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In this short but persuasive book, life-long conservative Hugh Segal confronts the beliefs of the new right by exposing its roots, misrepresentations, and excesses--and makes the case for a civil conservatism that reflects a confident, yet sensitive socity, in which open debate tenders stability, social justice, and opportunity....

Title : Beyond Greed: A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neoconservative Excess
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ISBN : 9780773730823
Format Type : Hardcover
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Beyond Greed: A Traditional Conservative Confronts Neoconservative Excess Reviews

  • Mara Shaw
    2019-02-24 02:04

    Every Conservative, American or Canadian, should read this!Traditional conservative values are more than greed and Hugh Segal demands persuasively that the most critical thing conservatives can do is to take back the debate -- to one of community and vision, not just government-hating and lower taxes. "There can be no more urgent conservative mission than making the case for community." in which he defines community as the embodiment of the common interest we share with others. Community is at the very essence of stability and freedom. It is the true guarantor of the "order" in law in order. It is at the very base of the moderate imperative. "The problem is not that productivity, profit increases, reduced taxes, less government and reduced debt are bad things. They are, in fact, very good things. But at the very best,.... [they] are not ends at all. They are not purposes. They are simply means to be used in public and private policy towards achieving the kind of society we are trying to build, reflective of the values we share.""Social justice cannot be a sometime product of free enterprise's upcycle.""The compelling American values of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" differ greatly from Canada's equally emblematic constitutional values of "peace, order and good government". But however they differed, the organizing principles of both societies were never to the best of my knowledge, replaces with the core values of "prosperity for a few, price stability and job-free economic expansion." Neo-conservatives, he writes, serve up a "nihilistic ideology of social pessimism that dismisses neighbourhoods, communities, political parties and governments. All governments are flawed in their view and are, therefore, disposable." They overlook that there IS A PUBLIC INTEREST common to the population as a whole, and there are, however imperfect, defenders of that interest, both elected and not, in government. Hugh Segal describes a "masterful circular arguments" that the neo-conservatives have very effectively used to move the conservative party from one of compassion to one of greed:"First attack the right and competency of government to contribute to the opportunity of equality... Use the religious right to launch moral/family freedom/personal choice missiles against the government's role. Then argue that capital mobility, new tech and competitive pressures make whatever a society might try to do through its government intrinsically unaffordable.... And then, fully convince large segments of the population that they must no longer strive to help achieve any measure of equality of opportunity. Now you can further push citizens to want radically lower taxes and higher tax-free incomes as they can obviously count on no protection whatever from the worst excesses of a society where social supports are in free fall."The new conservatives complain over overtaxation but being overtaxed is an argument that plays to a sense of victimization that most people feel. [My note: compare taxes in the US or Canada to the rest of the world. It radically changes the perspective.]I could go on for pages, but I'm not doing the book justice. If you are interested in the health of our society, the voice of moderate conservative values, or how we are all being manipulated to demand easy answers to every difficult societal issue so we can get back to watching kitties falling off of couches on the national news, read this![Note: I am not a conservative, but a huge fan of building a society that works for everyone -- a point on which former-Senator Segal and I agree strongly.]

  • Jonathan R
    2019-03-17 23:54

    Segal speaks as a classic Canadian conservative. He points out in depth and detail the extent to which 21st Century neo-conservatives have lost their moral compass, ceased to work for the common good, embraced greed as a prime motivator and become a dangerous, destructive force in today's Canada. Segal's warning is very timely, given the current regimes in Ottawa and provinces like BC.

  • Brandon
    2019-03-14 19:57

    I think a family member bought this for me without realizing it's a book about Canadian politics. It was still okay, and it was interesting to learn something the dozens of Albino Americans tucked away up there.