاً , ربط الموسيقى بالجنون , و كأنها ضمن ذاك البُعد الخفي الذي لا يستطيع أي من كان أن يدخله و يفهم جماله. الموسيقى , جنون أيضاً.مما أعجبني :* إن المعيارية الطبيعية مجرد مسألة توافق , أي حين يسلم العديد من الناس بصحة أمر ما , يصبح هذا الأمر صحيحاً حقاً.*كل من يعيش في عالمه الخاص يكون مجنوناً , كالفصاميين أو المضطربين عقلياً أو المهووسين.أعني الأشخاص المختلفين عن غيرهم.* الحب أعظم جنون البشر على الإطلاقهذه ليست قراءتي الأولى لباولو كويلو , ولكنها قراءتي المفضلة بالطبع . كتاب جميل جداً . أنصح به جداً جداً.

  • Fedaa Muhammad
    2019-04-07 02:26

    كالعادة ، مش ريفيو على قد ما هي أفكار مشتتة راودتني ، هاحاول أجمعها هنا..*الرواية كنت هاقراها من فترة كبيرة جدًا ، وماحصلش، وأديني أهو قريتها دلوقتي، ف أكتر وقت مناسب تقريبًا على الإطلاق.كنت لسه قبلها بفكر، ووصلت للإقناع بفكرة إن الواحد مننا فعلًا عنده حياة واحدة مش ألف، يعني أنا مش هاتنازل ف وحدة عن أحلامي عشان رغبات ناس تانيين مهما كانوا مين أو مهما أدّعوا مصلحتي، السنة اللي بتعدّي مش هاترجع تاني، ف إحنا ف غِنى عن التنازلات اللي بنقدمها ، لأي حد أيًا كان، فليكُن الأهل مثلًا، مش متخيلة إن فعلًا بنعيش نص حياتنا على مزاجهم والنص التاني بنحاول نتأقلم مع الشخص الجديد اللي رسموهلنا ، البعيد كل البُعد عن شخصنا الحقيقي، وده برضه مش معناه إننا مانقدمش أي تنازلات ونتطرق للنرجسية، بس الفكرة كلها أعتقد تكمُن في الاستحقاق، إن البني آدم يبقى عارف هل الشيء/الشخص/إلخ.. ده يستحق أتنازل عشانه؟" - واطلقي العنان للأنا الحقيقية كي تُسفر عنها الحجاب.- وما هي الأنا الحقيقية؟- إنها ما أنت عليه فعلًا ، وليس ما يصنعه منك الآخرون "فيرونيكا فكرتني بـ " أنا أكتر واحد ميّت يقدر يقنعك تعيش " لا إراديًا فيرونيكا صحِّت الرغبة في الحياة جوّا ماري وغيرها " إدراك الموت يحثنا على عيش الحياة بشدة أكبر " ، " لدي الكثير لأفعله ، أمور لطالما أرجأتها إلى أجل لاحق عندما كنت أخال أن الحياة أبدية ، أمور فقدت اهتمامي بها، عندما رحت أعتقد أن الحياة غير جديرة بأن تُعاش " ، " كل يوم ستحياه سيكون بمثابة معجزة في نظرها، وهي الحال ف الواقع، عندما تفكر في عدد الأمور غير المتوقعة التي يمكن أن تحصل معك في كل ثانية من حياتك الهشة " .. النقطة دي تحديدًا أخدت حقها، ومش محتاجة إني أتكلم عنها، ولا أصدّق عليها." ليس لديك ما تخسرينه، لا يبيح العديد من الناس فتح قلوبهم للحب، وهذا السبب بالتحديد، يحملهم على المجازفة كثيرًا، وعلى التفكير بالمستقبل، وعلى استحضار الماضي البعيد، لكن في حالتك أنت لا وجود سوى للحاضر " ، النقطة دي غالبًا بيعاني منها ناس كتير.. أعتقد إني أكثرهم على الإطلاق -_- ، بهرب للماضي كتير، وبفكر ف المستقبل بخصوص أمرٍ ما أكتر من اللازم، وبنسى الحاضر، ده كان كفيل يسبب مشاكل تخص الموضوع ده... بس محدش بيتعلم ببلاش!عجبني جدًا الكلام عن المنطق والحاجات المُعترف بها ع العموم زي التقاليد وما إليه، وإنها مش ضروري تكون الأصح والأنسب والأكثر منطقية ، بس هي ف نظر الناس " صح " لإنه تم الإتفاق عليها! -_-" مبدئيًا كل ما يحدث لنا في الحياة هو خطأنا، وخطأنا وحدما ، يمر العديد من الناس بمواقف صعبة مماثلة لما نمر به ويتصرفون إزاءها بطريقة مغايرة تمامًا لما نقوم به نحن، فقد بحثنا عن أسهل منفذ لنا، بحثنا عن واقع منفصل " ، كلام ماري لإدوارد... ، " وماذا لو أنه ناضل أكثر بقليل ؟ " الجملة دي قعدت ترن في ودني كتير، وفكرتني بمواقف قعدت أفكر هو أنا ناضلت كفاية؟ ولا ماناضلتش ؟ ولا ناضلت أكثر من اللزوم والموضوع أصلًا مايستحقش ؟ لحد ما عقلي شَت وماوصلتش لإجابة ف بطّلت تفكير كالعادة.فيرونيكا متمثلة ف 3/4 المصريين متهيألي إن مكنش البني آدمين كلهم يعني، الفرق الوحيد إنهم أقل شجاعة من إنهم ينهوا حياتهم بالإنتحار أو تمسكًا بقيم دينية أو أيًا كان يعني، وعلى الجانب الآخر أقل حكمة من إنهم يبدأوا يغيروا حياتهم.بدون تعليق.."لهذا كنت أبكي ، أردت تناول الحبوب لقتل شخصي الذي أكرهه لم أعلم أن بداخلي عدة شخصيات غيري ، عدة فيرونيكات...لكنت أحببتهن." كان للموسيقى قدرة النفاذ إلى عالمه البعيد، بعدًا يتعدى القمر نفسه، وكانت قادرة على صنع المعجزات أيضًا "وأخيرًا الجملة الأكثر عبقرية على الإطلاق " يمكن اختصار كتاباتهم - الإنجيل - التوراة - القرآن - كتابات الملحدين - في فعل واحد ، هو : إحيوا ! فإن حييتم فإن الله سيحيا معكم.وآه يا سيدي، كلنا مجانين بطريقة أو بأخرى، ودمتم.

  • Bharath rajeswaran
    2019-04-09 01:22

    I actually was glancing through a book shop and when suddenly this book caught my attention. I 've previously read The Alchemist and i thoroughly enjoyed it. But veronica was pretty awesome. In a sense, it was the truth of the western world and will be applicable to the eastern world which is actually involved all the time in copying the west. And from a very depressed state, with no great ambitions or desire in everyday life, veronica decides that life is not worthy of living and after a failed attempt to end her life, she wakes up in a totally unexpected place, the home of the mentally depressed. And she finds the anger, desire, hope and above all love in that place. I could not but admire the skillful way in which the story is narrated and i really really have become a big fan of paulo coelho. The story is complicated and simply, paradoxical and inspirational..The character of Edward is still making me admire the novel and actually it took 3 and a half hours for me to finish the novel standing the book shop itself, as i am not so rich to possess a copy of it.It is a transformation from irritation to hope, from disgust to pleasure. Please guys read it. and those who feel very down (after a broken relationship or something) , try reading this, it'll reveal you the uncertainity of never really know what's up to you in the future...Read it. It's as pacy as a shoaib akhtar delivery and as interesting as a spielberg movie.But you always get one thing on extra which you don't get in ss movie or sa delivery,that's what i call and still admire the novel for"LIFE"

  • Sushi
    2019-04-16 01:19

    "Death frees from the fear of dying."Or so she's convinced right before she decides to end her existence.But fate has something entirely different set in store for her.Waking up in a mental asylum a couple of days later, Veronika's told that she will get what she desired for: her death. The attempt at her own life has damaged her heart irrevocably and now her days are numbered. Just like that, her worst nightmare comes alive: waiting for death.So what is it that made Veronika call quits? She's gorgeous, desirable, young, loved, and has her whole life ahead of her. What could possibly make her go against the natural order of things, which is to fight for survival whatever happens? It's not her past, and it's not fear for her future either. It's something else entirely. At the institution, she meets and befriends people from all walks of life: from old women who stay simply because they love it there to handsome Schizophrenics. Together, they argue sanity and what it is that makes life really worth living.“You say they create their own reality," said Veronika, "but what is reality?” Now that she's learning to live in the face of death, the thought of losing it all is something she can't even bear to think about. Music and love save her, yet her time-bomb heart won't stop its' taunting ...Paulo Coelhos' books have always been a source of inspiration to me, acting as an instant pick-me-up, so I would suggest this to anybody who needs a healthy dose of hope and doesn't mind being enlightened with a bit of philosophy in between. “She didn't quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane.”

  • Manny
    2019-04-09 01:03

    I had heard so many things about Paul Coelho that I had to find out for myself what he was like. The reviewers all seemed to hate him, but a couple of our au pairs said he was great.Well, I read Veronika Decides to Die, and in fact I quite enjoyed it! But I also thought it would be wise to quit while I was ahead.