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Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, get ready for the summer debut of the year...When you're running away from a broken heart, there's only one place to go...Adjusting tiaras at the foot of the aisle, Angela and her best friend prepare for the wedding of the year. But events don't go as planned. And when a girl is in possession of a crumpled bridesmaid dress - and can't gPerfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, get ready for the summer debut of the year...When you're running away from a broken heart, there's only one place to go...Adjusting tiaras at the foot of the aisle, Angela and her best friend prepare for the wedding of the year. But events don't go as planned. And when a girl is in possession of a crumpled bridesmaid dress - and can't go home - New York (for the very first time) seems like an excellent idea. Angela's new friend Jenny Lopez gives Angela a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps, and a makeover. Who hasn't dreamed of starting afresh with a sassy New York wardrobe, a new haircut and a trip to the make-up counter? Before she knows it, the new Angela is getting over her broken heart by having dinner with two different boys. And, best of all, she gets to write about it in her fabulous new blog. But it's one thing telling readers all about your romantic dilemmas. It's another trying to figure them out for yourself! Warm, funny and unputdownable, I Heart New York is an unforgettable debut....

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i heart new york Reviews

  • Karen
    2019-03-18 01:42

    This was one of the smallest books in my collection, and for that reason I read it the night before I went on holiday. Quite frankly I wish I had not bothered. The writing is terrible, cliched, and if there was any originality in the book then I must have blinked and missed it.Rather than any form of detailed plot we have details of designers (was the writer trying for freebies from Marc Jacobs???), numerous descriptions of handbags, shops etc.I think this is meant to be some sort of modern fairytale. You too can move to New York and become a magazine writer, make "great" friends, and get a make over which turns you into a rich-man magnet. Despite the fact that the reason the character went to New York was because she was cheated on by her fiancee, she then has no scruples about dating two men at once. Over all I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. It is vacuous, amoral novels like this that help give "chick-lit" a bad name.

  • Mandy
    2019-03-25 21:42

    This is the story of Angela Clarke, who at the beginning of this book is at her best friend's wedding. She discovers that her boyfriend of ten years has been cheating on her, and so she decides to jet off to New York in order to find herself.That is basically the premise, and we spend the rest of the book going along with Angela on her journey. Now, some of the situations that Angela finds herself are definitely a little unbelievable, but this is a highly entertaining, enjoyable story that I really liked reading, and I would be interested in reading more in this series.Many thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me read this book.

  • Mriduaka Storypals
    2019-03-15 02:55

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  • Sara
    2019-03-16 20:42

    This is that awkward moment when everybody loved a series, you start with book one—usually the most loved—filled with positive expectations, and then it’s just meh! You liked it, but you didn’t L.O.V.E. it, and you start to wonder, is it just me? And the book seems to be looking at you saying it is you. Then a small comment on your status of a fellow reader that had relationship issues with the same uber loved series makes you feel at ease. It isn’t just you.So here’s what I did and didn’t like about I Heart NY.The positives first.The opening is great! Instant hook. Boyfriend caught heating, best friend caught knowing, heroine’s major epiphany and escape to a new city. Super! There’s plenty of humor, and the writing is fresh and easy.Even if the book is in a series there’s a proper begin-end cycle. The end leaves possibilities open, but it’s not a cliffhanger. (Not a fan of cliffhangers)Now the negatives.After the quick paced start the plot sinks into slower waters for quite a while. There are too many tourist-guide like descriptions of NY. Shopping here, makeover there, coming here, going there same old… gets boring quickly.Jenny (the new best friend) is a real Dr. Jekyll Miss Hide. A bit too much, she gets so mean so quickly. I don’t know, in a longer friendship it would have seemed a more normal interaction…we all get crazy with our BFFs from time to time and push their buttons in a mean way, but after 3 weeks? Uh, no.The blog thing. Uhm. Seems to me that if you’re dating two guys and writing a blog about it… it is not very realistic that you tell the guys too.The dating two guys thing. Mmm, ok. It was a nice plot idea. But the sleeping with both of them, literally one day a guy the next day the other was a bit too much for my romantic self. (I know, real, within the character self-growth journey… but still a bit unromantic.)So here are my pros and cons… I would love to know what you thought… If you agree/disagree with some of my points :)

  • Renee Barrette
    2019-03-15 22:47

    I loved everything about this book! I've never been to New York, but it's my dream destination right now, and I'll take any opportunity to read about it. That's what drew me to the book in the first place. Kelk has a wonderful ability to make her readers really connect to the characters. Everything that Angela goes through, from the horrendous break-up, to the simultaneous dating, to being a newcomer to a huge city is something that many women have been through, therefore they can relate easily. My favourite part of the book is actually a quite simple part, right at the beginning, when Jenny brings Angela a cart full of female necessities that she figured she didn't think to grab when she fled the UK. That part made me feel so happy for Angela and thankful that she had someone to take care of her (even though it's fiction). As for the men in her New York life, I was actually surprised that Kelk didn't bring Johnny into the mix a little more, but I was quite happy with reading about her trysts with Alex and Tyler. I'm very much looking forward to reading I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Paris!!

  • Leah
    2019-03-20 03:37

    At her best friend’s wedding, Angela Clark finds her boyfriend cheating on her in his car. After storming back into the wedding to confront her best friend, Angela flees to New York and ends up staying in the first hotel she comes to. The girl working on the concierge at the hotel, Jenny, befriends Angela and takes her under her wing, giving Angela a make-over and showing her New York City’s sights. Within days, Angela is dating two guys and has a job blogging about her adventures in the City but will home lure her back?I hadn’t really heard of I Heart New York until a while ago so when I saw it on a market stall I thought it sounded fantastic and decided to buy it. I read some reviews, some good, some bad and finally decided to give it a read myself. I wanted to enjoy it so so much as I love books set in New York but I just found I Heart New York a major disappointment. I read a lot of books set in New York – I wish people would set their books in other American states, there are 50 of them after all! – so I expect a pretty high standard when reading about the fantastic city that is New York. I’ve never been to New York so I want the book to transport me there. I Heart New York failed miserably.My main problem with the book is that there’s essentially no plot. It’s plotless. Nothing of major importance happens in the book to set up an exciting and readable ending and I found myself fed up after 60-odd pages. I perservered to see if it got any better and it just didn’t. My next problem with the book is just how easily everything slipped into place for Angela. I’m willing to let some things slide when reading chick lit books but even for me, this was totally and utterly unbelieveable. I can take the fact Angela and Jenny became friends so quickly but I can’t take the fact she managed to blag herself multiple dates within two days of being in New York nor the fact she just so happened to land a job blogging about her life. It was all very convenient and I was waiting for something to come along and unsettle Angela’s now-perfect world but nothing ever did and the book just kind of tailed off.Yet the book started so well, with Angela finding her boyfriend Mark cheating on her at her best friend’s wedding. I thought that the opening two chapters were hilarious, but it all seemingly went down hill from there. The blurb on the back makes it sound as if Angela jumped onto a plane to New York wearing her bridesmaids dress but that wasn’t the case. As far as I’m concerned that would have been a fantastic thing to include because everyone seeing her at the airport wearing a bridesmaids dress, clutching a pair of expensive shoes, would be thinking “What on Earth’s going on?”. As it is, the book misses out any kind of airport scene and after Angela tells her mother she’s leaving we skip to her arrival in NYC. After Angela’s arrival in NYC, everything then falls into place and she (seemingly) has the perfect life and that’s pretty much all that happens.I can’t say I particularly cared for Angela throughout the book because her life all fell into place perfectly and still she complained. It’s very hard to be sympathetic towards someone who two/three days after breaking up with her boyfriend of 10 years, is then dating two other men. She spent the first day in tears after the break up but after that she was fine. It was very peculiar. Regardless of how much Angela and Mark’s relationship had deteriorated over the years, I still expected Angela to feel a bit more heartbroken after the break up of a 10 year relationship, not to mention the fact it was her first proper relationship. Another thing that irritated me about Angela was the fact that she was dating two guys – and blogging about it – but when one of the guys told her he was dating people other than her, she went completely off on one. Pot. Kettle. Black. That’s pretty much Angela in a nutshell: immensely self-absorbed. My favourite character was Jenny, whom Angela befriends during her first hour in New York. She was a fantastic character and I absolutely loved her. However even Jenny irritated me, the way she worshipped Angela – constantly calling Angela “heroic” for running away after finding her boyfriend cheating on her – was beyond irritating, but apart from that, she was hugely enjoyable. I’d love to see her in a book just about her. Of the two men Angela dates, Tyler and Alex, Alex was my favourite. I always thought Tyler seemed blase about the whole thing and I didn’t particularly like him. All of the characters, bar Jenny, though were all one-dimensional and quite cliched though: the Brit in America, the hotshot banker, the rock star…Kelk’s writing is nothing spectacular and I hated the way, as I mentioned above, that Angela was treated like some sort of heroine for fleeing the country and coming to New York. I would actually call it cowardice, but that’s just me. Kelk’s writing made Angela seem pretty childish I think, too, not just because she chose to fly rather than fight but because, considering she was supposed to be 26, she still had no idea what she was doing with her life. I didn’t expect Angela to have it all mapped out, but all she seemed to do before getting her job, was spend money whilst having no viable income. I also found myself getting irritated with the fact she kept calling the men “boys” as it made her sound like a teenager. The book also had a few editing errors (on the first page Angela is “peaking” rather than “peeking” as well as “thing” rather than “think”) which drives me insane – books are proofread so many times you would think they’d pick up on an error so small. It may be a childish thing to pick up on but it’s just incredibly irritating.For me, though, the book tried too hard to be in the mould of a Sophie Kinsella novel. It tried to be funny, it tried to make Angela a likeable heroine but for me it failed on all accounts.It’s so light I’m surprised it’s not suspended in mid-air. Don’t get me wrong, I like a light-hearted read as much as the next person but the least I expect from such a light-hearted read is for it to make me laugh. This did not and I found it a hugely disappointing read. I have I Heart Hollywood to read, the sequel to I Heart New York, so we’ll see if it gets any better.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-09 19:48

    Het heeft even geduurd (lees: 2 maanden), maar ik heb eindelijk dit boek uit! Waarom het zo lang duurde voordat ik het uit had, was omdat ik het zo'n cliché verhaal was. Daten met twee mannen tegelijk en er over bloggen, dat kan toch nooit goed gaan. Het is alleen wachten op het moment dat het fout gaat. Uiteindelijk heb ik wel doorgezet, omdat ik het zo onwijs leuk vond om te lezen over New York (en omdat ik een zwak had voor Tyler (view spoiler)[wel een beetje jammer dat hij uiteindelijk een klootzak bleek te zijn (hide spoiler)]). Ergens tegen het einde van het boek kwam ik erachter dat dit geen cliché verhaal was en dat maakte het voor mij des te leuker om verder te lezen! Het einde was totaal niet wat ik er van had verwacht en daarom drie sterren, ik ben zelfs benieuwd naar het volgende deel!

  • Viktoria
    2019-03-15 00:53

    Вооот, чего мне не хватало этой осенью! Мотивирующего современного романа!Скажу сразу, что мне по настроению эта книга напомнила роман Софи Кинселлы "У меня есть твой номер". По настрою и подаче прямо точное попадание!Мне хотелось отдохнуть от конкретно таких книг, зацикленных на отношениях главных героев. И тут мне на глаза попалась эта книга. Практически случайно. Что хочется сказать сразу? Интересно, дерзко, забавно, современно, красиво. Начну по порядку.Я подошла к окну. Прямо на меня смотрел грандиозный и весьма знакомый символ нормальной жизни. Старбакс.Энджел - британка. История начинается со свадьбы ее лучшей подруги, на которой она случайным образом натыкается на своего жениха в машине. Жениха в машине, трахающего другую женщину. Энджел в ярости и шоке оттого, что отдала этому изменнику 10 лет своей жизни, устраивает небольшой скандал, тем самым немного испортив свадьбу, удирает и сматывается в другую страну. В США. В Нью-Йорк. Схватив все самое необходимое, она оказывается в отеле NYC, где обретает новых друзей, да и вообще лучшую подругу. Энджи не хочет пока встречаться с мужчинами, но в первый же вечер с ней знакомится очаровательный банкир Тайлер, а через день - рок-звезда Алекс.Сейчас кофе пришелся бы как нельзя кстати. Кофе или самбука.Итак.Тайлер. Очаровательный, галантный, богатый, нежный, ласковый и заботливый Тайлер. Казалось бы, что еще нужно девушке, чье сердце разбито? Ах, да, еще и в постели прекрасен. Ну вот. Одаривает ее дорогими подарками, водит по дорогим ресторанам, обращается с ней как с принцессой. С виду идеальный мужчина. Я всю книгу ждала подвоха и пыталась найти в нем какую-то отвратительную черту, которая перечеркнула бы все его остальные достоинства.- О, у тебя есть новый альбом "Стиллз"! Я слышал, они не так уж плохи.- Я была на их концерте! Видела их в Лондоне. И они здорово выступали. Но на самом деле мне больше нравится первый альбом.- Всегда полезно услышать честный отзыв. - Он протянул мне руку. - Алекс Рейд.- Ты ведь играешь в "Стиллз", да?- Точно.- И ты нашел в моем айподе Джастина Тимберлейка.- И Бон Джови.Алекс. Милый, удивительный, нежный, талантливый, переживший тяжелый разрыв, предпочитающий горячий шоколад, читает книги и слушает хорошую музыку. Вокалист известной нью-йоркской рок-группы. Мне показалось сразу, что Алекс Энджи понравился даже больше. Потому что с ним она чувствовала себя живой, он совершал романтические поступки, был живым. А Тайлер словно жил по шаблонам. В итоге героине предлагают писать для интернет-блога модного журнала, она соглашается, и ее колонка именуется приключениями Энджел в Нью-Йорке, где она описывает свои впечатления, а также свои отношения. Ведь она одновременно встречается с двумя парнями, и оба они ей нравятся. Причем редактору журнала явно больше нравится Тайлер, как и всему женскому населению Нью-Йорка, по ее словам. Энджи не хочет встречаться с обоими, но в то же время не может выбрать кого-то одного. Слишком много мыслей и терзаний для человека, который только две недели назад пережил ужасный разрыв. Кстати, впервые я нормально отнеслась к тому, что девушка встречается с двумя парнями. Здесь не было измены, потому что героиня что того, что другого знала всего немного, да и вообще изначально просто хотела развлечься, а получилось, что увязла в это с головой. Так что к героине не было никакого отвращения. Еще меня радовала привычка героини все выворачивать наизнанку и переиначивать любые действия или слова (это я люблю делать сама :D):- По сравнению с Джеффом я просто офигенный повар!- Правда? - Он откинулся на спинку дивана и посмотрел на меня. - Хотя да, держу пари, что это так.- Что ты хочешь этим сказать?Может, это такой нью-йоркский способ сообщить мне, что я жирная как свинья?Но я хочу сказать вот о чем: неважно в книге, кого она выберет, или как выкрутится. Узнают ли мужчины, что она встречается одновременно с двумя, или нет. Главное, что нам показали девушку необычайно смелую. Героиню с большой буквы. Она бросила все, уехала, чтобы начать новую жизнь в другом городе. Чтобы найти новую себя, понять, что ее прежние отношения сдерживали ее, не давали ей самореализовываться. Да, она сменила прическу, одежду, макияж. Но она и внутри поменялась, город ее полностью изменил. Нам показали действительно сильного человека, вдохновляющего на разного рода действия. Хороший персонаж, смелые поступки.Отличный, легкий, современный роман. Потрясающие описания Нью-Йорка (дай боже, я там когда-нибудь окажусь!), отличные эмоции, незамысловатый сюжет, но пропитанный нашими реалиями. Пятерка за хорошо проведенное время с книгой, за улыбку на моем лице, за приятные эмоции. Рекомендую! Обязательно буду читать про приключения Энджел и дальше.- А как же девиз "Живи одним днем"?- Жить одним днем не так весело, если та, что делает этот день прекрасным, может сбежать на другой континент через пару недель.Саундтрек: Snow Patrol – New York

  • Sarah
    2019-03-08 02:03

    Angela is 26 and maid of honor at her best friend's wedding, when, dressed in a horrible coffee-coloured fish-tail bridesmaid dress, and clutching a pair of Louboutins in her hand, she finds her fiance having sex with another girl in the back of their car.After screaming at him she discovers that he has been seeing this girl for months, and that her best friend and her new husband have been playing doubles tennis with them!Storming back into the wedding she screams at the bride, and fractures the grooms comforting hand with said beautiful shoes, before heading up to her room to cry into her pillow all night.The next morning she decides that she's had enough. She doesn't want to think about moving out of their house, she doesn't want to divide the cd collection, she's wants a break, so grabbing her passport and laptop she catches the first available flight to an english-speaking country, and arrives in... you guessed it - New York.Checking herself into a hotel she realises what a horrible mistake she's made - this isn't being strong, this is running away, and she resolves to catch the first flight back home. Then Jenny arrives at her door - the hotel concierge, who having heard Angels's story has bought her some comfort food in the shape of chocolate cookies, hot chocolate and sugary cereal.The next day Jenny takes her under her wing and Angela gets a fab new hairdo, a fab new make-over, and an expensive and stylish new wardrobe, before they hit the town for the night.Thus begins the start of something new and wonderful for Angela - she meets two great men who she falls in love with instantly, gets a job writting an online blog for a fashion magazine, moves in with Jenny, and buys the most beautiful bag she's ever seen. The only thing is, is she ever going to go home?As time moves on Angela falls more and more in love with New York, but knows that she will have to make some decisions soon - Which man does she want to stick with - the wall street banker, or the rock star? and where does she want to stay - New York or London?This book is a really fun, girly read, and certainly something to pack in your suitcase if you're going on holiday! Dieters and chocoholics beware though - you may find the description of chocolate cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate truffles and chocolate cheesecake a little hard to resist!Great chick-lit read.

  • Antonia
    2019-03-08 22:03

    well.didn't enjoy this. at all. so full of stereotypes of what women "want" and are engrossed by apparently. shopping (the right brands obviously), drinking alcohol to have fun, drinking coffee (of course from the right coffee shop) and finding a mate. but then, what did i expect, it came in a magazine with the exact same content. the two things that annoyed me most were the constant brand name dropping and the fact that alcohol featured so much - in fact every time the characters went somewhere and did something - oh except that once when it was a chocolate drink, which all women of course adore because chocolate, shopping and ice cream are the pinnacles of women civilisation.let's end then with a fitting quote for my above rant."i couldn't call jenny, she was having her big romantic evening with jeff. i thought about ringing erin or vanessa, but i didn't really feel close enough to them. instead i did what any confused, angry girl would do when the shops were closed. i opened another bottle of wine, i took the entire chocolate cheesecake out of the fridge, and i sat down in front of the tv. sod the diet and pray this season will favour the smock [...:]."

  • Ena Hasečić
    2019-02-28 21:47

    Nakon što na vjenčanju najbolje prijateljice uhvati dugogodišnjeg zaručnika sa drugom djevojkom, pa se još ispostavi da su to znali skoro svi osim nje, Angela iz Londona bježi u New York kako bi probala izliječiti slomljeno srce. Lik Angele je super, ali je lik Jenny, djevojke koju tamo upoznaje i sa kojom prolazi kroz raznorazne avanture, prilično iritantan i meni lično nesimpatičan.Radujem se idućem nastavku i njenim avanturama u Hollywoodu! :)

  • Elle ✦ Pretty Little Books ✦
    2019-03-17 22:01

    Release Date:June 25, 2009 Genre:Chick LitI love Lindey Kelk's books so much! They have just the right amount of humor, fun, and romance to make all chick lit lovers smile! In this book, I Heart New York, readers are taken on a journey with Angela as she runs away from her home town of London to start over after catching her fiance cheating at her best friends wedding. But, what should have been a time of crying an eating her way through Ben and Jerry's in order to get over said breakup, Angela finds herself living the life she always wanted. Two boys to date? Check. A new best friend? Check. A whole new wardrobe AND fabulous purse from Marc Jacobs? Double check. Follow Angela on her journey post breakup in this fantastic novel about starting over and living again. You won't regret it, I know I don't!The heroine of this story (and series - it plays out through a number of books SQUEE) is Angela (as mentioned above) and is a girl that anyone could find themselves easily connected with. She is down to earth (albeit a little naive in the beginning) and a total sweetheart. Had she been a real person, I know I would wish her to be my own best friend. The plot of the story is so much fun! It involves dating, and finding a lot of joy out of life when you didn't think there would be any. I absolutely adored being on the journey with Angela and can't wait to see where she goes next! If you haven't had the chance to visit New York city (I love that city!) you will FEEL like you are there with Angela. The author does a wonderful job describing the shops, the attractions, and all the delicious restaurants that make you drool all over yourself.With that being said, this is a true CHICK LIT novel, and frankly, one of the best ones I have read in quite a while. Sure it was published in 2009, but it is worth the read even if you are one of those who only reads the newer releases. The good news is though that the sixth book in this series (I Heart Forever) is releasing this year! So I vow to read this entire series so I can get my hands on that one as soon as it releases! Fans of chick lit novels and those who enjoy a fun, lighthearted read without all the drama will certainly love this book! I highly recommend it. And, I recommend many of the authors other novels including Always the Bridesmaid and We Were On a Break PS:If you enjoy the Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella this would be the perfect series for you! It reminded me of Kinsella's novels without all the debt :D Rating:5 stars

  • Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic)
    2019-03-18 01:53

    Published: 25/06/2009Author: Lindsey KelkRecommended for: fans of chick litOh I love the 'I Heart' series of books, each of them are amazing and this one does not disappoint! This is the first book that appears in the series where we meet the character of Angela Clark who is funny, relatable, very likeable. In this book Angela moves to New York after she flee's from her wedding, where she meet her new best friend Jenny Lopez (who is the girl you wish was your best friend!) who helps her out about all things New York and before Angela knows it she is dating two (very sexy) men!This book is incredibly well written I love the writing style, the way she can draw the reader into the book and make it feel like the characters are real and that it is actually happening. The descriptions of the characters make them feel very life like and adds a great depth to the book. The description of New York really does just make you want to take off on a planen and go there straight away! I also love the added bit at the back of the book of great places to go in New York which makes it not only an amazing book but also a great little travel guide! This is definately a must read for fans of chick lit novels.

  • Lydia Laceby
    2019-03-02 20:54

    Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesWhat fabulous and fun chick lit! I whipped through I Heart New York, finding it full of laughs and connected with Angela’s character and enjoyed following her as she tried to figure herself out.I Heart New York was such a fun read. I laughed out loud and was fully immersed into Angela’s life. She felt real to me. She had wasn't too ditzy, she had aspirations and I felt her love for the city shine through, along with her confusion about how she ended up there in the first place. I loved the descriptions of the city which made me want to pick up and move there myself. This story moved along at a brisk pace and I couldn’t wait to see where she would end up.The sequel, I Heart Hollywood, was in my reading pile and I had to pick it up immediately to see where Angela’s adventures would take her and the next book in the series, I Heart Paris is out in July and I’m sure I won’t be able to keep my hands off it either. If you loved The Shopaholic series and Sex in the City, you’ll love this wonderful chick lit tale of finding yourself all over again.

  • Kim
    2019-02-24 21:34

    Fun chick lit, read while I was in NY as it is set there. It's a good story, a definite page turner. I have liked it enough to purchase the next book in the series.

  • Chloe
    2019-02-26 21:35

    At her best friend’s wedding, Angela walks in on her long-term boyfriend Mark cheating on her with someone on the back seat of their car. Nice. So she does what any self-respecting woman would do – flees… not just the wedding, but the country as well! Angela ends up in New York City with no friends, no money and no job.But she soon makes friend with hotel receptionist Jenny and she’s determined to put a smile back on Angela’s face. Cue a LOT of spending in Bloomingdale’s, getting drunk and meeting a couple of hunks along the way too. Angela also lands her dream job of being a writer – it seems everything is going right for her at last. But despite blogging her romance ups and downs, can Angela figure out which man is right for her? Does she heart NYC more than home?I heard about this book quite a while before I got to actually read a copy, so by the time my library had it in for me, I was quite excited to finally read it and see if it lived up to the hype. It’s bright and colourful cover screams out “chick lit” from the shelf, and plot sounds perfect for me too – exactly the sort of thing I really enjoy reading. I’ve been lucky to enough to visit New York (April 05 and December 05), and I still want to go back! I hoped this book would bring back some memories for me, and it definitely did that!The book opens with a hilarious scene, and I hoped this was a sign of the rest of the book to come as well. It had me really laughing out loud, and I immediately loved the character of Angela, she seemed so normal and likeable, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her being cheated on by love-rat Mark! Luckily for us, this is pretty much all we see of the awful Mark, so thank goodness for that. He’s one of those awful male characters you can hate with a passion but then, that’s the point of him isn’t it?! The other characters were well written as well, I really liked Jenny who despite her calm exterior is really a bit bonkers, Tyler the super-suave businessman was a bit too smooth for me and rock-God Alex who wasn’t my cup of tea but still felt like real people and the relationships between them all were so well done by Kelk.As Angela runs off to New York, this is where the book starts to become slightly unbelievable, and although that isn’t some people’s thing, I actually don’t mind it in a book because I sort of expect everything to be better than it would be in real life! Yes, meeting Jenny and becoming best friends really quickly is unlikely, and yes, meeting 2 gorgeous men and dating both straight away is also unlikely, but it makes for great reading! Angela isn’t sure of anything and the reader can feel her apprehension about the situation yet I still loved it. It made Angela feel normal, and the unlikeliness of the situation yet normality of the lead character made it that bit funnier for me.For anyone who has been to New York City, this book will definitely reignite some memories for you. Kelk writes in great detail about the glorious lights of Times Square, the breath-taking views atop the Empire State Building and the bitter cold as well! I could totally see in my mind where Kelk was writing about for the most part, and I loved reading about the bits I didn’t get to see when I was there as well. In terms of location research, Kelk has clearly done hers meaning its a great read for both visitors and non-visitors of NYC, although it will make you want to go back there!If you like your chick-lit fun, readable and funny, then definitely pick up a copy of I Heart New York! With a great cast of characters, a great location and a brilliant (if idealistic!) storyline, its the perfect summer read, and one I will definitely re-read if I ever make it back to the Big Apple! Also, for those of us who love Angela, fear not – its not the last we’ve seen of her! Kelk has another 2 novels following Angela due out soon, I Heart Hollywood (late 2009) and I Heart Paris (2010) so I can’t wait for those! A full 5 stars from me, a really great book.

  • Anne
    2019-03-14 00:35

    Lindsey Kelk's 'I Heart New York' is being marketed at Sophie Kinsella fans and yes there are similarities, however,whilst Sophie often makes me laugh out loud - this book had me sighing in annoyance in many places.Dumped girlfriend takes the first plane to anywhere - ends up in New York City - meets lots of lovely, fashionable and rich people and immediately turns into a beautiful, succesful woman herself. The plot is quite improbable - very far-fetched but very easy to read. Ideal for passing a few hours whilst laying by the pool with a glass of something cool - or as I was this weekend, laying on the sofa fighting off the flu!Lots of mentions of high-class brands such as MAC and Marc Jacobs and I expect fans of Sex In The City will adore this. Apparantly this is the first of a series with I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Paris following at 6 month intervals - Lindsey Kelk will find many fans I'm sure - but I dont think I'll be bothering with the next in the series.

  • Silvia
    2019-02-24 04:02

    Angela è una ventisettenne inglese con la passione per la scrittura, innamorata del suo fidanzato storico Mark. Durante la festa di matrimonio della sua migliore amica Louisa, Angela sorprende Mark in compagnia di un’altra donna. Messa dinanzi alla dura realtà, la giovane reagisce in maniera sorprendente: prende l’aereo e atterra a New York con ancora addosso l’abito da damigella, le Louboutin ai piedi e una carta di credito quasi prosciugata. Grazie al sorprendente incontro con Jenny, simpatica addetta alla reception dell’hotel nel quale casualmente alloggerà, Angela avrà l’opportunità d’immergersi totalmente nella vita newyorkese. Locali alla moda, shopping e ragazzi sono questi gli ingredienti giusti per ripartire. Angela non se lo farà ripetere due volte e nel giro di una settimana si trasformerà radicalmente arrivando persino a uscire contemporaneamente con due uomini totalmente diversi l’uno dall’altro: da una parte Alex, aitante leader di una band e dall’altra Tyler, preciso uomo d’affari. Come destreggiarsi? E soprattutto come agire ora che Angela gestisce un blog seguitissimo nel quale racconta le sue esperienze nella grande mela?“Spero davvero di avere la giusta espressione. Con ogni probabilità ho la faccia di una che si chiede se ha dimenticato di spegnere la piastra per i capelli. Merda! E se avessi davvero dimenticato la piastra accesa?”Esistono molti modi per reagire alla scoperta di un tradimento. La nostra Angela sceglie la via più drastica, o la più folle, o perché no? la più immatura. Scappa. Scappa e prova a ricominciare altrove, in un lungo nel quale nessuno la conosce, senza certezze né garanzie. Angela semplicemente si fida di quanti le sono attorno e prova a ricominciare inventando una nuova se stessa, trovando forza dal suo dolore. È una donna assai sensibile che prova a sentirsi un’altra grazie a un nuovo taglio di capelli, al trucco o agli abiti firmati.L’autrice si serve di uno stile fresco, leggero, diretto e molto dialogato, che si addice al genere chick lit dell’opera, capace di sedurre il lettore, di coinvolgerlo e di guidarlo attraverso la sfavillante New York.Un romanzo che suscita simpatie sin dalla prima pagina, un modo per riflettere in maniera ironica sul tradimento. Quando si giunge all’epilogo una domanda sorge spontanea: «cosa accadrà ad Angela nella prossima puntata?» Lo scoprirò molto presto!

  • Cavort
    2019-03-10 23:38

    I was delighted to win this book in one of the Goodreads' giveaways. That is until my spouse lost the book envelope in a pile of bills to be filed. Thus, until I got around to filing, my least favorite thing (besides dishes) I couldn't recall where the heck I had put the book after I got it. Imagine my delight to find, in the middle of endless sheets of monotony disguised as bills and other important documents, a new book to read. The delight lasted until I started reading. The whole clueless woman escapist fiction genre annoys me. The idea that we must find ourselves through excessive spending on products that cost enough to feed villages in Africa for months makes me rue consumerism and the "Cult of Stuff" through which we are supposed to make meaning in our supposedly otherwise uninspiring lives. So, when Angela jumped plane from England to NYC (escapist fiction literally) and started engaging in advertising for overpriced products through drooling descriptions of leather and fabric, I almost stopped reading. Seriously, I skip advertising when I watch television, why the Hades do I want to READ advertising? (One could argue that any book is advertising for the author's philosophy of life and view of the world, but do I need product placement to go along with the ideas? NO!)Still, I got the book for free and really felt like I should stick it out so I could whine about the whole consumerist-clueless female thing with some detail. The problem is that part of the way through the book I found myself starting to enjoy some of the moments. Not all of them, and I really disliked how men were used as props and stereotypes, but there were some decent moments of humor that I could relate to after living in NYC for six years. Now, were those moments memorable enough so that I can recall them and type them here? Nope! Was the book worth looking through again so I can pull up those moments to find specific examples to support my claim that the book was worth two stars? Not at all. (Actually, I'd give it a 1.5 if I could.) Would I suggest that anyone else read this book? Probably not. However, I do think there is some potential here if the author stops bowing to the cliche gods and starts exploiting some of her humor in more powerful ways.

  • Gina
    2019-03-27 02:45

    ** 4 WITTY STARS! ** “People go to LA to "find themselves", they come to New York to become someone new.” ** I quite liked this book! I especially loved how I got an image of New York just by reading this and made me want to step on the first plane to the Big Apple and just wing it like Angela did.Just wing it and hope I'll get somewhere, meet new people and get opportunities handed over as if it's a tissue. Man if life were that simple, it'd be great. I finished this fairly quick because it's so fast paced and easy to read, fun, witty yet a little bit irritating at some point because Angela keeps on juggling between two men, eventhough she's made up her mind about who she's into more. That point, however, is really the only issue I have with this story. It's a good choice of a book when you don't know what you're in the mood for or when you're sinking into a slump. Angela is a good character, Jenny Lopez (srsly tho was that necessary) is a great character, Alex is my favourite character and now I'm going to stop using the word "character".Starting from now. Anyway, getting to the point, I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary and/or chick-lit.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-21 22:47

    When I picked this book up I thought, yep, nice easy read, nothing special. I think I read this in one day. It's possibly one of my all time favourite books. I've read it and re read it so much I'll need to buy a new copy as mine is getting dog eared. I found it hilariously funny and the heroine cringe worthy but real. I envied how she had the courage to (unrealistically) up and start a new life half way around the world when things got tough at home. I'm glad she stood firm and never wavered about going back to her old life. I enjoyed even the smaller characters and they came to life for me so clearly through the author's descriptions. I loved how she brought New York to life for me and I could picture everywhere Angela went from the little I have experienced of the city myself. In fact this book made me love New York even more than I already do. But most of all I'm in love with the male hero of this series. Hot, sexy indie rock boy Alex. The way Lindsey Kelk has written this character leaves me sighing and wishing he was a real person and wishing I had met someone like him when I was younger. I get the warm tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read about him, as if he was my own romantic interest. He's just the best male character I've read in forever and wish there were more like him.

  • Nilam Suri
    2019-03-17 00:03

    I read it yesterday, and literally in just one sitting. This book made me nailed my butt in Starbucks from noon till nearly evening, unable to move and unable to stop. I can't remember the last time I enjoy a chick-lit book this much, hell, i even can't remember the last time i read chick-lit, the genre that i adored (and gained me the title the queen of chick-lit among my peers) in college. But this book, make that inner chick-lit die hard fan back in vengeance!The story is heartwarming, the heroine is endearing and adorable, not so much damsel in distress with cinderella syndrome, and not too many brands thrown in every few sentences. The love interest, unlike most chick-lit where the guy is usually a self-made billionaire (e.g: Luke Brandon), is a rock star. The bestfriend is still such a cliche, the usual fairy godmother kind of thing, but still, Kelk made their relationship believable.Despite some logic hole every here and there, I still love this book very very much, and looking forward to read the next book right away. As in NOW.Good job Miss Kelk.And thanks Nina for the recommendation xD

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-01 00:47

    I really enjoyed this book. For a chick-lit, it was pretty hard to put down. The characters were likable and the story was fun. It just happens that all the chick-lits i have read so far have been written by british authors about British characters. This is the same but most of the story takes place in New York so it was a neat surprise to be familiar with the environment. I want to check out some more titles from this author.

  • Bree T
    2019-03-02 03:51

    British freelance writer Angela Clark is bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding when she finds her boyfriend getting it on with someone else in the backseat of his car….during the reception. After making somewhat of a spectacle of herself that includes breaking the groom’s hand with her shoe, Angela decides that she needs to get away and now is the perfect time. She boards a flight for New York.Landing with little more than her laptop, a crumpled bridesmaid dress and the hand-breaking shoes, she gets a room in a hotel and immediately begins to immerse herself in New York, helped along by the friendly concierge from her hotel who sets about taking Angela under her wing. After a makeover and a tour of NYC, Angela finds herself asked out on her very first date. This sparks an idea by one of Jenny’s friends who represents a magazine. She’s pretty sure she could get Angela a gig writing a column for them that explores what it’s like to be a single woman in New York from another country exploring getting back into the dating scene. And the guy that just asked her out, a hot Wall Street type, is the perfect guinea pig to see if it will work,Before long Angela finds herself writing for The Look magazine about her dramatic break up and her attempts at dating again. On one hand there’s Mr Wall Street aka Tyler who is rich, good looking, charming and knows how to treat a lady and show her a good time. Angela has had several successful dates with him and things are going well…but there’s also Alex a musician from Brooklyn who is sexy, fun and sweet as well. Angela, who has only ever had one boyfriend in her life before suddenly finds herself juggling two very different men…and writing about it!Even though New York is starting to prove especially complicated with the men and the friends and the partying, whenever she hears her mother on the other end of a phone asking her when she’s coming home to London, Angela feels increasingly that the answer is not any time soon. But now that things have gone to a certain point with both Mr Wall Street and Brooklyn, there’s come the time to make a choice….and which one will she pick?Not that long ago I was reading something about the final novel in this series and I’ve seen them around before so I thought I’d finally give them a go. My library has 5 of the first 6 (I think the 6th was only just released) and I requested all of them. Four of the five came in immediately: numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5. So of course I’ve now read this one and enjoyed it a lot but now I have to wait until someone returns #2 before I can go on!Angela’s life changes the day she finds her boyfriend of 10 years getting it on with someone else in the backseat of the car at her best friend’s wedding. On a total whim she flees overseas intending perhaps a long, pampering holiday but once she’s there and is immersed in the sights and sounds of New York, she totally begins to fall in love with it and work out how she might be able to stay there longer. Fortunately for Angela, a lot happens that makes that much easier than you’d think.Firstly, the concierge at her hotel, Jenny, has sympathy for her plight and not only basically adopts Angela into her friendship circle but also conveniently ends up with a spare room in her apartment so Angela can move out of the hotel and in there with Jenny. One of her friends hits Angela up with a potential job and all of them basically take her on and provide advice on New York and the best places to shop, eat, etc. Two men also basically fall into her lap in very different ways (I have to say that the meet with Alex the musician was super cute).This book is pure escapism and it was a lot of fun too, despite the large amount of things that struck me as pretty implausible and/or an enormous stroke of good luck. Very few people would land in a foreign city and have a new BFF, job, dates etc a few days later but I was able to let that go and just kind of sit back and enjoy Angela reinventing herself. Although seriously, the amount of money she was dropping on shopping in the first few days was pretty scary! She was buying a whole new wardrobe and taking advantage of being close to a lot of popular big name designer stores and adding bucketloads of make up and shoes and expensive bags to the list. Even when she gets a job it doesn’t seem to pay all that much so I’m not sure how she contributes to Jenny’s rent, etc. That isn’t really discussed.But – the book is fun. Angela has to juggle two men when she’s never done that before in her life. I’ve watched Sex & the City, I’ve seen how the rules are apparently different in New York and dating several people is apparently the norm or whatever. It’s not the norm for Angela but she throws herself into it although it isn’t long before she starts to have feelings of guilt and difficulty managing the two different guys who both want to see more of her. I felt the ending with Tyler was a little bit unexpected and kind of came out of no where. But I adore Alex. He’s the guy I’d want to meet if I ran away to New York.Now I really want to read I Heart Hollywood. Please hurry up and return it, fellow library patron!

  • Rea Cobb
    2019-03-09 00:40

    Lindsey Kelk has wrote three books in the I Heart series I heart New York, I heart Hollywood and I heart Paris. If you have read my previous reviews you will know I was unaware of this as I read the I heart Paris which is the last book first and only once I started reading this book did I fall in that there were previous books. I thoroughly enjoyed the last book and so I decided to go back and read the first one I Heart New York which I managed to find in the Library. All of the I heart books look pretty much the same on the front cover with the big I Heart Title on the front and also the bright girly chick lit look to them. Angela Clark has a life changing moment when she finds her boyfriend Mark with another woman in the back of their car at their bestfriends wedding. To make matters worse her bestfriends knew about it and after her relationship is clearly over and the wedding ruined with a groom with a broken hand Angela decides she needs to get away and flies for the first time to New York!!! Through the rest of the book we watch Angela pick herself up from the disaster with the help of new friend Jenny and begin to make a life for herself writing for "The look" a blog about her days in New York and she also starts dating again. Only thing she doesn't know for sure is is this still a vacation or is this her new life, choices have to be made. I enjoyed this book just as much as the last one. I was surprised that I seemed to warm to Angela's character more in the last book. I did not find this predictable which I have found so much in the recent Chick-lit books I have been reading. The story line has you gripped as I think most girls can relate to the way Angela feels even if we didn't run off to another part of the world! The one character I changed my opinion of in this book was Angela's best friend Louisa who in the last book I felt quite sorry for her losing her best friend and also having her wedding ruined but after now reading the books in order I am surprised that they are still friends as it turns out in the beginning of this first book Louisa actually knew about Angela's boyfriend Mark having an affair!! The ending of the book is left wanting more and is clearly left open for another book. I can not wait to read the next one I heart Hollywood. I would recommend anyone who enjoys a light, warm, easy chick-lit read to read this book. Although I had read the books the wrong way around I don't feel that it ruined the story line in anyway.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-26 02:41

    I've heard good things about the I Heart series, and with Lindsey Kelk just announcing an additional book to the series- I Heart Christmas, due out later this year, I decided to give it a go. What I love about this book is that there is no time wasted; it jumps straight into the story within the first chapter.Angela, a wannabe writer, has just found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her... and all of her friends knew. So, what better to do than jump on the first plane out of England? Angela ends up in a swanky hotel in New York City, and as soon as she arrives she is given the five star treatment, with a luxurious hotel room and foods that will make your mouth water to read about. The few doubts she is having aside, straight away Angela meets a group of new friends, has a model makeover complete with new hair and wardrobe, and is attracting all the hot guys of NYC. One thing that did annoy me was how much Angela went on about that bloody Marc Jacobs bag. Soon Angela has dates almost every night with two very different guys- smart, organized banker guy from Manhattan, and rough, cute band guy from Brooklyn, and she lands herself a job writing daily blogs about these dates for The Look online magazine. I liked the storyline of this book, although sometimes I found myself cringing thinking about what Angela might decide to do. Towards the end of the book, she is faced with a number of tough decisions. I really liked the characters in this book, and it was a funny, light read. I look forward to the next book in the series, I Heart Hollywood.

  • Tracie
    2019-03-26 20:37

    I never really got into the chick-lit genre so what made me pick this book to read, I'm not really sure. Maybe it's because I've always had a yearning to flee to New York, have a trendy makeover, spend obscene amounts of money on designer clothes, find the perfect indie rock god boyfriend and land the perfect job.Completely unbelievable of course, but this is exactly what the heroine Angela does in this thoroughly enjoyable read. You have to suspend your disbelief as Angela, aided by new best friend Jenny, embarks on a totally new glamorous life where everything falls into place, but somehow this is not irritating and you find yourself rooting for Angela as she finds her feet in the city that never sleeps. There are a few faux-pas along the way which add to the light-hearted feel of the book.The author Lindsey Kelk is obviously familiar with New York and brings the city alive to those that have never visited. And there is a terrific guide at the back of the book detailing some great bars, restaurants and music venues in the city. It will make you want to go there and live the dream, the same as Angela. A great book to take on your summer holidays and there is a sequel too, I Heart Hollywood which is out now.

  • Barbara Elsborg
    2019-02-24 20:51

    I didn't get on with this book at all but I won't grade it because I know I'm not the target audience. The more I read, the more uncomfortable I grew. Running away from heartbreak straight into bliss - is not likely. I didn't like the fact that she was dating two guys at the same time (Not a spoiler - it's on the back)Considering what had happened to her, it seemed the wrong thing to do. But it was the way everything fell into place for her so easily that aggravated me the most. Immediately finds friends, finds luscious boyfriends, spends a fortune on clothes etc. And the job. Well, you can't just get on a plane and go to the States and work - regardless of whether you're self-employed or not. It isn't allowed. But our heroine walks easily into a writing job. I've liked a lot of other chicklit stories much better than this one. I was left not liking the heroine and feeling uncomfortable about how 'wonderful' her life turned out to be. But if you're after a light fluffy read with no depth but lots of info about fashion and clothes and what a great place NY is, you might like it.

  • Love Fool
    2019-03-07 03:34

    If I could, I would rate this book a 3.5.Get ready to meet Angela Clark as she flees the world’s worst wedding for a new life…I first read part 5 of the I Heart series and it made me want to read the rest. This book was good, I enjoyed it but I thought it was a little unrealistic. I understand that it's fiction and a chick-lit so I understand the fairytale of it all but for a lady living in NYC most of her life... let me tell you, this shit doesn't happen. You don't meet men nonstop (good-looking and rich), you don't meet kind people who are willingly to help you, and you don't just get a job (writing for a magazine) overnight too.

  • Jenni
    2019-02-23 21:36

    This book is a little love letter to New York with a lovely chick lit plot thrown in. The main character, Angela, runs away to New York when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her, and tries to rediscover herself in a brand new city. I loved all of the New York details, and I loved the cast of characters Kelk created. I did find it a little challenging when some of the advice being given to Angela about how and who she should date was so different to my own views, but I couldn't think of leaving the book and I was glad I didn't. I've seen that there are now two more books in this series featuring Hollywood and Paris, I shall definitely be reading them.